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Louise of Locksley, aged 21 and sister to Robin Lord of Locksley, Earl of Huntington and current idiot crusader, at least in her mind, was riding through Sherwood Forest on her way back from visiting her uncle in Hampshire, one of her only living relatives. She was acting Lady of Locksley in her brothers absence and had asked Marian of Knighton to look after Locksley whilst she was away. Knowing that although Marian hated Robin for leaving her so close to their wedding to fight in the Holy Land she still cared for the people of Locksley as they were her friends and had grown up playing with them. Louise grinned as she remembered the days when everything was so much more simple. When there were no stupid men who either wanted to have her hand in marriage or to order her around and when she was free to do as she wished.
But the grin disappeared as she remembered Marian's letter which had caused her to return home faster than anticipated...

Louise, it had written,
Things are not all well here in Nottingham. Do not fear the people of Locksley are fine but there is a new Sheriff of Nottingham assigned by Prince John. He has only been here a few days and has already announced that the taxes are going to be raised next week. Father is no better but then again no worse perhaps the lesser strain of not running the Shire will help his condition and I may be able to go to the council meetings in his place.
To answer the question I know you are thinking I haven't told Kyle, not yet. As I can't do that to him not whist he is doing what he feels he must do in France as it would make him feel guilty and forced to return home. Don't worry I can manage here so there is no need for you to return, not until you are expected to I just wished to keep you informed about what is happening back home.


That letter had despite what Marian had said convinced that now was the time to return home. she couldn't expect Marian to run Knighton, Locksley and look after her father, she was her friend and she should be there for her. Both Marian and Louise were very similar and close friends it was via Louise that Marian was first properly introduced, when they were 6, to Robin who was, at the time 8 years of age and only future Lord and Earl.

She did of course know of Robin, Lord Malcolm of Locksley's son who was the perfect gentlemen just as Robin know of Marian the daughter of the Sir Edward the Sheriff of Nottingham and the perfect Lady. How wrong they both were. Although both of them were very diplomatic whenever at the council, at home they were very different. Robin was cocky, arrogant and forever showing off and Louise, along with Marian later, took great pleasure on sneaking up on him just to scare the living daylights out of him. Marian on the other hand wasn't the perfect little Lady she pretended to be at the council either. She could fight very well along with shooting and hand to hand contact she was trained by her father's Man at Arms, Joe Lacey. She also enjoyed riding and playing with the other children of Knighton. The children of Knighton often played against the children of Locksley and it was during one of these games when Robin and Marian found out that neither of them were as they seemed.

Marian and Robin's arguments were explosive as their personalities always clash and they often had different views on the same things but over time these arguments changed into friendly banter which both of them enjoyed. When Marian was 12 and Robin 14, Robin asked Sir Edward for his permission to court his daughter which he gave, but Robin was warned that should Marian not wished to be courted any more by Robin then he had to respect her wish. Marian was lucky that she had that freedom.

In fact Louise was fairly free to do and wear as she wished she had never and would never, except perhaps on her wedding day should she meet such a man whom she would wish to marry, wear a dress. As she pondered this thought she looked down at her self she wore simple riding trousers, a long sleeve top, upon which she wore a soft leather like corset and a seemingly simple green cloak, which at closer inspection was not the simple at all. The cloak was in fact mottled green, brown and black she had, had it custom made in Nottingham as it helped her ability to move unseen and unheard, which was a talent she had had for many years in a similar way to Robin's natural talent with the bow. Her corset like top she wore actually had multiple places for knives and lock picks as both Robin, her father and Sir Edward had made sure that she could fight and defend herself should the time arise. She also carried a sword which was currently attached to Jack, her horse's saddle along with her specially designed recurve bow. Her bow was slightly smaller than most bows so it had a slightly lower draw weight (although she would never admit it) and had a celtic design engraved by the grip. Both hers and Robins bows had been hand made by Dan Scarlett, the carpenter at Locksley.

As she reached a clearing she stopped and patting Jack she dismounted"Good boy" she murmured not tying him up as she wandered over to collect firewood. For she had no need to tie her horse up as when she first got Jack about two years ago she was determined to train him her self. So she did. The only thing was that no one else could ride the horse as he only responded to her. The reins were not used at all as she mainly used her knees to manoeuvre him so her hand were free to do other things such as shoot her bow. He could move silently if needed and smoothly when riding either slow or fast. Faster than any other horse could and for much longer periods of time. He also responded to a series of different whistles which all meant different things. But if a rider was to understand all of this he, or she, still wouldn't be able to mount Jack had a phrase was needed in order to do so and should the phrase not be given then the 'rider' is bucked off.

Her dog, Seth, who looked more like a wolf came bounding into the clearing. She had found Seth starving in the wood last year as young pup and since then looked after him. Now, at about a year of age he was already huge but his paws were still ridiculously out of proportion to the rest of his body indicating that he still had a lot of growing to do. Although his too large paws often looked comical he was very protective of Louise and had a very large set of very sharp claws and teeth which were not to be messed with. He too responded to whistles and such but obeyed verbal commands and hand gestures as well. Many of which he had not been taught only he picked up on them.

After Louise got a fire roaring she unsaddled Jack and drew out not only food and her roll mat for the night but her sketch pad as well. She put the broth she had on the fire to heat up before settling against a tree. Jack had wandered off to much at the grass and Seth came to lie down next to her and rest his head on her knee.
"It's been a long day huh?" She asked her, dog ruffling his ears, who whined in response "here" she showed him her pad she was currently working on a sketch of Knighton Manor for Marian's birthday "what do you think? Is the window slightly off?" Seth barked in response. "You're right. I shouldn't be doing this now." with a sigh she placed the pad in the bag and after eating the broth she laid down on her roll mat looking up at the sky. Seth laid next to her giving her his warmth "tomorrow" she thought "tomorrow I'll be home" and with that she fell asleep. If only what she knew awaited her at Locksley tomorrow.

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