The boy always gets the girl in the end. Chloe should know this by now considering how many movies and TV shows she's watched, but her heart still falls to a million tiny pieces as she watched Beca kissing Jesse in the crowd. No matter how many times she tells herself that she and Beca would never have ended up together anyways, the pain reverberating through her chest and head remained steadfast. She snuck off the stage, unable to pull herself together when she could still see Beca kissing that bastard.

Nothing about their relationship made sense to Chloe. For Christ's sake, they didn't even look good together, let alone their clashing personalities. Everything about the two of them together was just plain awkward, and it made Chloe sick to her stomach thinking about it. She walked into the closest restroom, her throat gasping for air as anxiety swept through her body. Barely making it inside, she locked the door and collapsed in a pile of defeat, her eyes swimming with tears that threatened to fall any second. Her body rocked with dry sobs, unable to catch her breath as her panic attack began to worsen. Wrapping one arm around her knees, she picked up her phone with a shaky hand and swiftly sent a text to Aubrey.

"Bathroom. Now. Tell no one."

Within seconds a soft knock resonated through the tiny bathroom.

"It's me." Chloe unlocked the door, unable to find the strength to pull the handle open. Aubrey opened the door, her gaze meeting Chloe's tearstained face.

"Oh, Chlo." Aubrey sunk to the floor, her arms clutching the redhead in a tight embrace. The two sat for what seemed like ages as Chloe's crying subsided, her emotions already rebuilding the walls Beca had so easily torn down.

"Okay," Chloe croaked. "Okay. I'm good. We're good. Everything's fine." She plastered a smile on her face, hoping that pouring all her focus into pretending to be okay would ease the pain.

"Are you sure?" Aubrey prodded gently, not buying her best friend's words.

"Promise," Chloe lied, hugging Aubrey tightly. "Thanks, Bree. For everything."

"Of course." The blonde still didn't believe her friend, but knew better than to push the envelope. After a quick reapplication of makeup, the two walked out of the restroom and back to the rest of the Bellas.

"There you guys are! We've been waiting here for the last ten minutes trying to figure out where the hell you both went!" Fat Amy exclaimed, her adrenaline clearly still coursing freely through her body.

"Sorry guys, we had to meet temporarily with the judges to get our scorecards and such." Aubrey delivered the lie so smoothly, even Chloe believed her for a second.

"Anyways, you girls are aca-awesome. That was the best performance of my life, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with all of you." Aubrey's grin stretched ear to ear, and Chloe even saw tears spring to the corners of her eyes.

"GROUP HUG!" Fat Amy yelled, her arms stretched wide as they all closed in on Aubrey and Chloe. Even after what had just happened, Chloe couldn't help but admit to herself that the performance they had just given was the best she'd felt in a while. For a moment she allowed herself to forget the hurt inside of her and let herself be happy. The moment passed as quickly as it came as Chloe locked eyes with Beca across the group. Beca smiled softly at her, her eyes filled with pride and joy. Chloe forced a smile back, thankful that most of the girls chose that moment to back out of the hug.

"Donald mentioned a party at the Trebles' house and invited us all to come," Stacie mentioned apprehensively. The girls all looked at Aubrey with pleading eyes, hoping the victory would loosen her reins.

"Why not?" Aubrey laughed, already walking towards the bus. The girls cheered with excitement as Chloe struggled to keep the smile on her face. She could already tell this would be a long night.

The first thing Chloe noticed about the Trebles' house was how much of a bachelor pad it resembled. Her eyes first caught the Jacuzzi dead center in the front room, next finding the pseudo-arcade set up in the room to her immediate right. In the corner of the front room sat a bar where Unicycle was already pouring alcohol into multiple cups. In the backyard sat three kegs, and Chloe could see a couple of random kids she'd never met before doing keg stands as their friends cheered them on. To her left was a den of sorts, with a massive 72-inch plasma TV taking up the majority of one of the walls, a PS3 set up underneath it and a group of guys playing Call of Duty. Two massive couches took up the rest of the space, leaving only enough room for a walkway big enough for two people at a time. She continued through the house, walking down a hallway that branched off into four rooms. In one room was a giant pool table with a group of people already gathered around it. Directly across was a bathroom, a line already extending through the hallway and into the den. Next to the billiards room was a room with two tables set up for beer pong along with a smaller cards table for anyone interested in poker. The last room consisted of nothing but a couple of bean bag chairs and lava lamps; Chloe assumed this was the group's "stoner room". Music thumped throughout the house, and Chloe walked back to the front of the house to grab a drink. Most of the Bellas had already found a place to settle in: Cynthia Rose was at the poker table, Stacie and Fat Amy had joined the guys in the hot tub, Ashley and Jessica hung out by the billiards, Denise was playing beer pong, Lilly was playing arcade games, and Beca was over by the music, temporarily taking over as DJ.

"You doing okay?" Aubrey yelled over the music, leaning against the bar.

"Yeah. A few more drinks and I'll be great," Chloe yelled back, knocking back what was left in her cup before grabbing another drink. Unicycle handed her and Aubrey a shot, and both girls downed the liquor without thinking twice. Usually they had more sense than this, but Chloe wanted nothing more than to get smashed and Aubrey was enjoying the feeling of being a free spirit. Chloe sat at the bar for a while longer, observing the party around her. Jesse had found Beca by the speakers and was blatantly putting the moves on her as he pulled her waist closer to his. Chloe finished another cup of alcohol, ignoring the burn in her throat as she reached for more. Her mind was beginning to fog, much to her relief. Before she had a chance to grab her fifth cup of jungle juice, Fat Amy was next to her and pulling her away from her spot against the bar.

"What are you doing?" Chloe shouted.

"We're playing Spin the Bottle and you're joining." She shouted back, her hand gripping Chloe's wrist tightly as she dragged the redhead behind her.

"Wait, if I'm playing then so is Aubrey." Chloe said, breaking away from the bigger girl. She looked around quickly, her head spinning as she swayed in an attempt to keep her balance. Spotting her best friend talking to Benji in the backyard, she walked up to the pair and grabbed them both.

"Come on, we're playing Spin the Bottle," Chloe giggled, the alcohol quickly catching up to her. Aubrey resisted at first, still leery about breaking the oath she had strictly enforced the past four years.


"Oh Jesus Christ, Bree. It's just a damn kiss. Live a little." Aubrey was shocked at Chloe's bluntness, but immediately agreed and followed her and Benji to the stoner room. Donald, Lilly, Stacie, Fat Amy and Unicycle were already sitting in a half circle, and shortly after Aubrey, Chloe, and Benji sat down, Beca sauntered into the room with two other Trebles not far behind her, the short woman clearly too drunk to realize her "boyfriend" wasn't playing. When Beca sat down diagonal from Chloe, the redhead was shocked Jesse wasn't attached to the younger girl's side. Before she had the chance to gather her thoughts enough to mention it out loud, Donald began to explain the game.

"Okay, so when it's your turn, you spin the bottle and you have to kiss whomever the top of the bottle is pointing to. If you are a guy and the bottle lands on a guy, you still have to kiss them. Vice versa for the ladies. If the bottle lands in between two people, you spin again. Got it?"

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. "Okay. I'll go first."

He spun the bottle, and as Chloe watched it spin around and around, she felt her head get dizzy. The bottle came to a stop, pointing at Lilly. Chloe giggled at the irony, and Fat Amy and Unicycle whooped and cheered as Donald leaned over and kissed Lilly.

"You're next," he said to Aubrey, who was sitting to his left. The blonde looked timid at first, but spun the bottle anyways. It slowed to a stop between Chloe and Aaron, the Treble who sat to Chloe's right. Spinning again, Aubrey looked up as it stopped on Benji. She shuffled her body closer, still anxious about the oath she took upon becoming a Bella. Benji seemed almost as nervous as Aubrey, and a blush began to creep into his cheeks.

"Just kiss him already!" Stacie complained, impatient for her turn to come around. The two closed the gap, and Chloe could tell something more was going on between her best friend and the freshman boy as they kissed. They pulled away quickly, and Aubrey tried to hide her embarrassment behind her jacket.

"Go ahead," she motioned to Beca, trying to shift the attention away from her.

"You got it, chief," Beca mocked, giving the bottle a spin. Chloe's heartbeat quickened, a million thoughts racing through her head. As if it were some kind of sick sign from above, the bottle stopped on Chloe.

"You can spin again Beca," she laughs awkwardly, trying her hardest not to look the younger girl in the eye.

"Nope. Rules say she has to kiss you," Fat Amy chimes in.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on. That's ridic-" She was cut off by Beca's lips against her own. Her body responded on its own free will, her tongue running along Beca's bottom lip asking for access. Before Beca had a chance to grant her request, the hoots and hollers from the rest of the players snapped Chloe out of her trance and she pulled away from the kiss. Chloe felt her face burning with embarrassment and Beca smirked at her elusively before turning her attention back to the game.

"I'm going to the bathroom," Chloe mumbled, quickly exiting the room. Thankful that the line for the bathroom had disappeared, she slipped past the door and shut it behind her. She turned on the sink and splashed cold water on her face, wishing the burning sensation in her face would go away. As she dried her face off on a towel, she heard the door open behind her.

"Someone's in here," she said, looking in the mirror. Beca's eyes stared back at her, and Chloe could feel her breath catch in her throat.

"It's almost like that night in the showers forever ago all over again," Beca slurred, her eyes fixated on the blue orbs that were frozen with shock. "Except this time I'm the one invading your space, and we definitely have clothes on."

"Beca, what are you-" Chloe was again cut off, the younger girl pressing her lips hard against Chloe's with a fervent urgency. Her conscience shut down as her body took over, her mouth moving in rhythm with Beca's as she pushed the shorter girl against the sink. In one swift movement Beca turned their bodies, reclaiming dominance as she pinned Chloe's hands above her head. Chloe moaned with pleasure, her core intensifying rapidly as her hips began to rock against Beca's small frame. She freed one of her hands from Beca's grip, moving it underneath the shorter girl's shirt and exploring her front. Beca tensed under Chloe's touch, the older girl's freezing hand providing instant gratification for her burning skin. Breaking away from Chloe, Beca moved down her neck, nipping lightly at her pulse point.

"Jesus, Beca," Chloe whimpered, her mind sobering up slowly as lust coursed through her veins. Beca hooked her fingers in the belt loops of Chloe's pants, pulling the taller woman impossibly closer to her. Just as Beca began to unbuckle the other woman's belt, Chloe's brain kicked into gear and reminded her of Jesse. As much as she wanted this, Chloe couldn't stand the thought of being the other woman.

"Beca, wait." Chloe's voice was firm as she placed a hand on Beca's, stopping her from unbuttoning Chloe's jeans. Beca's face contorted into a confused expression as she waited for an explanation from the older woman.

"I can't do this. Not like this, anyway. You're drunk. I'm drunk. And you have Jesse."

"Chlo, the whole thing with Jesse is just…it's…it's complicated," Beca groaned, unable to find words to describe what was going on between them.

"I don't care what it is, Beca. This isn't happening right now. I'm sorry." Chloe rebuckled her belt and turned on her heel to walk out of the restroom, leaving Beca standing there completely dumbstruck.

Chloe walked briskly through the house searching for Aubrey, finding her by the bar with Benji.

"I'm leaving for the night," she shouted to Aubrey over the music.

"Everything okay?" Aubrey's face was laced with concern.

"Just peachy. I'll see you at home, kay?" Chloe didn't wait for her friend's response before grabbing her coat and walking out the front door.

The walk back to hers and Aubrey's shared apartment was quick; she didn't realize how close the Trebles' house had been to their apartment this whole time. She spent the walk attempting to make sense of what all had happened that night. It seemed so surreal, almost like a twisted dream that Chloe would wake up from any minute. But the wind was harsh against her skin and she knew that this was reality, though she wished it were a dream. Chloe opened the door to the apartment and sank into the couch, exhausted by the sporadic emotional rollercoaster she'd somehow gotten stuck on. She turned on the TV, catching the end of "The Dark Knight Rises" on HBO.

"Even Batman gets the girl," she sighed as she grabbed a blanket and curled into a ball, slowly slipping into a deep slumber.

The boy always gets the girl in the end. Chloe knows this now.