As the helicopter landed the helicarrier, now floating in the ocean, Steve and Bruce went their separate ways, back to their previous lives. However, they didn't plan to go far, in case something else happened. Andrea gave them each a goodbye hug, not sure when she was going to be able see to see them again. The Doctor waved them off as Natasha and Clint came down. Being agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., they were still needed. Nick came out and walked up to Andrea. She flinched, knowing she was in a heap of trouble.

"Andrea Miranda Fury! Where the hell have you been?!" he demanded, standing in front of her. She ducked her head.

"Helping out," she whispered vaguely. Nick rubbed his forehead and grunted.

"God, Andrea. At least you're safe now," he grumbled, turning to the Doctor. The Time Lord smiled as the Director stared at him. "You let her go?"

"Of course I did. Did you really think I could stop here? She's got her memories back at least. Loki fed her the tesseract energy," the Doctor answered as Nick looked away from him.

"Why did he do that?" Nick hissed as Andrea slipped away to talk to Natasha before she went inside. She wanted to say her goodbyes to her before she ran off through the universe.

"Loki wanted her on his side. He fused the tesseract energy into her, probably when he escaped. The engines were a diversion. He wanted Andrea to join him. He probably got to her when he first met her. The tesseract can enhance emotions. That's why he assaulted Phil. That would cause her to be crazy angry, as she was. The memory loss was just a blessing. I don't think he knew about it, which led to his downfall. If he had known, he might have been able to get her on his side. When Loki saw her on the plane, he came up with the brilliant plan," the Doctor continued, slightly lying about Loki's knowledge, as Nick glared at him.

"So we're lucky that things turned out as they did?" the Director whispered, glancing at Andrea.

"Yep, exactly. Either way, we should be glad that the tesseract drained from her when it did. She was about ready to kill Loki when I got there. However, I was able to extract the influence, giving back her memories," the Doctor replied as the Director turned to him.

"Thank you, Doctor," he mumbled, surprised at him.

"You have an extraordinary daughter, Fury. She was able to turn away when most wouldn't have," the Doctor whispered, remembering when he found her. She didn't fight him when he extracted the energy, telling him that something from the normal Andrea was still present that wanted the energy out. Nick nodded and hinted at a smile.

"Yes, I do," he answered as Willow ran out to Andrea.

"I would like to take her traveling with me, Director. She's expressed a desire to explore the universe and-" the Doctor started, avoiding Nick's eyes.

"You want to take my daughter away?" he demanded, crossing his arms. The Doctor stuttered for a moment, trying to form an argument.

"Well, it's a time and space machine, so she wouldn't be really gone from your perspective-"

"Doctor, she can go."

"We'll be only a few minutes and-," the Doctor argued, making Nick smile for the first time in weeks. "Wait, what?"

"She's not human, Doctor. I think she should be able to experience what she was meant to. Asgard has access to space travel. Earth does not. She can't stay here forever, either. She's going to outlive most of the people, except Willow. I think she needs this, Doctor. And I trust you. Only God knows why, but I do. Just bring her home safe," Nick conditioned, crossing his arms. The Doctor smiled and nodded.

"Of course, Director. I'd hate to be victim to your anger if I didn't. She'll be my first priority," the Doctor promised, saluting Nick.

"Good. I like that answer," he replied as the Doctor nodded uncomfortably. "Where do you plan on taking Andrea in the first place?"

"She wants to visit Odin to see why she was abandoned then sent down here. She thought she wanted the answers from Loki, but later realized that he didn't have them all. Only Odin does. However, I had to convince her not to go back in time. I didn't want to tear a hole in the space time continuum," the Doctor fibbed, having other reasons to keep Andrea away from her past. Nick pursed his lips and shrugged.

"Are you taking Willow with you?"

"If she wants to come, she can. It's completely up to her," the Doctor answered, remaining neutral.

"I think it would be good for her, too. Of course, I won't make her go. She's still has a place here, as does Andrea," Nick whispered, hating the idea of having both of his daughters gone. Andrea grabbed Willow's hand and brought her over, making the Doctor smile.

"Hello, Doctor," Willow greeted, reaching out her hand, which he shook heartedly..

"'Ello," he answered happily, glad to speak to her again.

"Andrea has told me about your offer to see the universe. I'm going to have to decline, though. I'm still needed here, Doctor. I'm still a nurse," Willow smiled as the Doctor nodded.

"I understand," he replied as Willow hugged her sister. Andrea grimaced, hoping that Willow would have come with her. "The offer is always there, though. Whenever you want, you can come with us."

"Thank you, Doctor. I appreciate that," she answered, kissing his cheek. As he blushed, she whispered in his ear. "If you don't bring Andrea back safe, there will be hell to pay."

"Yes ma'am," the Doctor murmured, trying to smile. Willow nodded before going back inside with Natasha and Clint. Nick stared at Andrea, making her uneasy. His glare was nothing to be trifled with.

"Has the Doctor talked to you yet?" she whispered, hoping that he would let her go. He sighed and looked across the horizon, looking rather heroic. Andrea smiled, knowing he always did that when he was in a good mood.

"Yes, he has. You can go, but you have to behave and be safe. You are representing the planet Earth now. Not just yourself," Nick informed as Andrea gave him a huge hug. He stumbled back, never getting that from of affection before, but held her tightly. His heart hurt to let one of his girls go.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" Andrea cheered as she let go of her foster father. He grunted, trying to preserve his image. "I will make you proud. I promise!"

"Good to hear," he answered gruffly before he shook the Doctor's hand and walked away. Andrea stood next to the Doctor and watched Nick disappear inside. She looked up at the Time Lord, biting her lip.

"Shall we go, then?" she mumbled, smiling.

"We shall," he replied, motioning to the doors. Andrea stifled a squeal before she dashed inside to the TARDIS. The Doctor smiled and ran after her, weaving in and out of the hallways. She couldn't wait to see the universe and didn't want to waste one moment.

The TARDIS waited where she landed, expressing her excitement about Andrea coming along. She missed the Ponds, nearly as much as the Doctor did, but she knew that he needed to move on. Bad things always happened when the Doctor traveled alone. He was dangerous when he was all by himself, and he needed someone to stop him once in awhile. Besides, with Andrea, the TARDIS could communicate with her Doctor again.

The Doctor and Andrea stopped at the TARDIS door as he snapped his fingers as it opened. Andrea smiled with excitement before she leaped inside, ecstatic. The Doctor followed her in and closed the doors. She spun around as the TARDIS's thoughts filled her own head.

"Oh, she's so excited to have me here," Andrea whispered as the Doctor leaned against the console, looking impressive. "Thank you for this opportunity, Doctor."

"Of course. My pleasure," he grinned, crossing his feet as she looked around again. She still couldn't figure out how it was bigger on the inside.

"So this actually moves through time and space?" Andrea whispered, eying him.

"Would I really lie to you?" he replied, slightly offended. She shook her head, biting her tongue as she touched the console. The TARDIS whispered into her mind as she recoiled her reach. She dashed away from it as the TARDIS told her how to fly her. Andrea didn't want to try something so difficult and complex just yet. Maybe later, but not now.

"So we're off to Asgard first?" Andrea called out as the Doctor checked the monitors, making sure that there was no threats to earth before he left.

"Unless there's another place you'd rather see first?" he replied, a goofy grin on his face as he saw that the earth was perfectly safe for now..

"Hmm, I don't think so. Is there a place you would rather go?" Andrea questioned, climbing the staircase to see where they went. The Doctor thought a moment and shook his head.

"Not really," he informed, staring off into space, thinking about all the things he had seen in his life. Andrea came back down, finding that the TARDIS was even bigger than she could have ever imagined. She ran back downstairs to where the Doctor was waiting. "Are you ready to see the entirety of space and time?"

"Of course!" Andrea shouted, bouncing on her toes. He reminded her to hold on as he pressed a few buttons. She grabbed the console tightly as he smiled broadly.

"Then off we go!" The Doctor threw down the lever as the machine dematerialized from the helicarrier. Nick watched the mysterious blue box vanish in front of him, wondering if he had made the right choice.