Pyro meets Spyro

Chapter 10: Time to Train

This chapter has tough training in it for the moles and younglings of Warfang. Also I included a Disney song in it too(changed it a little bit of course. This chapter is mainly meant for comedy so please don't leave any harsh reviews. Still read on and I hope you Enjoy!

As the sun rose over the Warfang the day had begun. As morning finally came into full swing the guardians started waking up. Cyril let out a loud yaws showing his sharp fangs as he said, "We should probably wake up the others, after all their training starts today." Terrador let out a yawn of his own as he said, "That would be wise. We should probably wake up Pyro first. He is the trainer." Voltere stretched out his bones getting a few pops from his joints as he said, "Well I'll go get him. You both can go wake up the others."

With that the guardians separated to wake up the young dragons. Terrador walked into Spyro's and Cynder's room first. As he entered he received a warm sight. The two young dragons were embracing each other while they were asleep. Sparx was sleeping in the window on a mini-bed a mole made for him. As much Terrador hated to ruin their moment he just couldn't resist. He smashed his tail club on the ground shooting Spyro and Cynder into the air. They both woke up screaming as they flew off their bed and onto the ground. Sparx jolted awake screaming, "THE WARS STARTED, EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Spyro rolled his eyes and said, "Sparx, that was just Terrador making a cruel joke." Spyro and Cynder were glaring at Terrador who was snickering.

Terrador then finally said, "Sorry, sorry. I just couldn't resist, also its time to get up for training. If you're all going to set off tomorrow you'll need to start as soon as possible. You two should head for the pool of visions and wait for the others." Spyro and Cynder got up and headed to pool of visions room with Sparx fluttering behind.

Cyril walked into Flame and Ember's room. As he entered he saw Flame curled around Ember with his left wing draped over her (they both were smiling). Cyril smiled at the sight of young love, but now wasn't the time for it. He cleared his throat getting Ember to wake up. She then asked, "Is it morning already?" "Yes it is. You and Flame head to the pool of visions to meet up with the others for training." Flame was still asleep and it didn't look like he was going to budge, but Ember had her own ways of waking him up. She leaned in and kissed getting an immediate response from the fire dragon. He woke and started kissing her back. When they broke apart he yawned and said, "Now that's a good wake up call. What's going on?" Ember smiled as she said, "We have to go to the pool of visions room so we can start our training with Pyro." Flame stretched out and said, "Okay, let's go." With that they were both off.

Voltere had gone to Pyro and Star's room. He walked up to the door and was about to open it when he heard a sound through the door. He opened the door and looked inside. The sound instantly reached his ears and he said, "Oh my." Terrador had gone to wake up Candice, Stella, and Tremor. They were all sleeping in the same room because there weren't that many rooms available at the temple. He opened the door to find that all three dragons were already awake. He cleared his voice and said, "Good you're all awake." Tremor then said, "Like we had a choice. Candice insisted on waking us up so we could start our training." Candice snorted ice mist as she said, "We are in the middle of a war. Now is not the time to be lazy." Stella yawned and said, "I wonder what kind of training Pyro has planned for us." "You'll find out soon. Now, head to the pool of visions to meet up with the others. Voltere should have woken up Pyro by now." The three dragons walked past the elder and headed to the meet the others.

As everyone finally arrived they all noticed one thing, Pyro, Star, and Voltere were not here. Sparx finally asked, "So where is our so called trainer and mister lightning tong?" Cynder then said, "I hate to say, but Sparx is right. They are taking way to long." Voltere came walking in and said, "I think you all would like to see this." Everyone had confused looks on their faces and began to follow the electric guardian. Voltere led them to Pyro's room and he opened the door.

The sound he had heard before hit his and everyone else's ears. What they heard was a beautiful melody coming out of Pyro's room. It was sweet sound that seemed to relax all of them. Cynder then asked, "What is that sound. Its beautiful." Candice followed her statement and said, "I've never heard anything like it. It's such a relaxing sound." Everyone looked inside to see Star lying down and Pyro sitting over by the window. As they looked at him they saw him holding a wooden tube with holes in it, in his tail. He was using one of his paws to cover certain holes as he continued to blow into the tube.

Star then noticed that everyone had shown up and tapped Pyro getting him to stop. Stella then said, "Don't stop now, it was just getting good." Sparx then asked, "What was that sound?" Pyro smiled and held up his wooden tube as he said, "This is a flute. I used to play one back in the human world." Candice then said, "You made a flute out of a stick? How'd you do that?" Pyro shook his head and said, "I'll explain later, but right now it's time to train!" Spyro said, "Finally, we can get to work." Pyro then said, "Terrador, I want you to gather anyone and everyone who can fight and tell them to meet me at the city gate." Terrador nodded and said, "I'll get right on that." Everyone else come with me. We've got some scavenging to do."

After the guardians gathered all of their soldiers at the city front gates. There dragons, cat like clans (panthers, tigers, and stuff) and moles there; even Hunter and his clan were among them. They were all sent to the city gate to receive orders from Pyro. Everyone stood ready at the front gate waiting for whoever was supposed to be there. Then to everyone's surprise the gates opened and showed Pyro and the others bringing in a carriage full of large, and strange objects." The gates were closed and locked as the dragons came in.

Pyro then got everyone's attention and said, "Hello citizens of Warfang, my name is Pyro and I will be your instructor on how to battle the new enemies known as humans! Now I know you are all used to fighting Malefor's minions, but humans are a different story. They poses weapons far more advanced then the weapons you carry now. I will teach you how to use these weapons and how to fight them head on. This is going to be a lot of work and only those who are willing to fight for what's right will learn. Now are you all ready to learn?"

Everyone in the group gave him a big, "YES SIR!" Pyro jumped down and said, "Good, now before we begin there are two things you need to know about fighting humans: 1st never let them surround you, they will overwhelm you and take you down. 2nd never go for an obvious kill, they'll be expecting that, and you will lose." Everyone gulped at hearing this but now one said anything. Pyro then said, "Now that we have that out of the way, I'll tell you about weaponry and fighting styles! The humans use these weapons called 'guns'. These guns are like mini canons that can do a lot of damage if you are hit. There are many different types as well. All of you will be learning how to use different types depending on how well you handle them. Now there are other weapons as well such as…" KAABOOOOOM!

Pyro had been cut off by an explosion behind him. He turned around and asked, "Who did that?!" He then saw Sparx with a grenade key in his hand and a surprised look on his face. He hid the key behind his back and pointed at Ember. She turned to him and gave him an annoyed look. Pyro sighed and said, "Okay, as I was saying, there are other weapons as well. The one Sparx just used is called a grenade. This small device is bomb that will go off once you pull out the key. However these advanced weapons alone will not win this war. I will be teaching you more advanced forms of combat that will allow you to fight the humans on even grounds!"

Pyro then said, "First we'll work on your physical strength. Tremor can you make an earth pillar about twenty feet high?" Tremor looked at the others and said, "Uh sure." The earth dragon smashed his paws on the ground and sent an earth pillar shoot out of it. The pillar reached twenty feet just as Pyro had requested. He then turned to Tremor and said, "Thanks you!" Tremor was exhausted and said, "No (huh) problem (huh)." Pyro picked up a throwing knife from the carriage and threw it at the top of the pillar.

A cheetah then whispered to another one and said, "I don't like the looks of this new guy." Pyro then pointed to that very cheetah and said, "You there, thank you for volunteering. Retrieve the knife." The mole reluctantly said, "OK." He prepared to climb the pillar when Pyro stopped and said, "Just a moment, you seem to be missing something." Pyro pulled out two large stones the size of basket ball's with straps attached to them. He then put the strap in the cheetah's paws and held it up as he said, "This stone represents discipline." He let go of the stone and the weight instantly brought the cheetah's arm down. Pyro then walked to other side with the second rock and repeated the action as he said, "And this stone represents strength." The cheetah almost fell over from the excess weight. Pyro then said, "You need both to reach the knife."

The cheetah looked up and saw how far away the knife was. He started climbing and almost instantly started sliding back down. He sunk his claws into the pillar but he still fell. A mole tried next was brought down like a rock. A young dragon tried next and landed on his back. Pyro let out a sigh and said, "Looks like we've got a long way to go." Pyro then motioned for the guardians to pass out the guns and other weapons to everyone who could hold them. A cheetah pulled the trigger of a gun and shot the wall, his eyes shot wide and acted like nothing happened.

"We are Soldiers"-Dragon style of "We are men" from Mulan:

Pyro: Let's get down to business!

Pyro throws two boulders in the air and smashes them with his fist and tail as they fall back down/

Pyro: To prepare for war.

Everyone stands at attention and prepare for training.

A young fire dragon sneezes up a fire-ball and falls on his face.

Pyro: Training all of you here seems to be a choir. You guys aren't the strongest bunch I've ever met.

Pyro glides over to young dragon and looks down at him.

Pyro: But you can bet before we're through.

Pyro helps young dragon up and leans close and says with a smile

Pyro: I know I'll make soldiers, out of you.

Young dragon smiles and shows a face of seriousness.

Group moves over to target field for gun practice. Pyro puts a gun on a rock and pulls the trigger hitting the target dead center.

Moles and Cheetah's take up positions and start shooting the targets.

Pyro: Tranquil as a forest, but a fire within.

Move to the arena and start close combat training. Tremor shoots tons of rocks at Pyro who deflects them with his tail blade, horns, and claws.

Pyro: Once you find your center you are sure to win.

Lia steps up and repeats his actions almost completely without flaw. Pyro walks over to her and pats her on the back.

Pyro: You all have what it takes to make it far, and you're starting to get a clue. I know I can make soldiers out of you.

Lia: I gonna try my very best.

Flare: This won't be easy as you can see.

Jake: This training is making my body soar.

Tremor is sparing with Pyro, and Pyro sends Tremor skidding across the ground with a powerful kick from his back paw.

Tremor: He's putting us all to the test.

Candice: We fight so we can be free.

Spyro: I can already hear the drums of war.

Cheetahs and moles are practicing with grenades. Explosions are seen from all over.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: And must be swift as a coursing river.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: With all the strength of a great Typhoon.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: With all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Pyro: Time is racing toward us till the war arrives.

Pyro is leading everyone through an exercise when Spyro gestures for him to look backwards. When he does he sees that Lia is running out of energy. Pyro goes back, gives her a crystal, and helps her up.

Pyro: Head my every order and you might survive.

Lia is at the stone pillar staring up at the dagger she hears someone coming and turns to see Pyro walking towards her.

Pyro: You can hear the roar of the drums of war, so get ready the time has come to see, have I made a soldier out of you?

Lia looks up with a look of seriousness. She ties the straps around her arms and tries to climb but almost immediately falls back down. She then looks at the straps on the stones and gets an idea. She swings both stones behind the pillar getting them to wrap around each other and starts climbing.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: And must be swift as a coursing river.

Everyone comes outside to see Lia climbing the pillar.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: With all the strength of a great Typhoon.

Lia almost slips, but she refuses to quit and pulls herself back into up.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: With all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Lia makes it to the top and tosses the dagger down. She is now standing at the top of the pillar smiling with pride. Pyro smiling back up at her with the same look.

Everyone shoots the targets with a perfect bull's-eye.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: And must be swift as a coursing river.

Tremor spars with Pyro again and punches his block sending him skidding back. Pyro looks from behind his block and smiles at Tremor.

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: With all the strength of a great Typhoon!

Everyone starts following Pyro's martial arts movements. (Slash)

Everyone: We are soldiers!

Pyro: With all the strength of a raging fire!

(Kick with back leg)

Pyro: Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

Everyone does a triple back flip and strikes with a powerful punch with their right paws as they land.

It's already been four days and everyone's been trained the best they can be. Now we join Pyro, Spyro and the others at the temple.

Spyro and the others were preparing themselves for their trip and were ready to get a good night's sleep. Pyro turned to the others and said, "Okay everyone let's get ready. Were heading out tomorrow and were going to need all our strength."

Candice then asked, "Why is that?"

Pyro then said, "I have a feeling that our enemies are going to get in our way while we're on this journey of ours. Let's just hope the Chronicler can help us with what we need to find." "Pyro, are you sure that these ancestral, spiritual places actually exist and that they can increase our powers." Tremor asked feeling worried about the trip. Star then said, "I'm pretty sure they exist since the spirit gems here act as gifts from the ancestors. Let's just hope the Chronicler can tell us where they are." The guardians then came in and said, "Okay everyone, settle down. You've all got a big day tomorrow." Cynder yawned and said, "Ok see everyone in the morning."

With that everyone started drifting off to sleep. Spyro however still had his eyes open. He then heard Pyro's voice beside him, "You can't sleep either?" Spyro turned to him and shook his head no.

Pyro then said, "Let me guess you're worried about everyone and you're worried that we might not be able to do this." Spyro again nodded and said, "Defeating Malefor took every last bit of mine and Cynder's strength. Now there are even more enemies and there all stronger than we are now. If this theory of yours doesn't work innocent souls will be put in danger." Pyro let out a sigh and said, "Yeah, I know." Spyro put his head down and let out a sigh of his own.

Pyro then said, "But I also know that as long as we all work together and fight for what's right, I know we can defeat anyone. Spyro we can do this. We defeated them before we can defeat them again." Spyro smiled to him and said, "Thanks Pyro, I think we should go to sleep now." Pyro nodded and both dragons laid their heads down and drifted off to sleep.

Will Spyro and Pyro find the answers they're looking for? Will Ignitus be able to help them. Can they win this upcoming war they are now trapped in? You will have to wait till the next chapter to find out. Sorry to say this, but I will not be posting until my spring break is over. See you guys later!