Part 3! Yay! Just a short little prologue, but whatever. The following chapters will be nice and long.

Eponine's Tale Part 3:

Beyond the Barricade


Eponine was dying. Dying in Marius' arms, and she knew it. But it didn't hurt, not at all. She couldn't feel a thing, save for his arms around her. She couldn't even feel the rain.

But then Marius was gone, and she was alone. Alone in her old room in the place she had fled from the night before, alone with Montparnasse. His knife was out, and he was advancing towards her menacingly, only to be replaced by Enjolras.

She stiffened in surprise at his appearance, and was shocked to find that she felt more at ease around him than ever.

"Eponine," he said softly, right before she felt as though someone was shaking her. "Eponine."

She opened her eyes and groaned.

"Eponine, come on, you need to wake up."

Enjolras. Again.

"Go away!" she groaned, rolling over and attempting to bury her face in the pillow, wincing slightly at the pain in her shoulder, with hadn't quite recovered from being shot yet. It had been nearly a week since the events of the barricade; nearly a week of dealing with Enjolras every single day. She couldn't wait to leave.

"Eponine, just get up."

"I hate mornings! Just let me sleep!" She'd rarely had a decent night's sleep when she had lived with her parents at their inn or on the streets, and now that she had a chance at last, Enjolras seemed determined to always ruin it by waking her up at the same time every morning.

She heard him sigh. "For the love of God, Eponine, just get up already! We go through this every morning, and with the same result. So you may as well just deal with it."

She briefly contemplated getting up just so she could smack him. And he wasn't the only member of Les Amis de l'ABC she wanted to hit. Joly, who was like a brother to her, for making her stay with Enjolras after the barricades fell, and Marius, since it was entirely his fault she was in the entire situation to begin with.

She sighed in exasperation. He was right, and she knew it, and hated it. "Fine," she snarled.

The sooner I'm out of here and back on the streets where I belong, the better!