Pairing/Character(s): Emmett/Rosalie
Prompt: i - dot - imgur - dot - com/vWrmDUt - dot - jpg

The fifty-sixth time, she was wearing that stupid brown wig.

Alice bought it for her when she felt like a change. Yeah, thanks, Alice. I thought the damn thing looked like a dead cat, but I wasn't about to tell Rose. I'm not an idiot.

So, anyway, there I was with another ring in my pocket, waiting for my wife to stop wearing a cat on her head. For once, I didn't know how to propose. I'd already done dozens of big ones: hot air balloon, flash mob, the cliche of half-time, and so on.

To be honest, all of the weddings are my fault. I just can't stop asking her.

She leaned against my chest, fitting there the way she always does, and just like that, the words wouldn't stay locked up. It was like seeing her when I woke up to this life: sharper than need, more natural than breath. On bended knee, I asked her to marry me. Again. Leaping into my arms, she gave me her answer.

I'll never get tired of hearing her say yes.