Legacy of the hero

Summary-(original series taking place years after yugioh gx. Original characters and original cards will be used and cards from other generations like 5d's and zexal( my fic, my rules)) Shane yume, a 3rd year of Japan's central duel academy gets a one-in-a-lifetime chance, to attend a national dueling tournament! Join his adventures stranded in America with new friends and a rivaling duelist

Format: (I'm pointing things out) "thoughts are dialogue but italic"

Disclaimer- I don't own yugioh, yugioh gx, yugioh 5d's and yugioh zexal, I only own the story and characters

Chapter 1- I'm stuck where!?

(Shane's point of view for this chapter)

"Well, today's the day…"I mused to myself, still in my black and blue obelisk blue uniform (think of a tracksuit from any anime, but with the color description). I was in front of the place where my future career as a duelist on the pro leagues "…no, don't think about him, but I'm gonna make him proud ..." "well dad, I'm off with the pros now, just like you wanted me to…" I said, looking at the rising sun. Well, until I saw the sign. "Due to heavy rain, the international tournament is cancelled. Participants are to enter next year" I read, wide-eyed and open-jawed (think of how naruto characters react when they're shocked in funny moments). "Wonderful... now I'm stuck in another country" I deadpanned.

"Wait! I'll call the American academy to see if I can crash there until things are arranged for me to return to Japan!" I started dialing numbers on my phone at lightning speed "hello? This is the American duel academy, how may I help you?" I heard a female voice over the phone.

"Hello, this is Shane yume, the student from the central academy." I said with the calm voice I usually have, which on the inside seemed to be the wrong voice for the situation. "My trip to the tournament had ended in failure so may I stay at the American academy until my arrangements are set up?" I asked

"Why yes , I'll set up arrangements with the headmaster right away" the voice said.