Ch. 5

John, Ralph, and Vanellope were running for their lives. They made into a factory where the 800s were being built

"What is this place?" asked Ralph

"T-800s" said John "They're the reason you're both here"

"These look more menacing than those 600s" said Vanellope

The 3 began to wander through the factory for a way out. Vanellope stumbled upon a table with fuel cells on it. She reached for one when john stopped her

"Careful kid, don't touch those" said John

"What are these?" asked Vanellope

"Fuel cells, life source for the t-800, nuclear, enough to level this whole place" said John

They heard an elevator coming down from across the room

"That 800 that attacked me is back" said John

"We got you" said Ralph

Vanellope grabbed a plasma gun off the table and aimed it at the elevator. The elevator stopped but nothing came out of it. The 800 charged behind them and threw john into a wall.

"Get to the elevator" said John

They got on the elevator when John looked back at the fuel cells and ran out

"What are you doing?" asked Vanellope

"I have to end this, I have to destroy the research" said John

"No we're not gonna leave you" said Ralph

"I'll be fine, just go" shouted John

(Outside the base)

The resistance was landing helicopters to evacuate the prisoners

"Is anybody still inside?" asked Barnes

"John Connor's still in there" said Vanellope

"What? Come with me" said Barnes

(In the factory)

John was adding explosives for the fuel cells to detonate but the 800 was constantly keeping him from finishing.

Vanellope came out of the elevator with Barnes and Ralph. She shot the 800 with the plasma gun when it started to come towards her. With the help of Barnes she was able to destroy the machine

"John are you alright?" asked Barnes

"Yeah now lets go, I have these fuel cells rigged to explode" said John

The 4 made it back onto the surface where 1 last helicopter was ready to take off. They got on and the copter took off

"Alright now time to end this, where did I out that detonator" said John

"Is this it?" asked Vanellope holding a black remote "I found it on the elevator"

John took the remote, took the safety off, and pushed the button

For one final time Vanellope saw as Skynet was destroyed in a nuclear explosion, all of the research and 800s were destroyed in a fiery explosion

(Some time later)

"Are you sure this thing will work?" asked Vanellope

"I'm sure kid, with this firewall here the terminators won't be able to leave the game" said John as he finished setting up some kind of device "There it's done, and to make sure it works, we'll test it on an aerostat"

Vanellope activated an aerostat and it flew towards the train, but it was stopped by an invisible shield

"It works, but just to be safe" said Vanellope as she took her plasma gun and shot the machine

"Thanks for doing this John" said Ralph

"No problem" said John

Time passed since the incident at Skynet and everyone was resuming their former lives. Everything was fine, Vanellope even got over her fear of terminators. The arcade was safe, until one day Mr. Litwak plugged aliens extermination into the arcade, but that's another story

The End

This concludes the wreck it ralph terminator saga. Thanks to all my loyal readers who read this from beginning to end.