Walter woke up, not quite dead but not quite alive. His entire family was gone, and even Jessie too. He had no idea what had happened, but this was literally a world gone mad. They were everywhere, the creatures, and each day he did the best he could. He kept busy- he had his underground work station, where he continued to produce almost every day. What for, he didn't know. But it kept him busy, and that meant it kept him alive. He lived to forget, forget the loss of his family and friends and the world that he knew of. Why he bothered to stay alive, he didn't know, but he couldn't give up now. Not when for the past year he'd tried so hard just to survive.

But this was a new kind of survival. Those...those...creatures were everywhere. Every time he peeked outside for air he could see them, so he quickly hid before they could find him. It would only be a matter of time, but for now, he would go out the way he'd always planned- in his own way, on his terms. He sure wouldn't let himself get turned into one of them.

It was funny, but from time to time instead of thinking about his family, which was most of the day, he would think of Jessie. He wondered how it happened to him, what his chances were. Not good, obviously. Jessie was many things, but staying practical wasn't one of them. He didn't have it in him to survive, even if he'd found his way back to Walter.

Jessie was a good kid, if a bit impulsive. It was probably that very character trait that led to his own demise. The day he saw Jessie coming for him Walter knew he had no other choice. Technically, it wasn't murder, as Jessie was already dead, right?

He missed his family to be sure. They were the driving force in everything he'd done. He'd made many, many mistakes during his fifty years, but taking care of his family was not one of his regrets. If any, it was that he'd been there, at the lab, when the invasion occurred.

It pained him too much to think of his innocent children, who never stood a chance. His son could only do so much to protect himself, and poor Holly was just a baby. After everything he'd been through it had been so cruel for him to lose his family, this way, this he tried to forget.

There were moments he thought about sampling his product. No more territory killings, he thought ironically. He now owned the world with meth, and somehow someway that would come in handy.

By continuing to produce, it provided him with a reason to keep going on. Producing was an exact science, and by forcing his brain to work overtime, it kept the feelings from creeping in. The feelings of sadness and helplessness were the worst.

He laid down on the bench to rest, when suddenly he'd heard a noise. Oh God, they found him. He stood up, calmly, prepared for his own demise. What he didn't expect was to see another human. A real human.

"Well well well...smells like someone's a man of my own likin'," the stranger grinned.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"Does it matter?"

Walter thought for a second. "As a matter of fact it does. If you're looking for nourishment I'm afraid I can't be of much help. So you see, moving on would be your best bet."

The stranger eyed him hungrily, almost as if he were a creature. But this wasn't a creature, was it? It was only at that moment that Walter noticed the arm. The weaponry where his hand used to be spoke volumes.

"Whatever it is you're looking for, I can assure you, I cannot help you."

The stranger looked around at the makeshift lab. "Actually...I have a proposition for you..."