Harry Potter and the Long War

Chapter Ten


It was the oppressive feel of the place that Ronald knew they were back at the Ministry of Control Lord Voldemort led that way, a lighted sphere floating before them in a long dark corridor. Ronald took in the sigh, something had went down here, Signs of fighting, explosions, and damage still littered the corridor.

"The Longbottoms recruited one of our brightest researchers," Voldemort said. "They twisted her mind and made her think that by betraying her overlords she was helping to bring peace to the realm." He scoffed at that. "I try to be a benevolent master, allowing Mudbloods to rise above their stations, allowing them more freedom than they need. But they are infected with Muggle blood and they cannot understand the power and responsibility that comes with purity. So they seek to destroy everything."

A huge set of doors opened before them, the room was brightly lit and Ronald noted a dozen Death Eaters and a dozen more others that he had seen around the Ministry. Researchers by their look, soft hands, glasses, and meek.

They all bowed when Voldemort walked in and as they moved to the floor, Ronald held his gasp back. Upon a stainless steel table was Lackheart, they had strapped him down and stripped him of clothing. Strange potions were brewing around him along with a terrifying looking contraption made of brass and steel that hung like a spider above him.

"How goes it?" Voldemort asked to no one in particular.

A researcher rose to his feet, he gripped a pad of parchment tightly. "My lord, we have fixed as much damage as we could, but we are still in the process of figuring out exactly what Doctor Vector was doing," the man said.

"Have you got it working?" Voldemort demanded.

"Yes, sir. We have we can't replicate it, but we are able to get the set up, that was built by Doctor Vector, running."

"What do you need to replicate the device?" Voldemort asked.

The researcher looked at his colleagues and then back at Voldemort. "Doctor Vector," he stammered. "She had years working on this project, only she knows how it really works."

"She's dead. How about Hermione Granger?"

"She worked with Vector, with her help we can begin catching up on what Doctor Vector was working on."

"Then we must get her back, alive." Voldemort looked at Ronald. He snapped his fingers and a dozen Muggles marched into the room. They were all young, strong, and from the looks of awe they gave Voldemort, loyal. "Ronald Weasley, let me congratulate on your promotion to Death Eater; first class and let me also introduce you to your new combat group."

"Sir?" Ronald asked confused.

"You will recapture Hermione Granger and bring her back here, alive." Voldemort said.