A/N: This one was one that bugged me after Replacing Dad- from the same prompt- so I wrote it out and thought I'd put it here.

Again, unbeta'd...

Thirty seconds, thirty days, thirty years- time didn't matter. We'd made a pact- a promise to each other- that we'd love one another every day for the rest of our lives. Every second spent together was cherished as though it may have been the last. Even when life threatened to overwhelm and drown us, we struggled on- together. The things that might have torn us apart only stood to make us stronger.

Sitting on the couch with photo albums spread all around me, I reminisced of days gone by. A picture of the day he'd proposed to me caught my eye. I picked it up out of the sticky film and stroked the edge. My legs were wound around his waist and we were kissing like it might have been our very last.

A quick glance at the clock showed the time to be six. A car door slammed in the drive followed by the slap of footsteps on the walk. He opened the door, and I met him in the entryway to kiss him like my very life depended on it- like I had for thirty years. All these years married, and we loved even more with every breath.

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