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*From Jinx's P.O.V*

I was sitting on my bed doing what I usually do, draw. No, I wasn't drawing unicorns. That was a one time 'I was super bored' thing. I stretched out my arms and fingers which were numb from all the drawing I was doing. Or maybe it was the cleaning. It took me two weeks to clean up the damage that a certain red head had caused. But I wont even think about...

" So I see we've moved out of the unicorn phase and on to more mature things like fairies, haven't we Jinxie?"

How ironic. I jinxed it. Well that's just great. For one of us...

"Please tell me that somehow you're just a hallucination and this is a cruel trick my mind is playing on me."

Yes. Against all odds I manage to hold on to the string of hope I have left that this brightly colored, spandex wearing hero before me, might possibly be a hallucination.

"Brought ya' something." He said as he held out a freshly cut red rose, so close to my face I could smell it. I guess roses aren't really a problem when you can actually get takeout from China, or run over to Canada when you want some fancy bacon.

I looked at the rose, my tablet, and then back to the rose, which was even closer to my face than before.

Why does he enjoy tormenting me?

" Sadly, I have lost all hope that you're a hallucination." I say as I snatch the rose from his hand.

I don't want the rose. I just wanted to get it out of my face. Yeah, that's the excuse I'll use when sometime next week he brings up how I 'couldn't wait to get my hands on the rose'.

How do I know he'll bring it up? Because he's Kid Flash and he gets a kick out of annoying me.

Apparently my last comment has him grinning for some strange reason.

" What! Since when do hallucinations come this handsome?"

Should've known he'll bring up the beauty he swears he possesses.

"Hallucinations also aren't this annoying!"

"Ouch, now that hurt." He held up his hand to his heart and got that face a baby gets when you take its candy. Sadly, I know that face. Those were my rookie years...

"Great, knowing that hurt you I feel a little better."

"Well as long as it made you happy..."

Oh there he goes. He is doing again. Why does he have to act so...so..caring?

It makes me sick sometimes, and this is definitely one of those times.

"Stop that!" I yell. Have you ever noticed that when you say 'Stop That!' the person you're talking to never really stops what they're doing?

"Stop what?" He says, his big blue eyes staring straight into mine. Now he's playing the innocent card. Two can play that game.

"Stop acting so nice! It's...it's...disgusting!"

Nice. The word makes my stomach ache.

He took this as an invitation.

"Well how am I supposed to ask, hmm?" He asked in his most seductive voice.

You know how I said two could play this game? Apparently he's no stranger to this game.

"I don't care how how you act! You can act the way you want to act as long as you act the way you're going to act as far away as you can act from me!"

Could I have made it more obvious that I'm a new player in this game? Probably not.

"I'm not acting. I have to be nice to you after you were so nice to me. It's my duty as a hero to repay you."

He doesn't even have to say it. I know he's talking about freeing him from Madame Rouge. Maybe it's not to late to knock him out and give him to the B.O.E. Where's a wet floor sign when you need one...

" I was getting her back because of something she did to me, not trying to save the love of my life or anything." I quickly retorted back, not realizing the horrors of what I had just said.

His eyes grew big and wide. I guess he was just as surprised at what I said I was.


Great. Just Great. I broke him.

"Wha..wha...wait, what?"

Guess I'll have to phone my local speedster repair man.

I guessed after what seemed like five minutes of mindless babbling he came to his . I crack myself up, Kid Flash and senses in the same sentence.

.Gosh. He's actually smiling again. Why on Earth must he always be smiling. Maybe it's some kind of disorder or something.

As I see the grin on his face growing bigger by the second, I realize that he will never let me what I said down.

Yep. Its official Kid Flash is here to make my life horrible. I know I'm a villain and every thing, but do I deserve this ? I wouldn't wish him upon my worst of enemies.

" Jinxie has a crush on me, Jinxie has a crush on me!"
"What!I so do not have a crush on you!" Not my smartest comeback, just the first thing I could think of with him throwing around false accusations like that.

"You know what Jinx I can't say I blame you..."

"No! Do not start about how irresistible you think you are!"

" Well, I wasn't going to but seeing how you started..."

He's closer to me now and having such a good time laughing at how uncomfortable I am, he didn't even see my hex coming until it knocked him into the wall.

"Sheesh, can you give a guy a break?"

" No, but I can give a certain guy a broken neck!"

For some reason he finds this funny.

I find it cute.'Why?', is because he actually thinks I was joking about the broken neck thing.

He's just standing over there reiterating the same horrible phrase over and over again,'Jinxie has a crush on me'.

Does he know calling me 'Jinxie' is suicide?

And the fact that he thinks I have a crush on him might just earn him another spot on my hit list.

Yes, I do have a hit list, and yes he is already on it.

" Shut up!" I scream as I shoot a hex at him which he quickly dodges and it hits my mirror which shatters into pieces.

"Jinx haven't you got enough of destroying your own property?"

"I was aiming for you Kid Brat!" This time instead of shooting a hex I throw what looks like a pillow . Apparently he didn't even try to dodge an attack from a pillow, I mean its a pillow for evil's sake. So he doesn't expect when it hits his head with a loud thump.

"What do you keep in your pillow, bricks?" He says, still rubbing his head.

"Sadly, I didn't have any bricks so I had to make due with some books."

I can't help grinning as he shakes the pillowcase, revealing it to have contained five hardback books.

Even though that might have been the highlight of my evening, enough is enough.

"Now will you please leave? I don't have time to babysit today!"

"What ya' doin', thinking of all the great things you're gonna do when you join the good side. Like give candy to babies, Help old ladies cross the street, and try not to hand the love of your life over to Lady who's new goal in life is to kill anything in red and yellow."

"Okay first of all, you make it sound like joining the good side is joining the girls scouts. Second, Stop talking about the Madame Rouge thing!"

Why does he always have to talk about it?

He's here(unfortunately), and she is out there somewhere doing who know's what.

You would think that after letting him free and disrespecting her, that she would hate me, right? Well that's so not how it is. It seems like every since he got away she has hated him more than anyone. But do I care? Of course not.

"Please go-"

Before I can even finish asking him to leave, which I'm happy I didn't since that would ruin my reputation, his communicator goes off, practically jumping out of his hand.

He puts on an embarrassed face, which makes him look kind of cute if you think about it, but I so wasn't thinking about it. He opened his communicator and his face turned pale. He closed his communicator and gave a slight grin that anyone could tell was not real.

"Well Jinx, duty calls. You know how it is being a hero and all, I have to go when there's trouble. See ya later."

And in a flash of yellow and red, he was gone.

I wondered what had made him so worried, but I guess I shouldn't care.

Yes, I admit I do care, I don't care like that, but like...well you know.

And he's a titan right? I'm sure he can handle himself.

I need to be worrying about my broken mirror, but I still question what made him so worried and why on earth do I care? One thing is sure though, he started this and I'm going to finish it. The game is on.

Yay, I'm finished with my first chapter. Yes this is only the beginning. I won't make a whole series just maybe another one or two chapters. Please tell me everything wrong with it and if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them because my best friend keeps trying to either A: Pair herself with Kid Flash or B: Get me to put Cyborg in a Flinx story so that KF would be jealous. So please, do give me ideas and please forgive my mistakes; I'm young so there is still hope for my grammar.

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