Skylines and Turnstiles by My Chemical Romance

It reaches in and tears your flesh apart
As ice cold hands rip into your heart

Everything I have been working up to for thirty years is finally within reach, I think to myself as I step quietly through the mansion, a cup of steaming tea between my hands. The halls are bright and through my nose enters the distant smell of lavender, a scent that the President has taken a particular liking to. Outside I can see the light dusting of snow that has coated the world outside President Paylor's mansion, the dead trees of the garden taking on a rather pleasant appearance for the first time since autumn.

My gaze settles on a white rabbit that has nearly been lost in the blank canvas of snow, if only its tracks did not leave a trail of darkness in its wake. The creature raises its head in alarm and stares at me through the window, its cold eyes seeming to look directly at me. But before long the animal hops off, the only memory of the rabbit being the deep tracks that it has left in the otherwise perfect white blanket.

I step away from the vast window and continue down the hallway, the teacup in my hands nearly shaking with the anticipation. Just a few more days, I tell myself, and then this, all of this, will pay off. My hand extends when I reach an enormous wooden door that, unlike most other doors in the mansion, remains sealed shut, for the President is ill. I knock several times before I hear a soft call from within that ushers me into the room. An Avox opens the door and hustles me inside before closing the door swiftly behind me.

The image before me is unchanging from the day before, President Paylor lies in her bed inside the darkened room. All the curtains have been closed to allow for sleep, though I know she has gotten none. Her wrinkled cheeks look caved in and her entire face glows a pale white in the darkness. The bed sheets have been tucked up to her chin and her pillows fluffed to allow for her optimum comfort, though despite this her eyes remain locked open, burdened down with sickness and general exhaustion.

"President Paylor," I whisper and nod my head respectively in her direction. "The doctor has sent up another cup of that remedy tea she made you yesterday. It already seems to be working as I can see the color returning to your cheeks."

Anyone who took even so much as a single glance at the bedridden woman could tell that my words bore no truth, but my position required me to have a certain level of respect for the President. No matter that I had never agreed with her decisions, no matter that she had rejected each of my ideas to recreate Panem the way it was always meant to be. I must speak to her with kindness, no matter how fake.

"Thank you, Cyrus, your words are kind," she whispers through chapped lips, lifting the porcelain teacup to her mouth and taking a slow sip. "Now if you don't mind, I should rest."

I nod respectfully and exit the room, closing the door behind me as I do.

Only a few more days.

I sit at the long wooden desk with my feet propped up against the windowsill. I hear voices behind me but pay them no attention. Instead I stare out the window at the dreary background, slush and sleet covering the ground around the mansion. The mansion that now bears my name instead of Paylor's. President Cyrus, oh how I enjoy the sound of that. It was obvious once Paylor was announced dead that I would be the one to take her place. As Vice-President it was the only perk of the job, just one step away from the seat of power.

The murmurs behind me gain my attention and I spin around in my chair to face my visitors. A stout man with long sideburns stands closest to me and behind him a man dressed completely in black and a woman with piercing blue eyes. Finally the stout man speaks.

"Word has gotten out to some about your intentions, President Cyrus," he says, gulping each time his words cease. "I have received word that some do not agree with your plans."


"Do you think it is wise to begin this so soon, it has only been a few months, sir," he mutters.

"Everything will go on as planned, if anyone chooses to oppose my decisions they will face punishment as usual."

"But sir, don't y-"

"Enough, you have shared your information and I have given you my decision. Tomorrow I will announce my plans in front of all of Panem," I interrupt. "You are dismissed."

The audience before me is restless, though I don't know what for. Surely my plans have made their way into their ears, but should they not be excited. Panem will return to its former glory, as it was meant to be with a shining Capitol and twelve surrounding districts. Paylor has ruined Panem, after the Mockingjay Rebellion all the work the President Snow and those that preceded him did has gone to waste over the past thirty years. But not anymore, the districts would know their place now, they would not try and rise up again for equality. All will be as it should be, with the Capitol in total control and the districts working for redemption for all of their rebellious behaviors.

`Welcome, welcome everyone," I begin, my voice echoing through the streets of the Capitol to be picked up and carried off into the districts. "I am here to undo the faults that have been done by President Paylor and her viziers."

The entire area around me is silent as the citizens take in each word exiting my mouth. I allow myself a small smile as I search through the crowds of people, wondering which will be the ones that supposedly oppose my position.

"The Hunger Games were a symbol both of payment and of bonding. Each year the twelve districts of Panem were brought together in celebration of the Capitol's mercy and in remembrance of the Rebellion led by the districts that wreaked havoc on our great nation. Another uprising was caused thirty years prior to today, and Paylor allowed this destruction to go unpunished." I continue, my voice growing with each statement. "Well no longer! From this day forward, the Hunger Games will be reinstated. Not only as a remembrance of the Dark Days, but also to ensure that no further destruction ensues such as the recent Mockingjay Rebellion."

The murmurs among the people are unmistakeable but with one wave of my hand silence again except for the steady breathing of my people and the beating of my own heart. I clear my throat and pause to allow this information to sink in before continuing on.

"Preparations will be made for the 76th Annual Hunger Games to begin within months. I trust you will all be watching and waiting in anticipation." I say smoothly. "And may the odds be ever in your favour."

An outburst of yells comes soon after I am led off the stage by a small army of Peacekeepers. Damon was right, there are Capitol citizens who do not wish for Panem to go back to how it was before the Mockingjay Rebellion. I direct the guards to the nearest window and when I look down, the scene in front of me shakes me.

Below me in the City Circle, I watch brawls break out between citizen and Peacekeeper. People screaming and yelling but I can't hear their curses.

For the first time I really ask myself, was this the right time to do this?

Over the past few days, reports of fires and protests have stormed in at all hours, leaving me irritable and without sleep. Many have advised me to do something to stop the Third impending Rebellion, but this part of my plan has not been thought out. I made room for small protests, but not for Rebellion in its full.

Last night a bomb was set off in the City Circle, few were injured but the blast was felt even in the dead of sleep I had managed. Something has to be done, and it has to be done quickly before this whole things gets out of hand.

"Sir, I have news."

I spin around in my chair to face the stout man, who I have come to know as Damon. I stare at him intently for a moment, in the past few days he has not once brought me good news of any kind. Though I do appreciate the information he gives me, he is becoming symbolic of bad luck for me. "Yes, Damon?"

"District Twelve is rebelling-"

"Yes I know, I sent the Peacekeepers over to deal with the situation yesterday."

"I know, but I have received word that they are not surrendering. I have the Head Peacekeeper on the phone, he wishes to speak with you," he hands me the phone that had been hidden out of my view beneath the desk. I pick it up and utter a simple hello before the voice on the other end begins talking rapidly.

"Sir! Twelve isn't surrendering, they have secured weapons and are fighting back. I'm not sure how much longer we can hold them without risking more losses."

"What do you suggest we do then?" I hiss into the speaker.

"If they won't surrender, destroy them. Make an example of them to ensure that no other districts attempt this. If Twelve can hold their own against us than there is no telling what the others might do," I say as strongly as I can. He mumbles his agreement and is about to end the call when I give him one further instruction. "Don't leave any survivors, not like with Thirteen."

I hang up the call immediately, slamming the phone down onto my desk after pressing the ending button. "Sir?"

"Yes?" I demand, not in the mood for any further disturbances.

"Are you sure this was wise?"

The cameras are placed around me as I sit stoically at my desk. It was decided that the best way to reach the public was through television, lest I risk my own safety.

Meetings had taken place over the past couple of days, delegates all trying to give me an answer to all of the problems that faced me. It was discovered that only about five percent of the Capitolites opposed the idea of the reinstated Hunger Games. That meant that I only had to quiet those few. Many people had tried to sway me in favour of their ideas, but only Damon had been any use to me in figuring out the proper punishment for the rebels.

"You're on in three, two," I watch the young man mouth the last number and then hold up his thumb to let me know that I was now live on every screen across Panem.

"Welcome, everyone. This has been a trying time for all of Panem. Many oppositions have been made and destruction as begun when it was clear that that would be avoided at all costs. Some have not respected that and must be punished as fit," I start, keeping my entire body square to the camera as I speak. "District Twelve has not respected our wish of peace, and has been obliterated. Much like District Thirteen in that they will serve as a reminder to all that no act of treason will go unpunished."

"In saying that, treason is not limited to the districts. And so, to show that even the Capitol must follow law and will be punished when they choose not to do so, this year and forevermore the Capitol will also choose two tributes to participate in the Hunger Games," I can picture the panic that will rise in the Capitol, seemingly overnight. This will quell the Rebellion, for they will not risk their children to the Games. It's perfect, everything has gone as planned, possibly even better.

The Hunger Games will rise again, and with it the power of the President.

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This is an extension of canon that I have created in which President Cyrus has taken over and reinstated the Hunger Games after the death of President Paylor. I would advise you to read the prologue before submitting your tribute but in case you are still confused, here is the rundown.

This is the 76th Hunger Games

- District Twelve has been destroyed, so they nor District Thirteen will have tributes in the Hunger Games

- Due to acts of Rebellion on the Capitol, the Capitol will now also send in two tributes to the Hunger Games

- All previous rules regarding age, industry, etc are back in place.

- Since this is the first Hunger Games in 30 years, there are NO CAREERS

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