Hello! New story! YAY! Ok, so I got this idea from a couple people with similar ideas, but one of them I haven't read. "Finding Allie" by idle hands 418 is the first story written on here with a similar idea, and the other is called "Don't Pass Me By" by Hawksabre, which I have read what's happened so far. You should read those too. Tell me what you think of it, Kay?

Cemeteries are his least favorite place. He couldn't decide however, if the cemetery with his mum buried in it was his least favorite or one of his favorite. He walked along the walkway with George, because he didn't want to go alone, and he was happy to keep him company as he visited his mother's grave.

Paul was looking around at the familiar place, and wished more than anything he'd stayed home. He suddenly realized he wasn't with George anymore. George had fallen behind and was sitting on a bench next to what seemed like a little child. He couldn't hear what George was saying to the little child, but Paul knew George was good with kids, and that this kid probably like him by now. He walked to where George was sitting and found that it was a little girl who appeared to be at the age of 7 or 8. She was crying, or she had been before George sat down.

"There, see little one," George said softly, "You don't have to cry. It doesn't make anything better does it?" The little girl shook her head and Paul watched George put his arm around her and he saw the little girl cuddle up to his side.

"How about you tell me what your name is, little one?" he asked gently. The little girl shook her head and George bit his lip.

"I'll tell you mine," George bargained. The little girl sat up and looked at him with big doe eyes that were still wet from crying.

"You go first," she spoke in a small voice. George smiled at her and nodded.

"Ok, my name's George, and this is my friend Paul." he said pointing to a suddenly surprised Paul. Paul waved and smiled at her. She just looked over at him and then looked back at George.

"You don't look like a George," she said quietly. George frowned.

"Well then what do I look like?" he asked a small smile creeping onto his face.

"Jude." she said simply. Paul frowned and held back the laughter that threatened to escape him. George nodded.

"OK, You can call me Jude, but you have to tell me your name." George said. The little girl bit her lip and looked at George for a second.

"My mummy called me Ellen." she said. George nodded and smiled.

"OK, Ellen," he said, "Can you tell me why you were crying so sadly here on the bench?"

"My Daddy was killed," she said, her lip starting to quiver, "And then my mummy ran away."

Paul's jaw dropped and he felt so bad for this little girl.

"When did your daddy get killed?" George asked her calmly.

"A couple years ago." she said looking at her hands in her lap, "But my mummy only ran away three days ago."

"Is that why you were crying?" George asked. Ellen shook her head.

"No," she said softly, "I was crying because I'm hungry and I don't have anywhere to sleep at night."

George reached out to the little girl, "Well, I have food back at my house, if you want to come with me and Paul. You can sleep there if you want to, too."

Ellen looked at him and then to Paul, who had no idea what was going on suddenly, before she nodded and George heaved her up into his arms. George started to walk toward the entrance to the cemetery with Paul still standing by the bench in confusion.

"Come on Paulie!" George called over his shoulder. Paul nodded and hurried after George, still slightly confused as to why they were taking a random little girl back to George's house.

When they got there, Pattie was in the kitchen and George licked his lips at the yummy smell that filled the air in his house. Ellen seemed to like it alot too. Paul was still confused, but he shook it off when Pattie walked into the room and frowned at the little girl in George's arms.

"Erm, George," she said biting her lip, "Who's that?"

George smiled at the little girl in his arms, "This is Ellen." he said, "Ellen, this is my wife Pattie." Ellen nodded and Pattie was confused.

"Where did she come from?" she asked still frowning.

"I found her," George said simply. Pattie's mouth dropped open. There was a voice from the kitchen that Paul knew as Cynthia Lennon and she'd picked up on John's sarcastic attitude since she'd known him.

"George, how many times have we told you to stop bringing home stray...pets..." she said as she entered the room and stood next to Pattie, "That's not a pet."

George smirked and rolled his eyes, "Um, no this is a little girl, Cyn." he said.

"Why do you have a little girl?" Pattie asked loudly, "You can't just pick up random little girls!"

George frowned at her, "I didn't!" he said in slight confusion. Pattie gestured to the little girl who'd stayed quite through all this and raised her eyebrows.

"She doesn't have anywhere to go! And she was hungry!" George said pleadingly, "I couldn't just leave her there! That would've been mean!"

Pattie took a deep breath and Cynthia walked up to take the little girl. Ellen shrank away from her into George.

"Ellen, this is Cynthia," he said quietly. Ellen nodded and waved at the pretty blonde.

"You still want something to eat cutey?" Cynthia asked with a smile. Ellen nodded and Cynthia pulled her out of George's arms and put her on the floor before leading her into the kitchen. Pattie still looked confused.

George sighed and followed Cynthia into the kitchen. Paul followed close behind him, not wanting to get caught in Pattie's glare.

George saw Ellen sitting at the breakfast bar swinging her legs cutely as she ate a sandwich that Cynthia made for her. She smiled at George when he walked in and George grinned back at her as he fixed himself something to drink.

"George will you please explain to me why there's a little girl here?" Pattie said, getting a bit angry.

"Pattie," George said putting his hand's on her shoulders, "Breath. I found her in the cemetery when I was with Paul. She said she was left alone by her mum and that she hasn't had anything to eat in days, so I offered her a place to sleep and some food." Pattie nodded and took a deep breath.

"What's her name?" she asked biting her lip.

"Ellen," George said smiling again, "Cute isn't she?"

Pattie rolled her eyes at him, but had to agree with him. She was rather cute.