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"Seth! You can't have that! It's mine! Give it back!" Leah's little girl voice tinkled through the air.

"But Lee, I need it. Please?"

"Why? It's my favorite thing in the whole world!"

"But, but, I thought Stawberry Cakes was your favorite in the world? I just want to see it. Please?" Seth's big brown eyes filled with tears as he looked at his sister.

"No. It's mine. You can't have it." Leah scooped up the pretend doctor kit and headed to the door. "I can't make Strawberry Shortcake better if I let you have this, Sethy. She's really sick, so stay out of my room." Her small feet danced down the hallway, thrilled with her excuse to not have to share. Deciding the porch sounded like a better place to play, she hopped down the stairs and out the door. Her shoes were loud on the step as she jumped down to sit on the porch.

Sometimes a girl needed things that were just hers. She got so tired of her brother taking her toys and things and using them. He never put them back where they belonged and then she would get in trouble for it. Her mom didn't care if it was Seth that left them out because they belonged to Leah so she should be the one to take care of them.

A little sigh escaped her small frame. "Life is not fair," she told her pink-haired doll. Hugging her tightly to her chest, she buried her nose in the doll's neck. She always smelled of strawberry cake. It was the best smell in the whole world.

As she hugged her doll, she noticed her dad walking up the sidewalk with his fishing pole and tackle box in one hand- a string of fish in his other. A grin split her face, "Fish fry tonight, huh, Daddy?"

"You bet baby girl," he told her with a chuckle. Her squeal rent the otherwise quiet afternoon. "Are you gonna help me clean them for your mother?"

Her little nose scrunched in disgust, "Eww! Daddy, that's gross! I don't like fish guts."

Harry's chuckle shook his frame, "What are you doing out here by yourself? You should go play with your brother if you don't want to help me," he tried one last time to get her to help. He thought it might be nice to spend a little more time, just the two of them.

"I don't want to. Seth always takes my stuff without asking, Dad. Then he doesn't put it away and I get in trouble for it. It's not fair," she declared with a stomp of her foot.

"Life usually isn't, Leah. Things happen that we can't understand, but it's all for a reason. You have to take care of your stuff because it belongs to you. If you don't want Seth to mess with it, tell him to pick it up."

"But Daddy, he cries and tells Mommy," her lower lip protruded in a pout as she talked to her dad.

"And then your mother makes you share?" As Leah's head bobbed in a nod of affirmation, Harry continued, "Think about it like this Leah. If you were at the Blacks house, playing with Rebecca and Rachel, how would you feel if they wouldn't share their toys with you?"

"I'd be sad," her eyes filled with tears at the thought of her best friends in the whole world leaving her out like that.

"Seth loves you, Sweet-girl. He wants to play with you and your stuff because he looks up to you. He thinks you're special. And you are."

She heaved a sigh. "But Dad, why can't life be fair? Why can't it all be the same for everyone?"

"Nothing in life is ever going to be easy Leah. You learn that now, and when things happen that make you sad or mad, it's easier to handle. You're a good girl, Leah. You have a good heart. Never forget that. The spirits made you brave. You are a fighter.

"Remember when you yelled at Paul Lahote for picking on your brother?"

Her little head nodded, "He's my brother. No one should be able to pick on him."

Lips tilted up in a smile, Harry continued, "That is what I mean Leah. You are a great protector. You keep standing up for those smaller and weaker than you are. You'll be a hero, someday."

Lifting her eyes to meet his, Leah's face brightened with a smile, "You think I can be someone's hero, Daddy?"

"I think you already are," his eyes travelled up to the window above them, where Seth's room was. "Your brother thinks so. He really loves you, Leah."

"I know," she huffed, "Sometimes I just want things that are just mine."

"I can understand that Leah, but your brother is still little. It's going to take time for him to learn that. You'll have to be patient with him. And why not play a game with the things he wants to use of yours so that you're playing together? One day, you're going to grow up and things will be different, but you'll always have your brother. You'll need him as much as he needs you. It's never too soon to be friends with him."

"Do I have to?"

"No, I can't force you to be friends with your brother, but I would like it very much if you would try to be," his hand reached out to ruffle his daughters hair- tendrils escaping the long braids on either side of her head.

Her doll lay beside her on the porch step forgotten, as she crossed her arms over her purple striped shirt. "Fine, I'll try to be nice to Seth. But I don't have to like it all the time." Standing quickly, her small hands dusted the back of her jeans off and she picked up the doll and doctor kit. Her steps were slow as she trailed up to Seth's room.

Her small fist knocked on the door, only moving to open it when he told her to come in. When her hand had turned the knob and opened the door all the way, her brother, her Sethy, was standing in front of her, eyes shining with a smile splitting his face wide. "Wanna play with me, Leah?"

"Uh, yeah, that's why I came up. Here, you can be the nurse- like Mommy is- and help me fix Strawberry, ok?"

Seth was so excited his little body almost vibrated with his excitement at the opportunity to play with his sister. "Yeah! Let's play! What's a-matter with her?" And so began their play.

An hour later when Harry checked on his children, they were laughing and giggling together. They were both sitting on Seth's bed, his smaller body curled into his sister's side as she read him a story. They laughed at the pictures and the story together, completely unaware of their dad's presence.

When Leah laid the book down, she kissed her brother's forehead- just like her mom and dad did to her- and said, "I love you, Sethy. I'm glad you're my brother."

"Me too, Lee-lee," came his baby-voiced reply.

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