Liz's sacrifice

Liz was ready. Max would never choose Tess over her, yet the future depended on it. Future Max was very clear on this, the royal four had to all be united. He had been willing to sacrifice his own existence to save the earth. Liz tried to make Max forget her, made him think she'd slept with Kyle. But Max still loved her. And Liz knew she would go back to him sooner or later. There was only one way to make Max go away. Liz would take her own life. Hopefully Max would take comfort in Tess' arms. Liz began swalowing the sleeping pills. She layed down and let the pills take effect. Max woud wonder why Liz had committed suicide, he would never know the truth. That this was a sacrifice, not a suicide. That she, like future Max, was giving her life to save the world. At least that's what Liz told herself as she prepared to die. But as she prepared to die she heard a voice she never expected to hear again. This was Tess, she was telling Liz to wake up. As Liz recovered in the hospital over the next few days Liz realized that Tess had come to her house out of concern. Even her rival could see that she was in pain. It was ironically this moment, when Tess saved Liz, where Max began to fall in love with Tess. Liz realized she had been selfish in her suicide attempt. It had seemed easier than facing her pain. And her death might've prevented Max from being with Tess. It would've been impossible for him to be with her without thinking of Liz. And ultimately Liz realized that even with the pain, life was worth living.