Clary stood at the bar, bored and not in the mood to socialise. Simon, her best friend, had noticed this and was doing his best to create a conversation, however failing miserably. "So... want another drink?" Clary looked into her best friends deep brown eyes, and studied his face. She had always loved the way his messy brown curls fell gracefully down to his eyes and how his glasses made him look intelligent but not geeky. She replied with an exaggerated tone of boredom, "Do I look like I want to stay?" Simon stuttered, "oh-no-of course not...right...shall we leave then?" Clary looked around to see if anything could persuade her to stay, but there was nothing. She quickly told Simon she was just nipping to the loo and then they could leave.

She slid her slim figure through the tiny gaps in the dance floor and headed towards the toilets. The stench of stale urine and cigarette smoke filled her so while she went too the loo she held her breath. Why she and Simon came to these awful places she just didn't know but she seemed to be drawn to them every Friday night. Maybe it was the need to get out after a long week at school and a chance to be away from her over-protective mother. Clary's mum had always been a bit controlling but Clary had learnt to put up with it, but luckily for her, her mother adored Simon and as long as Clary was with him, she could go almost anywhere. Just as Clary was thinking about her and Simon's many memories she was cut off by the sound of fierce whispering.

"For the angels sake, good one Jace, choose the one demon you owe money too, will he ever learn, always has to pick a fight, by the angel when we get home I'm gonn-". The girl's whispering was cut of by the smallest of sneezes. Clary looked up into the mirror and saw in its reflection an, at a guess, 17 year old girl, with incredible and glossy black hair, sleek down to the small of her back, and similarly in colour dressed all in black. It looked almost like the outfits women wore in Simon's computer games, but somehow more elegant, and to finish off the outfit, black stiletto boots and red lipstick. Clary was speechless. This girl was stunning, but the way she just stared at Clary gave her shivers down her spine. Seriously regretting sneezing, Clary wanted to take her eyes away from the girl, but they wouldn't budge, she just held her gaze. Clary could feel the blood rushing to her face, and she could imagine this was actually bringing the colour back to her cheeks.

Someone from outside called, "Izzy, get a move on, I need you to do an iratze on me". Clary had never heard the word 'iratze' before, maybe it was some kind of slang she didn't know about, after hanging out with Simon for so long there were a lot of things Clary didn't know about being a normal teenager. 'Izzy' snapped her head to the door and stalked out leaving a stunned Clary behind her. Clary looked up to the mirror, trying to process what had just happened; a girl was talking about...demons? Clary was sure the girl had said demons. Maybe she had heard wrong, she must have. Clary tried to shake the memory out of her head, and splashed water onto her burning face. She met her reflected eye and thought about how different she looked from the girl called Izzy. Where Izzy had sleek black hair, Clary had wild, fiery, loose red curls that stopped at the middle of her back, and where Izzy had piercing blue eyes, Clary had big, round emerald green ones. Izzy had a flawless tan, where Clary had pale, freckled porcelain skin that at times looked almost transparent to Clary. Izzy had the most gorgeous curves but was still slim and tall, and Clary was short, skinny and flat all over. Clary wished she had curves, she put her hands on her waist and squeezed inwards, trying to imagine what it would be like have them when she suddenly heard an intake of breath. Clary snapped round on the spot and saw the most beautiful boy she had ever seen.