Chapter Two Part Two I Hate Life, What are we gonna do?

Logan POV

After the police coming we all went to the hospital to see is Katie gonna be we got out of the car we ran inside. "Katie Knight." Kendall said to the person out front."No news yet boys." She gave us a small smile and walked away. We walk over to four spare seats and sat down. "This is so bad." Carlos said taking off his helmet. "I know why is this happen to us." James cried. "Why don't you guys play with the toys over there."Kendall told them pointing at the toys."Right." Carlos and James said before running to the toys. "Logie." Kendall said looking down. "Yeah Ken." I told him. "Do you think Katie gonna be okay?" Kendall asked in a small heartbroken voice looking up. "I don't know Kenny I don't know." I said. A tear when down Kendall face. "Oh Kenny." I said and pulled him close to me. Kendall started to cry and lean on me. "Katie Knight." Someone said. I looked up to see a doctor. "Yes." I said. Kendall looked up and Carlos and James ran over to see what he was gonna say. "First of all Katie alive resting. She has three broken rips." The doctor said with a smile. "What room." Kendall said. "Room 289. I will see you boys later." The doctor said and he walk away.

"To Katie room." Carlos shouted. "Shhh." Everyone in the hospital said. "Sorry." Carlos whispered. "To Katie room." James told us. And we ran to her room.

Katie POV

"Hello Mrs Knight." Someone said which took me out of my dream. "Call me Katie." I told the person. I looked up to see a woman doctor, she was in her 20s and she has blond hair, blue eyes and she was wearing a pink top with black leggings. "Okay Katie do you remember what happen." She said. What minute what happen? I think I came home at 11 shouted at Kendall went to my room punch a mirror and tried to kill myself. "Was it I tried to kill myself?" I asked. "Okay." The doctor said writing it down. "When can I go home." I asked. "Maybe today." She said and she went. Just as she left, Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James came rushing into my room. "Hey Katie." Kendall said sitting down on the chair next to my bed. I could tell he been crying, because his eyes were red and puffy. "Hi are you okay?" I said a bit to fast. "Yeah." Kendall said. "Hi Katie how are you." James said. "Perfect." I just said.

Five Hours Later

The boys when with the doctor to get all my things ready so I could go home. I looked to see if anyone was there. When I knew for sure there was no one I went on facebook on my phone.

Ella : I heard that the little brat tried to kill herself. It's so sad that it didn't work.

Jess : I was going to have a party because she killed herself but she didn't.

Joey : I cried when I look on Kendall facebook and it said Katie alive. I pretty sure Kendall doesn't even care for her

Becky : All of BTR fans hate her. I mean why would they make a facebook page called We Hate Katie Knight

Ella : Anyway when she come back to school she death. I can't wait to get my hands on her.

Jess : Meet you guys at the park to plan it out

Joey : Meet ya there

Becky : I'm so in

I put my phone in my pocket and cried. When I saw my brother and his friends coming I wiped my tears and put on a smile. "Ready to go Katiebear." Kendall said. "Yep ready as I will ever be." I said. I got out of bed and we walk to the car. Logan drive while Kendall was next to him, Me, Carlos and James were in the back seats. "Don't worrying Katie we will be back to messing with Britters in a few weeks." Carlos said. I laugh yep there always Carlos to bring someone mood. "Yeah. BTW the next prank we will do is putting jelly in the pool." I said to him. "Sounds like a plan." Carlos said. Maybe I should tell them i'm getting bullied. Wait they shouldn't worry about me. "Yeah how do we get the jelly? I mean who would that much jelly we need?" I said. "Don't know." Carlos said. After the ride we got out and went to 2J. I am kinda of happy that we get to see mum again, but when we walk in we see a note. "I wonder what that note is." James said. Kendall walk over to the note and read it. "Mum on holiday for a month." Kendall said looking down. "Oh no what are we gonna do?" I said