Fallen Bicycle (2/2), an Austin and Ally two shot

I do not own Austin and Ally. Polkadotty asked for glitter glue, so here it is. Review and request!

He tastes like pickles.

Glad to know he cared enough to brush his teeth before coming over.

"I am so sorry," he says, pulling away from her. His hands leave her sides.

Now would be the time to say something coy, like 'Let me make you sorry again,' or 'I'm sorry you didn't do it sooner.'

Instead, she gets a single word out. "Why?"

Why did he kiss her? Why did he apologize for it? Why is he looking at her like he just lost the best friend he ever had?

He studies his feet. She notices his sneakers match his jacket. He's dressed in silver, but she'd hardly call it armor. Knights are brave and valiant.

They're not scuffing their shoes to the stoop because they're too afraid to speak.

"Because I just ruined everything." His eyes focus on her, not breaking away as the neighbor's dog howls at the moon.

"Maybe you should come inside."

This time she's doing the tugging. The door gets shut behind him, making a loud noise. She hadn't meant to slam it.

He jumps. He's in panic mode as it is, and everybody who has ever watched a movie knows that when the door slams, the worst is yet to come. He's already made the mistake of kissing her. Is it too much to ask for a do over? Why had fate not given him a flat tire?

He would've run.

"I can explain."

"Okay." She leads him to the couch and lets go of his wrist. He waits for her to sit first. This way he can sit far at the other end of the couch, where his hormones will not get the better of him.

She seems a bit offended by the space. Normally he's pressed against her, no matter how much room there is, and now, after they kiss, he's farther than he's ever been.

"I was going through some old papers in my room when I came across this." He sits up to take a paper out of his back pocket. He unfolds it, stretching across the couch to hand it to her. He snaps back.

It's a Valentine's heart, put together with glitter glue and markers. She holds it up to the light. It shines. The words 'be mine' are big and red.

That's not what catches her eye. It's the fact that her name is written in black marker at the top, and that his is at the bottom, following the word love.

"Wow," she remarks. This was not the box of candy hearts he had given her. They had the same words, but Trish and Dez had gotten a box too. She's pretty sure neither of them got anything like this.

"Yeah." He lets her absorb the information. "My hand would not stop shaking. I got glitter glue all over the place."

She imagines him running his hand down his face in frustration, smearing the glitter across his cheek. As if his eyes didn't sparkle enough on their own.

Moving over an inch, she holds it out to him. He shakes his head. He made it for her, and she's going to get it.

Four months too late, or not, she's getting her valentine.

"So what happened after you found it?" She sets the card on the seat next to her.

"I was going to get rid of it. But then I got hungry, and when I saw the pickles in the fridge, I thought of you again." He eyes her nervously as she moves another inch closer.

"That explains why you tasted like pickles." A look of dread crosses his face. Great, their first kiss and he tasted like pickles. This is the last time he ever acts on an impulse.

She presses her lips together to show she isn't going to interrupt again. "I went to bed early, but couldn't fall asleep. Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was you and that stupid valentine."

She should interrupt and tell him that it's not stupid. It's sweet, right down to the glitter glue stains.

But she's made a silent promise, and she's not going to break it.

Especially when she knows she can't keep the one about getting over her crush.

"I'm not really sure how I ended up here. I didn't even tell my parents I was leaving." She moves another inch. There's only one more inch to go.

"Maybe you should call them." Her hand finds a place to rest on his lap.

"I forgot my phone."

She stands up. He breathes a sigh of relief. One more inch, and he doesn't know what he would have done.

Walking into the kitchen, she picks up the land line. He dials the number.

"Hello?" his mother asks.

"Mom, I'm at Ally's." He cringes in anticipation for what she's going to say next.

The panic erases from his face as he feels Ally's fingers curl around his own. Then the phone is out of his hand. "I promise everything is fine Mrs. Moon."

She smiles at him. When she says everything, she means it.

His heart settles.

"What is he doing over there?" she hears Mr. Moon ask.

"He had to give me my valentine."

"But Valentine's Day was months ago."

One second. Two seconds. Three- "Did you say valentine?"

Thank you Mr. Moon.

She hands the phone to Austin. He gives them a few answers (yes, no, I don't know, okay) and hangs up the phone.

He takes the receiver back from him.

"What'd they say?" She sets the phone next to the valentine. She can put it back later.

Resuming her spot on the couch, her hand gets set back on his leg. He blushes.

"Oh y'know. Parent stuff."


"Hmm?" She moves that final inch.

If he would have had the foresight to glitter glue his mouth shut, he wouldn't be in this situation. He wouldn't be staring at her like she's the world to him, heart beating until it threatens to fall out of his chest. He's given her one heart tonight. Does he really want to give her another?

"Thank you for the valentine." She turns away.

Why did she have to chicken out? She's waited for the moment for so long. And now that it's here, on a silver platter (or a plaid couch, if you choose not to enjoy the fantasy with her) she doesn't go for it.

Looks like he'll have to make the first move again.

He grabs her chin and kisses her.

She can have another heart.

She is so worth it.