The Demon of Oten City!

"So, it seems we've finally reached our destination Kneesocks-san." said a red-skinned girl with green hair. "Indeed, dear sister, we are now in Oten City." replied a girl with a light-blue ponytail, adjusting her glasses. "It is the morning now, so eventually, we should track down Lord Corset before the sun descends. Hopefully he will give us an explanation to what happened."

"We must find out why he left with that Gothic Angel at all costs." said the green-haired girl, who proceeded to place her hand over her face. "As a High-Class Demon Commander, I Scanty must take excessive actions upon this scar." After removing her hand off her face, Scanty began to form her hand into a fist. "I won't forgive those disgraceful angels, for giving me this scar with that blonde one's filthy undergarments…"

"I assure you dear sister, that unfortunate mark will be removed." said Kneesocks, who glanced at the black and purple colored limo that was in front of them. "Once we enter back in our limo, G-String, we will immediately start looking for Lord Corset and that obese angel. For now, you must have something to eat. I'm concerned, and you've haven't eaten at all since we gave that Ghost Report in Daten City."

"Not to worry Kneesocks-san, I am alright for now." said Scanty. "If I may ask, let's seek for anyone that lives in this city. That way we'll be able to have a more thorough search, and also less time consumption."

"Yes, dear sister. What an astounding idea. The sooner we find Lord Corset, the much greater." said Kneesocks, now with a relieved smirk. "I also wonder if he's here as well."

"Whom are you referring to? The boy that always followed those savage Angel sisters around?" asked Scanty, almost making a frown after mentioning the Angel sisters.

"Yes, dear sister. Lord Corset did say he was going to use his key to unlock another Hell's Gate in Oten City. He stated that in return he could have his beloved angel back. Yet, he left a trail of her pieces behind. Then again, he might be able to revive her."

"Hopefully he wasn't deceiving him." growled Scanty. "If that filthy blonde dies now, I won't have my vengeance on her. So if we come across that boy, we'll immediately take him with us. So we shall split up from here. I'll look for that boy while you and Fastener continue searching for Lord Corset."

"I shall dear sister." said Kneesocks, now entering the G-String limo, as the limo began to depart.

As Scanty turned to the opposite direction of where G-String left, she began to walk further into the street of the city. (I can't let anyone see this disgraceful scar on my face. I'll just have to cover my face if I see anybody. I can't bare this much longer. I have to get this removed as soon as possible.)

The further Scanty had walked, the louder the noises that had grumbled inside her abdominal area. "Ugh. Kneesocks-san was right. I should've eaten something, at the very least before we separated." said Scanty, now with both of her arms now trying to wrap around her stomach. She tried to restrain it as much as she could from making even more noise.

"I can't do it." Scanty placed her hand onto her forehead, now aware that she was almost on the verge of collapsing out of starvation. (My sight is getting less focused. I have to keep people from seeing my face. I can't afford to… I can't… I…)

Scanty collapsed, and laid there in her sudden state of unconsciousness.

What had now appeared before her was a standing figure. It had a black wristband on both its arms; wearing a black T-shirt; blue pants, which had cuffs at the bottom of them; white and grey colored shoes; short, blue spiky hair, with one single bang over the face; red skin color; and eyes that almost looked similar to Scanty and Kneesocks' eyes.

The figure directed its attention to the green-haired demon lying down, and could hear the faint noises coming from her stomach.

As she finally opened her eyes, Scanty immediately looked in different directions of the area around her. She was in a room, covered in white sheets, and she even noticed a boy sitting across from her.

"Oh, you're finally up." he said, with a slight smirk on his face. "You surprised me. The last thing I would expect to see in the street, would probably be someone passed out because they're hungry. You're lucky I found you and took you in my house."

Scanty paid no attention to what he said, nor his appearance. She resorted to cover her face with her hands, and turned to side opposite of the boy.

"Oh yeah, that's right. I haven't even given you my name yet." he chuckled.

Scanty allowed herself to show only her eyes through her fingers, and what appeared to be a name plate on the wall caught her eye. She managed to speak out the words on the plate, as she read it.

"Boxer... Blazer? So, this is your room?" said Scanty, now covering her face with her hands.

"Yeah, it is. You're lucky I brought you here when I did." said Boxer. "There was a reason I did that. Since you're finally up now, I need to ask you something."

Scanty's eyes widen, with a single sweat drop crossing down on the side of her face. (No! He's going to ask for something! He must have seen my face when I was unconscious. That could only mean… He's going to ask… about "it". This scar on my face… He's going to ask about this-)

"Are you a Demon?"

(…Wha…What…did he say?) Scanty was stunned to hear Boxer's question, making her remove her hand completely off her face. She then removed the covers, and walked up to him with a sudden angry look. Until her face was a few inches away from his.


"Well, yeah. It's just I've never seen another Demon before." replied Boxer, who seemed to not sense the livid mood Scanty was in. For a moment, Scanty's eyes looked at his facial features. With each one, she became less raged, and more shocked.

"Hold on! You're a Demon also?" asked Scanty, backed only a step away from the demon boy.

"Yeah, I am. Although I'm a different shade of red than you are." answered Boxer, with a smile on his face.

(He's a Demon? This is unbelievable… one that just happens to live in Oten City. Then that must mean… he most likely knows the whereabouts of Hell's Gate! The question is how can I get that information out of him… seeing as we are complete strangers to each other. Wait! Maybe… just maybe… with "that" kind of approach.)

Scanty dropped down to her knees, and placed the tip of her finger on near her lips. "Oh my, thanks so much for saving my life." She said in a seductive tone, almost forcing a moan from her mouth. Scanty tried to make the expression on her face as seductive and innocent as possible.

(This a perfect plan! No doubt about it at all! If I can just seduce him, he'll tell me where the Hell's Gate is for sure. And once he tells me, I'll regroup with Kneesocks-san. He's a male, so he'll definitely fall for my gorgeous body just like any other would.)

"So, how are you going to take care of dear, oh, me?" asked Scanty, placing her hand over her chest, trying to get Boxer to devote his attention to her breasts.

"Actually, there is something I'm going to do." he replied, now standing up on his feet. He took a few steps forward until he was at close range to Scanty, and leaned his head forward. His face was a few inches away from Scanty's, which made her face turn into a lighter shade of red.

"I'm going to feed you!" Boxer said, with a smile on his face.

With her face turned blank from shock, Scanty laid on her back, baffled at Boxer's response. (I don't believe this! This boy was immune to my well-toned body? This is unbelievable… the males I've seen in Daten City, nearly drooled just by looking at me…)

"Oh, you're not gonna pass out are you?" he said, now with a look of concern in his eyes. Boxer lowered himself, only to carry Scanty into his arms, as he returned to his standing position from before. "Don't worry, I'll get you something!"

After finally being able to gain grasp of the current situation, Scanty looked at Boxer's smiling face, only to cause her face to blush once more. (Is this too good to be true? Is he really that concerned for my well-being?)

"Th-Thank you… for your hospitality…" mumbled Scanty, looking away to keep herself from making eye-contact with Boxer.

"No problem! He said that too after he left." said Boxer, now walking towards the kitchen, with Scanty in his arms.

"Who said that?"

"A friend of mine. I think his name was... Brief? Briefers Rock?"


-Author's Notes-


Boxer: "Yeah! He's a friend of yours too?"

Kneesocks: "Dear sister, can we really trust this ruffian?"

Scanty: "I think so... I don't know... I feel like he is trustworthy."

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Kneesocks: "That is our RULE!"

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