A/N: Ginger Cordova is an original character and I can post her bio if anyone's interested. This story is set in an alternate 503 AF where some of the paradoxes have been solved, yet a few of the very impactful ones at the end of XIII-2 haven't been fixed, which results in most characters not showing up. I have a sequel in the works but right now I'm having issues motivating myself to work on it (lots of content, no idea where to start).

Any comments or reviews are very welcome. Positive feedback is what gives authors like myself the confidence to post their work, and I need all the confidence I can get. Thank you.

Ginger Cordova: Dawn of a New Day

Sunrise is a beautiful sight to behold. It's a gift to us from the natural world, free and wondrous. As I lay here on the hill, the touch of cool, dewy-bladed grass brushing against my bare arms, my thoughts wander to the sky above. Hanging in the air to the south is Bhunivelze, a cold dark sphere against the soft morning light.

Millions of people live up on that thing. A floating steel-grey orb full of cities and tall buildings and advanced technology; things you would never see here down on Gran Pulse. I wonder if the people there can even see the sunrise. Do they wake up and look out of their windows, marvelling at the myriad of golds and reds and oranges splaying across the sky, heralding the arrival of a new day? Do they even care there's a whole other world beyond that lifeless metal shell they reside on?

I'll admit, life on Gran Pulse doesn't change a great deal. There are days I am bored rigid and just waiting for things to happen. Adding some variation are the traders from other provinces in their colourful caravans and the tourists from Bhunivelze itself. They visit for our guided tours of the Illu-Aana Steppe and wild, somewhat dangerous forays into giant oretoise country. All on the back of a chocobo, with my three sturdy heavily-armed brothers along to ensure their safety.

Alas, just as the sunrise is fading into daylight, so too does my morning respite dissipate into nothingness. I hear someone calling my name and it's off to work I go.