Chapter One Facebook

Katie POV

"Was that bad." Mum said as we walk into 2J and sat on the sofa. "Mum I look weird with these glasses." I told her messing around with my glasses. I need glasses because of my eyes yeah they are not the best. "Katie has glasses?" I heard four loud voices which I call my big brother and his friends. "Yeah I do." I told them with a fake smile. "I'm going to my room." I whispered and ran up stairs to my room. When I got to my room and locked the door and walk over to the mirror. "I look ugly." I said to myself with a frown on my face. "Why can't I be pretty." I shouted. Luckily no one heard." Now here is a another reason for the bullies to bully me." I said. I jump on my bed and cried. After five minutes of crying I'd stop and went on my laptop and look on facebook.

Ella Jason : Man look at the weirdo she so fat.

Joey Marks : I know right I mean how does Big Time Rush live with her.

Becky James : We talking about Katie Knight right?

Jess Michelle : No we are talking about a cow.

Becky James : You guys are so mean to the cow

Ella Jason : We talking about the slut in our class Katie

Becky James : Oh. I know she such a tramp. I bet she can't even buy herself a blueberry

Joey Marks : We should make a page about how much we hate Katie Knight.

Jess Michelle : That a awesome idea.

I close my laptop and started crying until my phone went off. I went over to the desk and pick it up.

Park NOW!

I guess that Ella. Great the park. I walk over to my door and open it. And there was Kendall with his arms cross. "And where are you going?" He asked. "I'm am going to study at Ella place. We are doing our homework together." I lied. "Oh really. Be back by 8." Kendall said and kiss the top of my head and went to his room where all of the other guys were. I ran outside of 2J and started walking to Plamwoods Park. When I got there I found no one. Until.

"Hello Katie Slut Knight." A deep voice said behide me. I turned around and there was Ella with her gang.

Ella Jason is the meanest girl in our class. She has long blond hair with black and green highlights, she always wearing pink dress and she has red lipstick on. To her left is Becky James. Becky isn't the smartest tool in the boxes well she not smart at all. She has brown hair which is always in a pony tail, she wears blue top with grey leggings. And to Ella right is Jess Michelle. Jess she isn't short but she not tall. She has black hair and she wears black clothes always.

"What do you want Ella." I said trying to stand up for myself. "Well we would want you to end your life but we know that not gonna happen anytime soon." Jess said. "Shut up Jess no on was talking to you." I said bravely. "You gonna wish you never said that." Becky said. Ella evilly smiled at me. "hold her I want to finish her." She said.

That was the last thing I saw and heard before everything went black.