Hi guys! Thanks to your review Higuchimon! Well Shane at this point is like zane/ryo during the beginning of the 2nd gx season and he literally JUST started (well, would've started) his time in the pros so he didn't get a sponsor yet (remember zane/ryo HAD those). And I meant that the rain happened like a while ago (just made this story, but thanks for feedback)

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Chapter 2- new life in a new country

(Still Shane's point of view)

"Well , I can understand your predicament and will gladly let you transfer until a return flight to Japan arrives" the American academy headmaster stated. "We'll move all you're belongings into an open obelisk dorm as soon as possible. And just to let you know the dorm promotion exam is about to start and since you're now a transfer here you must participate, so please be prepared with your deck and duel disk"

"Yes sir" I said waiting to see if all those rumors about the American academy dorms are true.

-About half an hour later-

"Attention, all academy students please report to the entrance hall, I repeat, all academy students please report to the entrance hall" a female attendant said over the loudspeaker

"Game time…"I said to myself "now to find where the entrance hall is…"I deadpanned.

-One wandering through the halls later-

I saw everyone looking at me funny. Well I should've thought about that possibility.

"You're the transfer student?" I heard a kid with glasses in an obelisk blazer say with a hint of venom from his voice

"Yeah, so?" I said putting on an air of cockiness

"You don't look like much from a student who was going to make it to the pros" glasses said, still with the aura of superiority.

"That so?" I challenged raising my blue and silver academy disk "then why don't we duel?"

Glasses sneered. "I accept your challenge!" he said, taking out his disk.

"Game on!" we both shouted.