Georgine bit down on her lip, hastening to dip the clean washcloth into the cool water and wringing it out before touching it to the priestess' cheek again. "He'll make it, Tina. I promise, he will."

The woman jerked away from the girl's touch with clenched teeth, her amethyst eyes darting towards Celia in the doorway who was doing everything she could to coax Keke back to the living room.

"Instead of telling me that, why don't you just go find him and BRING HIM HERE!" The priestess snapped, clutching the sheets as tightly as she knew how, back arching forward before falling back down onto the bed again. She cried out and whimpered, a weary gaze tossed at Lotti as she tried to catch her breath again. "Please."

"Ain't nobody leaving now. Little girl, I want you to help her focus and relax. Guide her breathing slowly like this." The chanter stared calmly at Altina, slowly inhaling and gently exhaling. "Now, Momma, we can do this together, okay? Ya need to be strong for me." The contractions only had seemed to continue to further vex the priestess and the chanter knew the time was coming.

Tina swallowed her pride for the time being, focusing all that she could on her breathing and doing her best to remain calm. A sinking feeling took residence in her chest. She felt alone, so completely alone. Here she was in a strange home, surrounded by strangers at the time she needed everyone most. She closed her eyes, trying her best to picture them there beside her giving her strength and giving her support. It wasn't enough. It only made the pain that much worse.

Remembering further, the last time she'd given birth- the long hours she endured before Athame was born. She was surrounded by friends and her beloved and was tended to by some of the finest healers in Pandaemonium. Even more aware of where she was now, she felt totally ashamed.

Georgine frowned, watching the other woman before tossing the cloth onto the side table and reaching for the woman's hand when she heard the sound of a door slamming shut and boots shuffling on the floor in the living room. Her complexion ran pale as she looked up at Celia and watched Keke start to run back into the hallway before the child stopped suddenly.

The chanter's head turned to stare silently at Keke while imbuing her hands with a soft, gentle glow for the priestess. "Don't worry, miss. Sounds like they made it."

Audibly out of breath, a dark haired man rushed by Keke and Celia before stopping in the middle of the room. Garnet eyes were set on the woman in the bed before rushing to her side. "I tried to get back as soon as I could. Like I promised."

Tina opened her eyes again, looking over at her son before smiling. Temporarily, her mind wondered where Ron was at the moment but wherever he was, he must have made it possible for Athame to be with her again. Her peace of mind was only temporary before the pain hit her again, forcing her to shout and writhe against the mattress.

Lotti was contented to see the relief wash over the mother's face. At least now she probably wouldn't fight the birth too much any more. Her eyes look under the covers before returning to the pair in front of her. "Alright, let's continue this birth..."

The priestess grunted, grasping hold of the scout's arm and squeezing tightly. "The baby is coming. Oh Aion. It hurts."

Athame winced from his mother's grip. He felt a little uncomfortable, not entirely sure what to expect. He was there just as he had promised. He reached his other hand to caress the priestess' face before looking up at the other girls in the room. The other woman- The midwife- was strangely familiar to him. He'd seen her before, but he couldn't place when, where, or even why.

Georgine exhaled deeply knowing now that Tina would be more cooperative and ready to have this child. Speaking softly, her attention was returned to the task at hand. "Keep pushing down again. You're doing good."

Lotti nodded, seeing that Georgine was making such a good midwife. The chanter then returned her attentions to Tina. "Let's do one big push when the next wave hits ya, alright hun?" Lifting the blankets, her aetheric energies continued to bond against the priestess' body, simultaneously making the chanter aware of how far along they'd come while soothing the priestess somewhat. Hushedly, she began to sing, "Asmodian child, sweet little child, don't you cry. The day will come for your fun in the sun, just don't be afraid. You'll find we'll be here for you whenever you're blue. So my baby, don't you sigh. The world will be one, and you'll have time to make your life; come my child, don't you cry."

Athame's brows furrowed at the song, also finding it familiar before looking down at the priestess again, caressing her arm gently with his knuckles.

Tina pushed down again. Seconds turned into minutes which seemed like hours. Her surroundings became a blur and the voices became static noise. Remotely, she could feel Athame's hand on hers as she labored, her body breaking into a heavier sweat. The pain washed over her again and again but she tried hard to be strong. Another final push and she could feel the little one escaping out from her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she frantically gasped for breath.

"The head has appeared." Lotti slid her hands to gently capture the emerging child in her hands. "You're doing great. Just relax darlin' and your child will be out in no time."

Another push and the priestess whimpered and whined.

"It's okay." Athame gave his mother's hand a gentle squeeze. "Keep going."

Tina paused a moment, looking at him before throwing her head back against the pillows, clenching her teeth as she continued to push again as hard as she could muster.

The head had pushed its way out and Lotti was extra careful not to be rough with the frail form in her hands. The shoulders protruded and with Tina continuing to push, the child paused. "Breathe, miss. Just one more push..."

Holding onto her son tightly, the priestess tried to quickly catch her breath. It was almost over and she would finally be able to see her baby's face. In her mind she could imagine his messy dark hair and flushed cheeks. She hoped for deep amethyst eyes like hers or beautiful ruby ones like his father's- But she couldn't think about him. Not here, not now. This baby was hers- Hers to love and cherish and no one elses. Finally, finding newfound resolve within herself, she gave one last push.

And out the child came into Lotti's hands. With one delicate move, she raised the child up for the group to see. "Athame, Would you..?" She gestured to the umbilical cord, unsure if the assassin wanted the honor of doing such a thing.

Athame looked over curiously before cringing at the thought of being prompted for that. After a moment of hesitation, he nodded.

Tina looked down with elation on her features as she reached forward with both arms, desperate to hold her newborn child. "My baby. Give me my baby."

Lotti complied, handing the bloodied child to its mother. She nodded to Georgine, "She may need to clean her child up. Hand her the cloth." She then turned to Celia, sighing. "...and where can I wash up?"

Georgine immediately rushed to dampen a fresh cloth towel before handing it to the mother to use.

Tina took the towel, bundling the child in it before dabbing at the boy's cheeks. Though the child writhed and cried, the priestess smiled, gazing down at him.

Celia hesitated a moment before moving to lead the other woman out of the room. "The washroom is down the hallway."

With that, Lotti waved her hand, blessing them all with a burst of soothing healing magic before heading to the washroom.

Athame smiled softly, looking on at his brother in their mother's arms. Taking pauses between crying fits, the little one peered up at her with brilliant deep eyes- almost sapphire. He bit down on his lip, eyes trailing up to the tuft of dark hair on the baby's head before looking up at the priestess again.

"Haru." She whispered, holding him close. Her family was together and nothing else mattered.

"Like the warm sunlight at the advent of spring, I want to name him Haru."