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On the first day after she returned from the Labyrinth, Sarah woke up and found her window open, a fresh peach on the windowsill. She chucked it out the window. When she got back from school, it was there again. This time she went downstairs, put the peach on a cutting mat, and then proceeded to pulperize it. She took the mashed remains of the fruit, took it upstairs and threw it out the window "Take a hint!" She yelled.

Her parents thought it odd but let it go. Sarah went and checked on Toby every few hours for the rest of the night. She didn't see the owl on the tree outside his room, but it saw her.

Jareth chuckled once he returned to the Underground, Sarah was so stubborn, so wild. He could be stubborn too.

On the second day after the Labyrinth, there was a new peach. This time Sarah just ignored it. It was there for a week, then a month. It never aged or fell off the ledge. "Hoggle, help." Sarah said into her mirror when it had been a month since she had left the Labyrinth. "Yes? Oh Sarah! Not that's it not good to see you, but I'm afraid there's something you should hear." Hoggle said, ringing his hands around and around. The more worried he looked, the more scared Sarah became. "What? Hoggle what is it? " she asked frantically. "How do I put this lightly? Uh, when was the last time you checked on Toby? "

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