That guy... with that crescent moon hair... He told me that the heavens have an offer for yours truly... Ha! The holy and divine place in the sky wants to go out of their way to negociate with a 'demon'? They must be really desperate for some reason or another.

I want very anxious to hear what this messenger of a priest would explain how this ordeal was. The face that they wanted me in particular peeked my interest a lot. Then he made a statement.

"Boxer Blazer... There is a world better than this... Its what you've been striving for a bit has it not? The heavens can make a path for you to go to that world. A world meant for a powerful warrior... In return, there are a few tasks that you will be asked to do..."

Stop this Corset guy from taking over Oten City; Keep the demon sisters at bay for awhile; And not make any contact with somebody I've never met before?

*sigh* I normally oppose to the idea of being ordered... but since its only an exchange... I might do it... As long as I get my end of the bargain, I could care less...

Then he said about being apart of an alliance... Meh...

Pact Among Demons

"This is excellent... it seems dear Kneesocks has retained her power..." Scanty muttered to herself, still in awe of her younger sister slicing that alligator ghost in half. She noticed Boxer walking off, much to her disliking. "Hey you! Is that all? You save a lady and take off without a word?"

"I'm not a 'savior', if that's what you're implying... Sorry..." Boxer replied who stopped ad turned to the green-haired demon, lying on the ground. "I need to find somebody. You should go with your sister, since she can now handle things from here."

"The eldest sister should be the one protecting the youngest one. Unfortunately, until I can recover my strength, I cannot that to play out. Besides, you did inform me that you would take care of me when you put bandages on my leg?"

Boxer raised his eyebrows to what the High-Class demon said. Before he would have responded, he noticed Kneesocks walking towards him. The loyal younger sister is constantly concerned with the well-being of Scanty. So surely, she would relieve Boxer with the task of protecting her elder sister, now that she has obtained this new power.

"Boxers..." Kneesocks spoke in an informing tone. Which seemed to put Boxer in a slight state of confusion. Why did she exchange words with him first, rather than her own beloved sister? "I need to analyze the new weapons capabilities. I cannot rely on such a powerful yet unstable thing if I cannot learn to control its special abilities. With that being said... I want you to look after dear sister during my temporary absence."

That last sentence made Boxer's eyes widen in shock, while Scanty formed a sadistic grin on her face. "Huh? Why can't you take her with you?"

"That's exactly the point..." Kneesocks replied while adjusting her glasses. She raised her scythe so that Boxer could get a good view of its entirety. "The Gold Reaper... A weapon forged from the flames of Hell... bestowed the powers of death itself, The Grim Reaper... And because of this, any demon that acquire this item must liberate it... to prevent the wielder of it to slowly become a blood-thirsty killer. Even as far as making you corrupt enough to murder someone you have any form of relation with. Eventually, the user will commit a mass of acts of genocide, just to quench the never-ending thirst of killing they've developed. I will NOT allow myself, much less my own sister to be involved in such a situation."

Scanty looked at the intensity in her sister eyes, making her feel very delightful. "Kneesocks... your face is blushing again..."

Much to Boxer's dismay, Kneesocks departed. Leaving the devious Scanty all alone with him. "Nancy?"

"Again you imbecile?!" snapped the green-haired demon. "Why is it so difficult for you to memorize my name!?"

Scanty's words of her anger seemed to be unheard by Boxer, who seemed to be focused on what he was about to say to her. "Do you need me to carry you again?"

The high-classed commander's mood shifted from frustration to embarrassment. "...Idiot... of course..." Scanty's face turned into a brighter shade of red, much like her younger sister would do on a common basis. While Boxer carried her in his arms, she refused to make any eye contact and even as far as lowering her head to his chest, mumbling to herself. "You're intolerable..."

(I'm intolerable? You better hope I don't drop you on your ass right now!)

"Corset. It seems Alley Gater couldn't live up to that D-Rank ghost crap." said Stocking.

"No matter my dear..." responded Corset, sitting in a chair behind a desk. "I might drop in and take care of those pests myself if this nonsense continues... But only when my body is fully regenerated... So I want you to keep your eyes on that boy and the demon sisters."

The gothic angel nodded in response to Corset's order. Something was in her thought process as she turned around to exit the office she was in.

(I can't afford to take chances now... I've already decided... He's dead as dirt...)

"My dear..." interrupted Corset, befor Stocking walked out the door. "Do not take him lightly just because he defeated that weak ghost before. If you drop your guard on him at all, he'll annihilate you with his ferocious power... So avoid fighting him completely until I'm at full capacity..."

Stocking finally left, leaving Corset to himself. "Boxer Blazer... Demon of the Deadly Sin... Wrath."

"Umm..." mutter Scanty, still being held in the arms of the blue-spiky haired demon. "Might I ask where are you escorting me to?"

Boxer, ceasing his walking, looked back to the high-classed demon with a rather confused gaze on his face. "First off, I'm not a servant to anybody. Secondly, I'm going to find somebody. I told you already Ms. Fancy..."

His retort made Scanty huffed and puffed. "Idiot... you couldn't get my name right still... Besides, you should stay focused on the woman that's in your arms right now!"

"Sorry if you're not on top of my agenda. I'd figured a 'High and Mighty' Demon Commander would be able to take care of herself..."

The green-haired demon was steaming from that insolent comment. "You're so rude! Put me down this instant!" She jerked away from Boxer's arms until she landed harshly on the ground. "I'm not that inferior! Don't condescend to me!" She growled in agony, with an intense stare at Boxer. "I'm not a failure! I don't care what Corset thinks of me anymore! I'm not a Low-Class demon... I'm not like those angel sister whores! I'M BETTER THAN THAT!"

"Alright..." nodded Boxer, giving an approving grin. "That's the right kind of attitude to getting your strength back!"

"Wha...?" Scanty was taken aback from what he said.

"You want to prove that Corset wrong right? Show that you can live up to your position? Well guess what..." Boxer raised his right forearm, which seemed to catch Scanty's attention.

She noticed the black wristband he was wearing. It was black, and had blue border on it. It looked identical to the band that Scanty was wearing on her left arm. With the exception, her's had a orange border and had a symbol on it.

(Hold it... His wristband... It's similar to the armbands Kneesocks and I wear in uniform. But the one he has doesn't even have a symbol on it...)

Her though process was interrupted by the mere sight of Boxer's extended hand infront of her face.

"I did say I'd help you out... So we'll figure out how to get you a new weapon too!"


-Author's Note-

Stocking: "Cherry Boy! I'm going to see if you're really that powerful!"

Scanty: "What are you doing here, toilet angel!?"

Boxer: "Huh? So you're that 'stocking' Brief mentioned! Where is he?"

Stocking: "I won't worry about Geek Boy right now... because you die today!"

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