~The Tale of the Lost Scrunchie~

"Hee, hee, hee..."
"What did you do with my scrunchie!?"
"Oh, can it, princess. I got your scrunchie right here."
"*gasp* Give it to me!"
Maxwell lunged at her, but she was too fast, and she stopped him with one hand.
"Cut it out, you're embarrassing yourself."
"Give me back my SCRUNCHIE, you vile FIEND!"
Zorin decided to play a game with Maxwell. A NASTY game.
"Okay, grandma. Want your scrunchie back? Gotta' plant one on me."
"Plant one WHAT!?"
"You know..."
But Maxwell DIDN'T know. In fact, he couldn't even guess.
"Plant one what?..."
"I'm waiting."
"Okay, okay!"
Blushing, he stood up on his tiptoes and kissed her left cheek.
The giantess blushed, pulling away with inhuman speed.
"What-What the heck was THAT!?"
"You said plant one on you."
"Yeah, a PUNCH, you IDIOT!"
But Zorin sighed and gave him back his scrunchie.
Maxwell seemed appalled and asked,"Why'd you GIVE it to me? I didn't meet the requirements."
Zorin merely turned away, her face to the wall.
"I don't feel like PLAYIN' anymore," she said.
"It's bad enough I got kissed once. No WAY I'm gonna' risk it again."
But she smiled and ruffled Maxwell's hair playfully.
"You really ARE a princess, huh?"
Maxwell just stood there, blushing stupidly with the scrunchie in his hand.

NOTE: Yes, I know, this is perhaps the WEIRDEST crack couple there ever was. ._. THE CRACKIEST CRACK COUPLE! XD But, whatever, I like it. They're OOC, but I don't give a crap. XD It's funny, so, who cares? XD I came up with this in English 2 Honors. ANYWAY, I hope you enjoyed this messed-up one-shot. I know I did. :P Don't ask how they met either. I don't know. XD This emoticon has been used too much. ._. Okay, then, how about THIS one? .3. ENJOY! Please, feel free to leave a comment! .3.