I love reading others 221B's and so this little corner will be for my own 221B's (and a few 442's) written when I need to step back a little from my other stories. Thanks for reading!

"Sherlock, no! I'm not letting you-

"Don't be absurd, John, I have plenty of experience!"


"Well, it's not as if you know what you're doing! Just let me-"

"Oi, I said no! Get off! Sherlock- no!"

Sherlock backed away and glared at the short, indignant army doctor who was clutching the rental car keys to his chest as if they were his firstborn child.

"I thought we would be able to hail a cab. I didn't expect you to drive us." John protested, eyeing Sherlock as if he were a menace.

Sherlock studied John and decided it would be a bit not good to try and tempt John to let him drive with the phrase "Could be dangerous." That would more than likely make John never get in the car with him…and they were already late.

"It will be perfectly safe, John. I'm a good driver."

John snorted and rolled his eyes, obviously unconvinced.

Sherlock decided he had tried to be diplomatic. The gloves, as they say, were off.

The resulting scuffle was violent, loud, and Sherlock was called a stream of creative curses he made a note of to ask John about later. When he finally stood, keys victoriously clutched in hand, John groaned.

He refused to speak to Sherlock the entire way and angrily sulked in the backseat.