Hey! I'm Kimberly Crawford, but you can call me Kim, I'm really into karate, singing, and other things but that doesn't really matter. Let me tell you why I came to seaford.(flashback) I was 14 years old when I moved from Tennessee, I moved because I was bullied so much I couldn't take it, also my mom got a new job, so we moved. My first day in seaford was my birthday, so we celebrated by going to to beach, I saw some guys there and I was like "I thought California had hot guys not some skimpy weirdos!" I've had bad luck with relationships since I was 13, I didn't wanna go there again, so I decided not to get involved in anything till I was ready.(flashback ended) that was about a year ago, I was homeschooled until now, I told my mom I was ready for a real school, so I got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed towards the bus, where the first people I saw were a bunch of stuck-up cheerleaders. I walked on the bus with my jacket hood up hoping no one would see me, when the bus arrived at school, I walked in, and all eyes were on me. I walked slowly through the halls towards my locker, when I saw the different groups of people, the jocks, who weren't that good looking, the cheerleaders, who were with the jocks, the nerds, the prisses, who gave me looks, and the ordinary people like me. In the middle of my first day, I was shy, I looked around to see if any guys would catch my eye, so far, none of them did, till I saw Jack Brewer, shaggy brown hair, big brown eyes, I almost melted. He was perfect. My mom had put me in a karate class in the mall, the Bobby Wasabi Dojo, so after school, I walked to the dojo, where 3 guys stood there and watched me walk in. There was Jerry Martinez, dumb as a post, but a good dancer, Milton Krupnick, very intelligent, and Eddie, who's last name I didn't catch, he was a total mommas boy. I was polite and introduced my self, "I'm Kim Crawford" I said politely. "Well hi kim" Milton said with a smile. "Come one where is he?!" Jerry said. "Where's who?" I asked curiously. "There he his!" Milton said. "Hey guys! Sorry I'm late!" Jack said. "Jack Brewer?" I thought to myself.