Well, as some of you know, I write HG and PJO fanfics. I write SO MUCH MORE HG than PJO, though, so I decided to write this. It may be a one shot, or I may continue it, it depends on reviews. Enjoy!

My name is Ethan Nakamura. I am twelve years old. I have just found out that I am the son of a Greek goddess, Nemesis, goddess of revenge.

I met her today. When I did she made me a deal. "Son, I am exited to have you in my family! It will be... Interesting." "How so?" I asked. "Your adventure at Camp Halfblood will be dangerous. You will have to learn the ways of a hero." I breathed in a puff of pride and stuck my chest out. "I will do you proud, Mother. I want to be able to make a real difference in the world." Nemesis immediately waved the idea out of my mind. "No, Ethan. That won't be your job. Soon, another young hero will come along. He will save the world the day he turns sixteen." "Then what should I do?" "Do you want to be a hero that badly? I am the goddess of balance, and you will have to pay a price." "Oh, I'll do anything! What do you want?" "An eye.". Nemesis said nonchalantly. "What... Kind of eye?" Nemesis pointed at his face. "Your left one, please. Oh, come on, grow up. It's not that bad." "Will it hurt?" "Only a little." "Okay."

I then braced myself as my mother shocked my eye socket with lightning.

So what do you think? Is is okay? Should I continued it? Oh, and please review!