"Have you ever heard of 'the red string of fate'?" Komui asked the four exorcist that sat in his office.

"It's a myth. Two people are connected by the red thread are said to be destined lovers. They're joined at the little finger, right?" Lenalee replied with a smile.

"That is absolutely correct my darling, beautiful, intelligent sister!" Komui squeaked jumping over his paperwork covered desk and glomping Lenalee. Lenalee let out a sigh as she tried to remove her adoring brother.

"Hey sister fetish! Just give us the file so we can be on our way." Kanda demanded. Komui left his sister's side reluctantly, handing the four each a folder that was brimming with papers.

"This red string of fate has become visible apparently in this town just about a day's train ride away. It's possible, only the slightest, but possible, that there maybe Innocence somewhere, possibly in that town. I want you four to go stop this problem as quickly as possible. And if I see any reports of red strings attached to my darling Lenalee's finger, you'll all die for letting it happen."

"There's four of us going? You only need three, right. I volunteer to stay behind." Allen begged hoping for a vacation from Kanda.

"No, all four of you are going, the train will be here in twenty minutes, better hurry or you'll miss it!" Komui replied, denying his request.

Kanda and Allen groaned in union at the thought, then shot deadly glares to one another.

"Nee! Allen!" Lavi said shaking a dazed Allen's shoulder.

"What is it, Lavi?" Allen asked removing his gaze from the passing scenery

"The strings are appearing!" Lavi said holding up his little finger where a thing red string was tied to it. Allen looked at his own and noted the string tied to his own. The strings didn't lead anywhere but slowly appeared as they drew closer to the town.

"I wonder who's at the other end of your string Allen." Lenalee said, watching her own string appear.

"Yeah I wonder who he is!" A wide-grinned Lavi said

"HE! I'm not gay!" Allen exclaimed, pouting knowing it was useless to convince them otherwise

"Give it up Allen. We all know you're as straight as a rainbow." Lavi smiled

"I'm not gay!"


"Shut-up,Baka Usagi! I don't need to hear your off tune voice sing that god forsaken song." Kanda demanded woken from his sleep by the singing.

"Ooh~ But Yuu! If you were gay, it would be okay."

"Don't call me that!" Kanda growled "And I'm not gay!"

"That's not what the string connecting you and Allen says." Lenalee smiled pointing out the red string that connected Kanda and Allen's little fingers.

"I'M NOT GAY!" The two yelled in union. Kanda tried to remove the string, and Allen looked away quickly to cover a red face. Lavi and Lenalee smiled largely.

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