A/N: So this is where I'm going to post the entries to thimbles' flas fic fan fic challenge. It's a lot of fun, but really hard. The word limit is 100 to 200 words. She gives us a prompt that the judge picks and we have 24 hours to write. Trimming it down to 200 words or less was so hard!

These will be completely unbeta'd so please bear that in mind.

Thanks to believeitornot for judging :D

This little piece one second place in the challenge this time. I was really proud of that- there were forty entries altogether and a lot of amazing pieces!

I watched them together. He was going to take her away. I could feel it my bones. The way she laughed when she was with him. The way her eyes shined when he walked into the room. They moved together, like they were tied to each other. She'd changed so much since she'd met him. She'd grown and matured- become a woman. I wasn't ready for that.

I couldn't reconcile this young lady with the little girl that used to beg to stay up just five more minutes for another bedtime story. She wasn't the child that made mud pies for my birthday. If I'd have known that time would pass so quickly, I'd have spent less time at the office and more with her.

Even now he was replacing me as the most important man in her life. She had jumped into his arms and wound her legs around him. The skin of her knees shining through the ripped jeans. He carried her to the house and she slid down the front of him. Turning to face me, she gripped his arm tightly. Holding out her left hand, with tear-filled eyes, she told me, "I said yes!"

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