The final strike

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Ralph woke up to a loud crash in his living room. He didn't expect anyone besides Vanellope or Felix, especially at 3 in the morning. Ralph went to his living room and saw a few glowing red eyes, he turned on his lights and saw a few terminators. Ralph wrecked them and rushed outside when suddenly a harvester grabbed him and put him on the transport

"Hey Ralph" said Felix

Ralph turned around and saw Felix, the nicelanders, Calhoun, and some of the space marines

"Felix, what's going on?" asked Ralph

"We don't know, we were just sleeping when we all woke up to be captured by these things, we fought them as best as we could but there were too many of them" said Calhoun

"I hope they're not trying to take over" said Ralph

Over in sugar rush, Vanellope is slowly getting over her fear of terminators. She was finally getting some sleep when she heard screaming. She went over to her window and shouted "Hey everyone who's screaming, shut up, I'm trying to get some sleep"

Vanellope went back to her bed and fell asleep. She woke up a couple minutes when she heard her door open. It was dark and all she could see were a dozen glowing red eyes. She turned on her light and saw t-600s everywhere

"So you came back for revenge. Well you have another thing coming" said Vanellope

Vanellope rushed under her bed and took out her gun. She began firing at as many terminators as she could when the harvester grabbed her and loaded her on the transport

"Hey let me out of here" shouted Vanellope

She began to shoot the sides of the transport, but her bullets didn't do anything

"Forget it kid, those walls are tough, even for me" said a familiar voice

She turned around and saw Ralph

"Ralph" said Vanellope as she ran up to him to give him a hug

"Hey kid, I see they got you too" said Ralph

"What's going on?" asked Vanellope

"We don't know" said Ralph

"I do" said a civilian from terminator salvation

"What's going on?" asked Vanellope

"They're taking us back to Skynet for experiments, lucky for me I'll regenerate, but you won't" said the civilian

Vanellope started to get scared

"It's okay kid, we'll be alright, I hope" said Ralph

"You don't get it man, you just don't get it. They're going to kill us, they're going to kill all of us. We're in the cattle car, on the way to the slaughter house. They're going to rip us limb from limb for our skin" said the civilian

Vanellope broke down into tears, she didn't like what was going to happen. Ralph walked up to the civilian and punched him

"Ow, why did you do that?" asked the civilian

"That's for making her cry" said Ralph