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Jealously (Part II)

Lucy was in her dressing room getting ready for her date with Natsu. She felt so relived and excited at the same time. It was just like yesterday she and fire mage were comrades. Now, they were a couple. "All right, it time have the best date ever." she yelled. She stepped outside her place. Then, suddenly her mouth was covered in a loin cloth. Lucy struggled. She tried to summon a sprit but someone kicked her in the stomach causing her to go into unconsciousness. Sanyo stepped out of the shadows. "Now, it's time we've some fun."

Natsu arrived at Lucy's house. He came through the window. He was wearing a black tux. He was almost like 007 but with the scarf. "Lucy! Are you here?!" But no answer. Natsu checked inside the bathroom. Then, he turned to the bathtub. He had a smirked on his face. "Lucy, Are you in here?" he pulled the shower curtain, but she was not here. Natsu went back inside her bed room. "That's strange" he said. "Lucy should be here" he sniffed the whole room. "Her scent is still strong. I wonder where she could be."

Lucy woke up in dark damp place. "Where am I?" she said. "What's this place?" "So, you're finally awake." She heard a voice a man voice. Sanyo was sitting down on couch cross form her. "You?" she yelled. "So, we meet again celestial mage" said Sanyo. "Wait 'til I get my hands on you…" Then, she realizes that her arms and legs were tried up, and her keys were gone. "Look for this" she turned to see Sanyo was holding her gate keys. "I suppose that I did something good on my part to kidnap you." said Sanyo.

"But, don't even think that I mistreated like that. Now, you are going to suffer for it." He pulled out a dagger. He had to Lucy's neck. "And there no you can do to stop it." Natsu was walking toward the guild to see Gray and Juvia and Erza and Jellal talking to each other. "Hey." Natsu yelled. "Natsu, What are you doing here?" said Juvia. "I was wondering if one of you guys seen Lucy anywhere?" he asked. "She's not here?" said Jellal. "I went to her house to check and make sure if she was ready-oops." "Why did I say that?" he thought. "Lucy is going to kill me."

"What do you mean if she was ready." said Erza. "And why are you wearing a tux?" said Gray. Natsu was acting all nervous now. But, he doesn't have the time for it. He needed to find Lucy and quick. "Listen, forget what I…" Before he says something, Erza reequip one of her swords at his neck. "Now, you'll tell us what's going on here!" Seeing the expression on her face, she was being serious. "Now, Erza please calm…" She turned her to Jellal but back off as well. Erza turned her attention back at Natsu. Natsu was shaking. "Okay! Okay! Okay! I'll talk." Erza put her sword away.

Natsu sighed. "The truth is…Lucy and I are… a couple." "What?" said Gray. "Lucy and I are dating." He yelled. "There I said it. Are you happy now?" Everyone remained quiet until they all started to laugh. "Laugh all you want but the truth is I love her and I would do anything for her." Gray put his arm around Natsu 's shoulder. He stopped laughing "Man, fire-breath. You really are slow." said Gray. "Huh?" "Don't you see, Natsu?" said Jellal. "We already knew the two of you were dating long time." "And no, Happy didn't tell us. It happened out of extinct." said Juvia.

"We already saw how you were very intimate with her after missions. Even the rest of the guild notices it." Juvia resumed. "But the truths, we're all happy for the both of you." Natsu was surprised by his reaction from his comrades. "Really?" They all nodded in response. Someone was tugging on Natsu's pants. He turned around and saw a little girl with a teddy bear in her hand. "Excuse me sir." She said. "But, I saw your friend just a while ago." "Lucy!" said Juvia. Natsu kneel down at her level. "Do you know what happened?" he asked.

"A man had a bag over her head she was screaming for help. But nobody answered, and she was dragged away." said the little girl. "Dragged away?" Then, Natsu remembered the guy he saw earlier this afternoon. "Do you know where he went?" he asked. The girl points the direction where Sanyo took Lucy. He thanked the girl. "Thank you so much. Now make sure no headed back home, all right?" the girl nodded. "I take to her parents." said Jellal. "You promise you'll be back." said Erza. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Have I ever lied to you?" And Jellal went on his way.

Natsu got up on his feet. And his expression was serious. "I'm going to kick his that bastard ass when find him." He turned to Gray and Erza. And they already know he was thinking. Gray turned to Juvia. "Juvia, warn Master of it happening and tell him we got it handle." said Gray. Juvia nodded. "Be careful, okay?" Gray winked at her at made her heart skip a beat. Natsu and others ran across the street to find Lucy. They searched until Natsu picked her scent. "Guys, I think I found her." Natsu followed her scent and Gray and Erza were right behind him.

"I'm not going to let you got of my sight again." he thought to himself. "Wait for me, Lucy."

Then somewhere in the back of her mind, she could hear Natsu's voice. She felt really happy that he came to her rescue. Sanyo looked at her. And Lucy expression quickly changed. "What are you looking at?" she said angrily. Natsu and other arrived at the place where Lucy was taken. It was small bar Normally, Erza would think of a plan. But since their nakama was in danger, they decided to barge right in. Inside the bar, there were a couple of bandits that work for Sanyo.

"Mages, huh?" said the first henchman as he pulled out magical sword. "This's going to be easy." Said the second henchmen. All of them were surrounding Natsu, Erza, and Gray. Natsu burned his tux only to be half-naked. Flames came through his arms. He was more dangerous that way. "Give Lucy back to me…NOW!"

Sanyo was still looking at Lucy when he heard noises coming from outside. "Looks like your comrades are here." he said. "Now the question is this, how long will last against my men?" He was grinning. Lucy was still looking at him angrily. "Don't get too cocky." she said. "Natsu and other are toughest friends that I ever been with. Sooner or rather right now, they going to make you pay for that you did" Now, she was the one grinning. Sanyo had a disgusted look on his face. Then, he slapped Lucy in the face hard and then she was on the floor.

Lucy suddenly felt something. She looked up and saw Sanyo was on top of her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she said. "That pink headed mage loves to touch you everywhere, right?" Sanyo was touching her jaw lines. Then, he started to kiss her neck. Lucy was terrified. Her body was shaking. Tears were coming down from her face. Normally, if she was with Natsu then it is no problem. But, this was different and scary. Suddenly, Lucy saw Sanyo started to take off his pants. Lucy yelled. "LIKE HELL IF YOU GOING TO HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME." Sanyo pushed Lucy's headed on the floor. "Shut up. Seeing you like this gets something inside of me. I would be surprised if your friends walking in on us. Sanyo started to go for her neck again. Lucy was crying. "This man… disgusts… me." she thought.

Then, a bang came from the door. "Lucy!" Natsu yelled. He saw his comrade being stripped down by the man he saw. "N-Natsu?" she said. He was shocked Lucy was almost going to be raped. His shock suddenly turned to anger. Sanyo got up and fix his pants. "You're here already?" he said. "My thugs are useless." He continued. "I was hoping they would hold you back a little bit more." Natsu summoned his flames from his left and ran toward him.

"Too bad, I just about to…" Before he could say another word, Natsu punched him in the face really hard knocking him out cold. Gray and Erza arrived in time and saw Lucy on the floor. "Lucy, are you all right?" said Erza. Lucy got up and quickly dressed herself. "I'm fine. Thanks." Two of the henchmen came through the door. "No, boss." said the first henchmen. "Bastard, how dare you…" Natsu turned around. He face was scary. His eyes were glaring at the two of them. "So, you want to die?" he asked. "Well?" Two of the henchmen suddenly ran off leaving their leader behind.

Lucy was in shocked by the way he was acting so strangely. "Natsu." she said quietly. Natsu turned his attention to Sanyo who was still knocked out. He started to kick the man viciously. He was taking out his whole anger on him. "Natsu!" said Gray. But, Natsu didn't stop. "Hey, Natsu please…" said Erza. However, he continued to kick Sanyo. Lucy saw enough. She grab Natsu's arm. "Natsu. That's enough." she said. "But, he tried to… to…" Natsu was still angry. "I'm fine, Natsu." She gripped his arm tightly. "Look, let's go home, okay?" Natsu finally started to calm down.

Later on, Natsu and Lucy were inside Lucy's house. Authorities have arrested Sanyo and his henchmen. And they were told to stay inside for the night. Natsu didn't say word after what he just saw. Lucy was really worried. She sat down beside him. "Well, I guess we can do our date in here." she said. She looked at the moon. "It beautiful out tonight, is in it?" But, Natsu still didn't answer her. "Look, Natsu sorry about what happened. I tried to fight back really. But… it… just…" Natsu quickly hugs her tightly.

"Natsu?" she said. "I'm sorry. Lucy." He said. "I guess I got little carried away when I saw you with Sanyo." Lucy thought to herself. "Was Natsu actually jealous?" Of course, seeing how he almost killed Sanyo. I think he has the right to be jealous. "It all right" she said. "Things happened for many reasons." "Still, I want to show you that you are mine." Natsu quickly took off his scarf and put it around Lucy's neck. "No, Natsu" she took off the scarf. "Igneel gave this to you. Keep it. It means a lot to you." said Lucy.

"Besides, you and my comrades are only thing that keeps me going every day." She reached in gave him a kiss on the check. That made him blush. "Lucy." She was smiling happily. Then, Lucy saw him starting to strip. "What are you doing?!" she asked. "What does it look like? Didn't I tell you have a surprise in store you." he said. Lucy closed her eyes. "Open your eyes." she opened them and saw a tattoo on Natsu's back. "I heart Lucy" she said. "Well, I want to surprise you by doing this." Natsu was getting all nervous. "What do you think? Do you like it?" She giggled. "Of course I do." Natsu smiled.

He started to take off his boxers. "Natsu!" Lucy was covering her eyes and was blushing. "Put your boxers back on. I don't want to see your ass." Natsu looked at her. "Well, what about my ass?" He smirked after seeing her blush. "You want to touch it?" He started to grab it. "You want to spank it?" He got really close to Lucy. He grabbed her arm and made her feel it. "You want my ass don't you?" He started to shiver and Lucy was still covering eyes. However, she opened one eye and saw everything. She quickly closes them. "He's really enjoying this." she thought.

Then, Natsu grabbed her and put her on the bed. He was on top of her. Both of them were blushing. "Lucy" he said. "Natsu" she said. Two of them kiss each passionately. It started off slow and rough and fast. Natsu took off Lucy's clothes as two of them start to have sex.

They were both naked. Lucy was blushing all over her face. Natsu couldn't help but kiss all of her soft spots. "Natsu, w-what are you...?" He looked to her. "That Sanyo guy touch you, right? So,I'm to inspect all of your body to make sure he does touch you." He goes right for her ear and he licks it with her tongue. "Wa-Wait" She was moaning. Natsu made his way down to Lucy's belly button and start to lick it. "Do-Don't teast me like that" she said.

"Who's teasting?"he said. Now her face was bright red. "Lucy, check this trick that Gray showed me." He started to bounce his pecs. "Damn it." she thought. "Now, I really want him." Natsu tipped her cheek. "Lucy, I won't let any man put his on you again." He put his two fingers inside his mouth, took it out and put them inside her. Lucy was trying to squirm around. "Wow. She's getting wet." he thought. "Natsu." He looked up at her. She was little out of breath. "Please..." she was making that cute sad face that really turns him on.

Without question he intersted his cock inside of her. She cover her mouth not scream from the pain. But, Natsu sealed it with a passionate kiss. He slowly started to thrust in and out of her. She was moaning. "Natsu, I'm really glad that I met you." "Lucy" he groaned. The thursts now became hard and fast. Both of them enjoying each others moaning. "Natsu...I think I'm gonna..gonna..." he intrupted her. "Yeah, me too. Let us come together." Harder and Harder he thrust. Lucy was grabbed Natsu's back with her fingers. "Mmm...Mmm...Mmm..." said Natsu as was inside of her.

Finally, he let out a moan as did Lucy. His cum was all over her body. Lucy was totally out of breath and was lying on bed. Natsu fall on top of her. "I got to say you might be a human when it comes to fighting. But you're monster when it comes to the bedroom. My bedroom" said Lucy. "Lucy" said Natsu. He kissed her again and two of them went to sleep.

The next day, Lucy and Natsu were off to do a job when they saw Gray and Erza were really hurt. "Are you two all right?" Gray was stretching his back. "My back was so sore from last night." said Gray. "Mine as well." said Erza. Natsu turned to Lucy. "Before you say anything...I…" Lucy interrupted him. "I know, Natsu. Erza told about it. And it fine that they know." Natsu sighed that she already knew. "Well, we did it last night, and we feel fine." "YOU LIE!" said Gray.

They were all walking to the guild. When, Natsu saw a mysterious hoodie stranger cross him. He looked at him as the man continued to walk. "Natsu, come on. Hurry up." Lucy yelled. "I'm coming. I'm coming." He said as he ran.

The hoodie man looked at him. "I pray that you'll be all right after this because your destiny is about to make it entrance, Natsu. My son."

The End.

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