A floorboard creaked faintly, muffled by the carpet, but Hei was quick to reach for one of his two pronged blades stashed under his pillow. With a small sigh of relief, he loosened his grip on the hilt when he noticed instead of an enemy, it was Yin standing over his bed. He tried to slow down his heart beat, which was already pumping adrenaline into body. He had been on edge ever since they saw Amber, or at least that woman who resembled Amber.

"Hei," Yin whispered, her silvery hair falling down her back. The light of the fake stars always seemed to make her hair and fair skin glow. Her bare arms hung limp against her, her petite frame drowning in the oversized top Hei gave her to wear. Even though she was a grown woman, Yin still looked almost like a child.

"What's wrong, Yin? Did you sense something?" he asked, his voice low and hushed, but he was only met with her familiar blank expression. And yet, something was wrong. After being with Yin for so long, he could detect when something was amiss, even though he didn't know how he could. There was was something in the way she looked at him, as if he could just barely hear her screaming from behind a locked door.

A silent tear escaped from the corner of her eye, leaving a silver trail like a falling star and instantly Hei knew that in her own way, she was frightened. He moved over to edge of his bed and lifted the corner of his covers and Yin slid her body into the sheets, the skin of her slender legs cool against his. She lay her head down on his pillow, her pale hair framing her violet eyes that seemed to look into his.

Yin lifted up one of her delicate hands and traced her finger lightly along one of the many rough scars that decorated his chest, careful not to touch the fresh wounds he had acquired on his ribs. Each scar was made by the hands of a contactor with the intention to kill.

"I'm... sorry," she whispered, almost inaudibly.

"No, Yin. It's not your fault. None of this is your fault, do you understand?" He pushed her hair behind her ear comfortingly and pulled his arms around her to embrace her in an enveloping hug, slowly letting his body warm her's. At first she did not move, but she snaked her arms around him and nestled her nose against the hollow of his throat.

At first Hei was alarmed at her voluntary reciprocation, but instead he allowed himself a smile. "You're safe with me. I am always going to protect you, no matter how many scars I get in the process." In a way she was still a little girl, a fact that Hei sometimes forgot. She was changing, though, and maybe he was changing as well.

He rested his head on her hair and slowly closed his eyes as he felt her muscles relax as she fell asleep in his arms and for a moment he let go of everything, of Amber and the Syndicate and all the people who wanted them dead. As long as she was in his arms, no one was going to get her.