It was March 28, that meant that it was Sakura-chan's birthday.

"Crap! I haven't thought of a gift to give Sakura-chan...and today's her birthday! SHIT!"

As three hours past Naruto finally decided to just take her out to ramen and give her a kiss at the end of their date. Little did he know that Sakura had wanted something very nice.


"Yes, Sakura-chan?"

"I want you to give me something for my birthday."


"It's ok, I figured that you would've forgotten anyway."

"That's cruel, Sakura-chan. So what do you want?"

"Give me birthday sex."

"EH?! Sakura-chan will let me have sex with her?"

"Yeah, i've been wanting to have sex with you for a while now. So might as well do it on my birthday."

"So when do you want to have sex?"

"Right now."

"EH?! I don't even have protection!"

"Fine, go home and get it. Go to my house right away after that."


As Naruto got home he got all of the protection he needed.

"Hehe...I can't believe this day is finally here."

Naruto basically ran to Sakura's house in excitement.

~Knock Knock~

"I'm here, Sakura-chan!"

"Yosh, come inside."

As Naruto took off his shoes and other things that weren't needed, like his jacket.

"Let's begin, Naruto."

Asdfghjkl;' I absolutely love's my fav naruto OTP but anyway...too many sex stories xD I need to get a reference or something. But anyway~ I hope you enjoy the story...and I hope I make you punch a wall in the suspense of having to wait for the sex scene xD