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Kim's POV:
"Kim, I can't believe you did this. You're just not the type." Mrs. Chesire says. I can tell she's disappointed in me. I feel terrible. "Yeah. Way too much of a good girl to do any of that, aren't you?" Jack says and smirks. Ugh, I hate him.

"Mr. Brewer, wait for your turn to speak," Mrs. Chesire scolds him. "Yeah Mr. Brewer, wait for your chance," I tease and he glares at me. I can't believe I used to think that was hot. Before that look would make me melt and I'd totally say it was my fault. But that was then, and this is now, and now I can't stand him.

I know he hates me too and he always has. He thinks his stupid leather jacket and long- ish hair makes him so hot and untouchable. It's a good thing I don't like him anymore.

"So Miss Crawford, you're saying that Jack started the fight? Why should we not expel- or suspend at the very least- you?" She asks and I sigh. Jack is just ruining everything, as always!

"Mrs. Chesire, this is the first time I've gotten in trouble in a really long time. Plus why would I want to start a fight? Everyone knows I'm a stickler for world peace." I say and she smiles at me. I think that was convincing.
And it's true! Jack started the fight and I tried to stop it and ended up in the midst of it when the principal showed up. Yeah I know. It looks bad, but I have a perfect record, and now Jackson freaking "Bad Boy" Brewer was ruining it.

"Kim... While I do believe you, there will be some consequences." She starts. That's so unfair though! Consequences for trying to stop a fight and getting blamed for something you didn't do? Seriously?

"But Mrs. Chesire-"

"No buts Kim. I know you didn't do anything but the number 1 rule of this school is no getting involved in fights, no matter how you're involved in it." She finishes. Oh come on!

"Okay. I'm sorry and I'm willing to take full responsibility for my actions." I really just hope my "sincere apology" will get me out of this. It doesn't though.

She smiles at me. "That's great and I know you are. You'll still have to face the consequences though."

"Okay." I sigh. "What are they?"

"Well... I was going to give you and Jack-" we glare at each other "-separate punishments but I think it would be best if... You two learned how to get along. And that's why you are going to be doing community service together!" My jaw drops. Oh heck to the no! I'm not doing any kind of community service with him around.

"What?" Jack and I say at the say time and then glare at each other again.

"Sorry, but that's my decision and I'm the principal so you'll just have to go with it. Unless, of course- you'd rather be expelled." Wow, Mrs. Chesire is evil? You learn so much in one day...

"Okay Mrs. Chesire. When does it start?" I ask.

"How about today after school?" No! I want to scream, but I just keep my mouth shut and nod. I look over at Jack. He glares when he sees me looking, so I just roll my eyes and look away.

I can't believe I'm going to have to do community service with him.


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