This is the last chapter. I hope everyone enjoyed this short story. I'm not sure if I'll be writing anymore in the Doctor Who genre. Didn't seem to get that well of a reaction. Oh well, enjoy.


The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it down the hill for a moment before looking at it.

"Yeah, I figured as much," he sighed and tucked the screwdriver away before standing.

He held out a hand to Donna and waited while she dusted herself off.

"Donna, I want to tell you something before you see the next memory. Today is the day I find my wife and children dead. I don't remember much from it actually. Only what I did after and it's not pleasant. I only hope you won't think less of me after you see it," the Doctor said quietly while holding Donna's gaze.

Donna stepped forward without hesitation and hugged him tightly. "Spaceman, nothing you could do would make me think less of you. You're my best mate."

She released him and was rewarded with a weak smile. She held out a hand and they walked slowly down the hill holding hands. The local geography showed signs of explosions and fires. Donna saw some collapsed buildings and started to smell death. Off in the distance she saw smoke and heard the occasional echo of explosions.

They stopped on a small rise and looked down into a small valley where buildings and a market once stood. Now it was only rubble with a few small fires burning. Bodies were scattered across the market and there were a few pieces of bright metals intermixed in the rubble.

"Here I come," he muttered and Donna heard a soft pop noise and the other Doctor was suddenly standing below them in the valley.

He wore a pair of black boots, jeans, and shirt and leather jacket. The objects in his hands dropped to the dirt and he staggered forward. Blood streamed from a cut at his hair line and from various scrapes along the left side of his face and neck.

He moved between the bodies until reaching a felled wall of one building. A delicate hand limply dangled from the debris and he slowly reached out to touch the fingertips. With a cry, he started digging frantically to slowly reveal three bodies. The youngest was clutched to the mother's breast and the older child was tangled by the woman's legs. A large blood stain marred the ivory dress where the older child lay broken. Tutor only looked to be sleeping; her pale face was sooty with a few scrapes and dried blood.

An inhumane wail broke from the earlier Doctor as he collapsed to his knees. He gathered his wife and youngest onto his lap to grasp with one arm; he reached out to his eldest and hesitated before placing his hand on the bloody mass.

Tears streamed down Donna's face while she watched the scene below her. She glanced at the Doctor standing next to her and was not surprised to see no tears or emotion on his face. This was long ago history to him. He had had ample time to understand his emotions and accept them; to work through them. To acknowledge a loss or a hurt but not to dwell on it. Life moved on, no matter how badly you were hurting.

The wails and cries from the earlier Doctor faded until he rocked back and forth in silence. It was some time until he moved and gently pulled something from Tutor's clenched hand. A few moments later, he gently laid his family back to the dirt and stood. Looking down at the bodies, he shrugged out of his jacket and carefully laid the piece of clothing over their bodies. Before rising, he gently cupped Tutor's head and sadly smiled before kissing her brow. He walked back to the items he dropped and picked them up. The next moment there was a pop and he disappeared.

Donna looked to her Doctor and noticed he was still staring at the jacket covered bodies.

"There was a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. She had written on it 'You know what you must do'. That was it," he murmured as Donna tucked a strand of ginger hair behind her ear.

"What was it?"

The Doctor took a deep breath and turned to look at her as if suddenly remembering he wasn't alone. His brows furrowed in confusion.

"Sorry? What?"

"What was she talking about with the message? What did you have to do?" she asked again, almost rolling her eyes.

"Commit genocide against my people and the daleks. That's what they call me on other planets; 'killer of my own kind'. Does have a ring to it," he replied and Donna was surprised at how calm he seemed about it.

"Why did you do it?"

The Doctor released her hand and tucked his into his pants' pocket as he turned to look at her. His eyes were an icy cold and she saw the fury barely contained. Fury at what he had done and fury at the individuals who forced the choice on him.

"The Time Lord High Council had come up with a doomsday scenario they called the 'Ultimate Sanction'. They were going to sacrifice all of time and space to end the war; to end everything. Every universe and every galaxy; they believed they would transcend into a corporeal state and be the only species left and they could create their own worlds. My kind was very pompous and egotistical at this point in our time line.

"So anyway, I found out about the plan and realized what it meant for everyone else not involved in our little war. I placed the universe and other species over my own kind. What kind o Time Lord does that make me?"

"The kind that looks at the bigger picture."

The little movement going on in the scene around them froze and started to shimmer. The colors and brightness dimmed as the scenery shifted until everything settled and solidified. They were standing in a large warehouse packed with various boxes. Donna estimated about two hundred; rows and rows of boxes. The boxes were different colors and shapes but all similar to a box with a door. The floor trembled and sounds of explosions reached their ears. The lights flickered as dust and small pieces of debris fell around them.

"By now a fire is racing over Gallifrey, burning everything in its' path. Ships in the sky are burning and crashing. I thought I was going to die with everyone else. Everything would burn and I was the cause of it," the Doctor explained and they watched as the earlier Doctor stumbled into view.

He looked bloodier and more banged up than earlier. A particularly violent tremble sent him t o his knees and he leaned against one of the boxes. He sagged against the box and slowly closed his eyes; deciding he would die here. A soft song started to drift through the warehouse and dance in their ears; it was soothing and enticing. The earlier Doctor slowly opened his eyes and climbed to his feet to follow the music. A few rows in they came across a familiar sight. A majestic blue police box stood out from the others and the song was emanating from it. When the earlier Doctor neared it, the door unlocked with a click and an almost sigh. Pushing open the door, the Doctor stumbled in.

Donna's Doctor took her hand with a smile and tugged her forward to follow the other Doctor.

"When I was much younger, much dumber, I borrowed a TARDIS-"

"Borrowed? Or stole?" Donna asked with raised eyebrows.

"Weeeel, I always intended to return her; just haven't gotten around to it. But anyway, borrowed her and went on a few adventures. Eventually I was caught and put on trial for a few other things I did while traveling. I was found not guilty, but around that time the war started. I was told that they decommissioned her and tore her into scrap pieces. Obviously they never got around to her," he said and motioned for Donna to enter the TARDIS.

The interior still looked to be the same as what they rode around in now. The coral supports were still there as well as the chairs by the console. The earlier Doctor weakly smiled as he gently rubbed a hand over the console.

"Most beautiful thing I've ever known," he murmured and Donna heard her Doctor murmur the same thing.

The TARDIS hummed in response as the earlier Doctor sagged against the console. The familiar sounds of the TARDIS taking off filled their ears as the Doctor slowly crumbled to the grate floor. The scene froze and a moment later an image of Tutor materialized.

"It is time for my confessions. My mother always joked that I had the gift of premonition and she was correct. I saw what would happen if we ran with the children. It was selfish of me to try and get all of us away when I saw the outcome. The war would have spread and the Ultimate Sanction would have begun. Innocent worlds and species would have been destroyed without knowing why.

"I saw what would happen if you ended it. I saw what you were capable of and what you would do with your future. The amazing feats you would accomplish and the brilliant individuals that would walk your path with you. So I took the children to that market and knew that we wouldn't be coming back.

"I know that you will carry this guilt with you forever, and nothing I say can erase it. But maybe I can alleviate it. What you did had to be done. You saw what the High Council was becoming. I will never blame you.

"A parting request, if I may be so bold; travel with someone. Remember the happy times and make more of them. Don't let yourself dwell on the dark memories. I love you, Doctor."

The image of Tutor faded and with her so did the TARDIS. They felt a pressure on their chests and appeared back on the correct TARDIS. The Doctor squatted and picked up the cube which had fallen when they were sucked into it. He stayed there and slowly turned the cube over in his hands. The glow had diminished severely as he held it up to Donna.

"Why isn't it glowing anymore?" she asked and also turned it over in her hands.

"It used up the last of its power showing us her memories. One use only," he replied and stood up to look at Donna.

"Donna Noble, one brilliant individual," he commented with a lazy smile.

"Well, this brilliant individual wants to go somewhere relaxing."

"Relaxing, coming up. Allons-y!"