Author's Note: I'm just playing in someone else's sandbox. I own nothing. I have no money. I am not responsible. Story picture is Gaz: Nightmare by Grim_Raider. Thanks for posting it on DeviantART. If you can't spot the IZ episode references, watch the DVD's again. Whatever OOC exists is due to both the time frame in which the characters have grown as well as my lack of imagination. After all, there is only one Johnen Vasquez.

It all started innocently enough. Well, not the actions themselves since bringing doom on to someone's existence can't be called innocent no matter how deserving. But the exchanges were. A sort of a tip of the hat, if you will, out of respect for an impressive job well done. It began with an occasional and quiet chuckle, or an inner smirk. Rare, and barely noticeable unless one knew what to look for.

The first active gesture of this respect was when Gazlene Membrane opened her locker and found a small photo of Timmy entombed in the school's cafeteria gelatin.

During class, poor Timmy had sent a paper airplane flying at another student with a bent paperclip stuck in the nose, but a gust of air from the poorly maintained air duct blew it off course and impacted Gaz's thumb. The distraction caused the character on her GameSlave 2 to miss a vampire piggy, requiring a second swing of its sword. This was bad enough to earn a glare of doom, but the prongs of the bent paperclip had drawn a speck of blood.

Most of the gelatin had already been served to the students by the time the picture had been recorded as it had taken fifteen minutes before anyone had noticed the victim struggling to free himself. It was cafeteria food after all. Gaz reflected the barest hint of a smirk as she turned the photo over. On the back was a brief notation. Serving him up as lunch? Not bad, for a human. - Zim.

A week after the school reopened from the water damage, Zim opened his own locker and found a red piece of torn elastic material inside. He picked it up, angered at the intrusion. Reading the inscription he subsided into a chuckle. "Yeah, that was a good win for ZIM," the alien loudly said to himself remembering how he had doomed Dib via an orbital strike with the giant water balloon. Half the city had been flooded by the resulting tsunami.

That complete overkill was not bad, for an invader. -Gaz.

These small gestures didn't happen very often. Just on occasions when a bit of extra creativity or even (although neither could admit it) a touch of brilliance appeared. Sometimes a snapshot from a cloaked outdoor surveillance drone, or hacked from the school's security feed, or a photo from a discreet cell phone. Other times a piece of debris with a short note written on it. Eventually minor suggestions for deserved wrath appeared in small notes. All these were always left stuck in an unattended locker as neither wanted to be bothered by having to socially interact with anyone, including each other. After all, she was a stink-human and he was an idiot-invader. But underneath it all and viciously denied was a respect for a fellow doomer.

Once when it was customary among humans to give token gifts that they would later exchange for items they actually wanted, Gaz found a small item seemingly abandoned in her locker. A tool of the trade if you will, made from human tech. After all, Zim was incapable of even considering his Irken military technology being given as a possession to anyone, let alone a human. This was simply a remote disguised as a small wristwatch.

When Gaz touched one of the buttons, dark clouds formed outside and a stroke of lightning flashed. Far off she heard a yelp of pain from Zim as rain began to fall. "This is linked to Zim's Weather Control Generator?" she asked herself, smiling at thoughts of how useful it would be in her psychological campaign of intimidation against those who annoyed her.

The generator Zim built was, as usual, ill-conceived. The device was totally underpowered and only produced small showers and lightning. The only one who could be harmed by it ironically was Zim since water burned his skin. She quickly shut it off, not thinking of how she had accidentally caused her gift-giver pain. Gaz had given him a lot of slack for plenty of things because Dib usually earned greater wrath before she could give it proper thought. And, if she could admit it, because Zim was so pathetically out of his element. The only reason he had managed to survive even one night on Earth was because everyone else was even more pathetic as well as a complete moron whereas Zim was just an idiot.

Next was a tiny holographic projector she could fit into the back of her boot's heel. It could project any environmental background she wished (such as a burning inferno) for a few seconds. That inspired her to install one of her dad's repulser field units into the heel as well. "Oh this is just too good," Gaz chuckled to herself with an evil smile.

Soon afterward Gaz solidified her school reputation as being part spawn from a hellion after she terrorized Iggens into returning her rightful GameSlave 2. The next day was an anticipated snapshot in her locker. Gaz-beast- The levitation outside his window was a nice touch. Can't stop laughing. -Zim.

The years passed in this manner.