It was a usual March Wednesday afternoon, Maya texted me "Happy Anniversary Zak". "Happy Anniversary Maya" I texted back. 8 years since our very first date. "I have the perfect gift for you" texted Maya. "I have the extremely perfect gift for you" I texted back. "I have to go. Work, I'll see you tonight at 7:00 sharp at the lake" Maya texted. "Alright. I'll see you I love you" I texted. I turned off my phone and turned on my laptop and looked in Kay's jewelry store and looked up the number. While I looked in the website an advertisement popped up on my screen it said "Kidnapping children's all over the world, if you think your one missing children, or if you know someone who's in this website take a look. You might find a surprise" Out of curiosity I clicked on it. All the kids from 1960's to 2020 came up. (Which by the way 2020 is the year it is in this year) I ran across a blonde hair child whose name is: Roger Hunts Who had a sweatshirt that said "I ain't fighting" and the kid's eyes light blue. I noticed that this Roger hunt kid, looked like me when I was a 2 years old. Which was weird because I was born with a twin Cody? I called Cody over and he sighed on the phone and he came over and we sat down and talked. "I was really hoping that you wouldn't find out" Cody said. "Find out what? That I was kidnapped?" I asked. "You weren't kidnapped. The police thought you were kidnapped but you weren't. Mom and dad aren't your real parents. Their your guardians" Cody said. "What? Then who are my real parents?" I asked. "I don't know. Actually the only people who knew your real parents are Mom and dad so you would have to call them" Cody said. I nodded "Hey Cody. What's my real name?" I asked. "Roger Hunts" Cody answered before leaving. I sat there wondering. And then I called mom. "Hello?" Carrie asked. "Hey Mom. I know" I said. "You know what?" Carrie asked. "That you're not my real mom and that Dad isn't my real dad" I said. "Oh no. How did you find out?" Carrie asked. "An advertisement popped up on my computer screen and I saw a picture of a kid who was kidnapped around the time that I was in day care and his name was Roger Hunts. And he was wearing the same shirt I wore that same day that I was at day care" I said. "Listen. About that, your real parents were kind people. Kurt and I are your God Parents. "Carrie said. "I have two questions. What happened to my real parents and how is Cody my twin if I'm not related to him?" I asked. "Cody and You are twins but your parents separated you two until they died. The Government is after you Zack. Please stay safe." Carrie said. "I will. Bye" I said as I clicked off. What I'm wondering is. Why is the government looking for me?