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"Hello, I'm Christine Daae, and I will be singing "Falling in Love with Love", from The Boys from Syracuse."

"Daae, that's an interesting name." one of the producers remarked as he looked over her résumé.

Christine held her breath. Please don't ask. She thought clutching her hands behind her back. Please don't ask about him.

"When you're ready Miss Daae."

She let out the breath she had held and quickly took another one. Nodding to the pianist she began her song.

"I weave with brightly colored strings
to keep my mind off other things;"

The finale of the new opera was almost completed. All he needed to do was compose the last notes of the bridge and maybe tweak the key in the eighth measure, but if he did that, he would have to-


Erik looked over the top of his piano to see who had disturbed his work. They were always sending someone down here to ask the same question.


He was one of the younger chorus members. What was his name? Tom, or was it Jim... wait it was Tim, Timmy. And he still hadn't answered his question and the intimidating glare of the white half mask he wore didn't help matters.

"What Timmy?"

"Mr. Firmin-" his voice came out as a squeak, he cleared his throat. "Mr. Firmin would like to know if the Opera's completed yet?"

Erik only stared.

"He knows you're very busy sir, he does! He just wants to know if you're close to being down, or if you need more time how much. I know deadlines are annoying and all sir but they would like it to be completed by the time the spring season starts and-"

"It's quite alright Timmy, I'm almost done it will be finished a few more hours."

"Really sir?"

Erik nodded.

"Oh, that's great news! I'll tell Mr. Firmin right away!" he made to leave but paused and turned back around. "Sir?"

Erik raised an eyebrow in question.

"Do you know if- well what I mean- do you know if I'm to be moved up soon?"

"If you continue to be as dedicated as you are now, I believe we will see you in some character roles soon."

"Really? Thank you sir. I'll tell Mr. Firmin now, not about me but about the opera and stuff. Goodbye Sir."

Erik fought back a smile. "Goodbye Timmy."

"So how'd it go?"

"It went alright Meg." Christine answered, walking quickly down the streets towards her small apartment, one hand clutching her bag while the other held her phone to her ear. "It could have gone better."

"Better how?"

"Well, Carlotta could have not shown up for one thing." Christine grumbled angrily.

Carlotta Guidicelli was another actress who went to the same college as Christine a year ago. They had not parted on good terms.

"She was there?" there was a pause as Meg took this in. "You know, I'm pretty sure she's following you or something. You should file a restraining order."

"Because directors totally wouldn't mind her standing one hundred feet away from me during a rehearsal." Christine said sarcastically, as she entered the lobby or her apartment.

"Only if the two of you were cast in the same production."

"Which has happened how many times now?"

"Once or twice, maybe four times?"

Christine rolled her eyes as she entered the elevator and selected her floor.

"Oh, I got to go Christine, Mom's on the rampage over here someone forgot their cue...again. Anyway, let me know if you get a callback okay Chris?"

"I will Meg, bye." The elevator made it's way up.


The elevator doors opened and Christine walked the short distance to her apartment. cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder as she digged for her keys she replied; "What'd you forget this time Meg?"

"I got an extra ticket for opening night tomorrow, Faust opens, remember I was telling you the other- I'll be there in a minute Maman!- anyway, I have a solo in it and I could really use my best friend there for luck- Just a minute!- You'll be there right?"

"What time?" she asked, attempting to fit the key into the lock.

"Seven o'clock. See you there?"

"No problem."

"You're the best Christine- I'm coming! I'm coming, God it's only one-"

The phone call ended. Christine couldn't help but laugh aloud as she finally managed to get the key in the lock, turning the handle she walked into her apartment and, after taking off her coat, scarf, and hat, she collapsed on the couch. Finally she had some peace if only for a few hours.

"A toast to the new opera!" Mr. Firmin's voice boomed throughout the large ballroom of the theatre. Raising his glance of champagne and looking at the crowd expectantly. Although it had been a last minute party, the attendance was astounding. Mainly consisting of patrons, their guests, and the staff, but astounding none the less. And not only did it promot the new opera but it was a chance for them to preview tomorrow's opening night of Faust

"And to the composer!" Mr. Andre chimed in raising his glass with Firmin. "He has been working on this for a very long time, and honestly deserves more credit than we do." He laughed as the rest of the party members lifted their glasses with the two co-managers.

"Where is he anyway?" Firmin muttered as the crowd once again began to converse with themselves.

Andre shrugged. "The last time I saw him, he was talking to Madame Giry, something about one of the dance routines, why do you ask?"

"Well you just mentioned him, and he should give a speech, or be telling some patrons what they're putting their money into or at least play a song."

"He can do it at the after party tomorrow, tempt some of the more unwilling patrons." Andre said. "That'll be better anyway, keep them wanting more tonight."

Across the room Erik was sipping on a glass of as he watched all the annoying but nessecary patrons and their equally annoying guests. He was watching as Madame Giry attemped to gather some of the ballet dancers to give a preview for tomorrow night when he felt a tug on his trousers.

"Excuse me Mr. Sir, but do you know where the bathroom is?"

Great, they had brought children. He looked down at the young, he must only be five or six years old, boy staring up at him.

"I believe it is just down that hallway over there, did you not see the sign?" He pointed over to said sign and then to the hallway. The boy however seemed to have forgotten his original purpose.

"Why do you wear a mask?"

Erik fought back a sigh, "Because I have a very scary face."

"Why is it scary?"

"I don't know."

"Can I see?"

"No." The answer was quick and final. "I believe you wanted to go to the restroom?"

The boy's eyes widened. "Oh yeah. Where'd you say it was?"

"Right over there."

"Thank you Mr. Sir." He turned and ran. Erik ran a hand through his dark hair, slightly annoyed. It was times like these he just wished he chose a different way to hid his face, although it wasn't as if there were many options. He plastic surgery wasn't an option and make-up didn't help much. It was a good thing he was involved with theatre, many just assumed it was an artistic choice instead a way to hide something.

"Erik?" how many people were going to bother him tonight?

"What Giry?"

She didn't even flinch as he glared at her, as he had done it so often she was most likely used to that expression always being there. "The ballet is ready to perform and the pianist has seemed to have a bit too much to drink. We were hoping you could stand in for him."

"He's always 'drunk' whenever we have these parties." Erik said annoyed, but already taking long strides towards the piano.

"Girls!" Madame Giry said sharply. "To your positions." she knocked her cane then, nodding to Erik, walked away so the dancers could take their places. Erik began the intro, paying hardly any attention to the people who had swarmed around the piano.

He played flawlessly, giving almost no thought to it as he let his mind wander towards the final details of his new opera. Mainly who was to play the lead. There were plenty of talented singers in the chorus, but he wanted someone new, needed someone new.

The song ended but Erik didn't stop playing and the first song melded with the next as he played the interlude. He noticed the managers smiling in approval, they always wanted him to preview everything.

Someone new, it was after all his opera. He would tell the managers tomorrow of his plans.

As the song ended he greeted with applause.

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