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I'm trying to get myself to wake up, thinking that this was all just some horrible nightmare. I

stand here, with my mouth wide open trying to comprehend everything that has happened in the last three seconds.

After one look at Rouge, the giant hole in my wall, and the babbling idiot next to me who I think is Kid Flash, I come to a conclusion: A lot can happen in three seconds.

While Rouge takes the time to smile at her surprise attack I grab Kid Flash and run downstairs.

Of course. Of all the rooms I chose to barricade us in, I just had to choose mine.

"Umm Jinx, is it just me or did the lady who hates my guts just burst through your wall?"

He's calmed down a lot since when he first saw Rouge, which I realize is great since it's my turn to freak out.

"We are dead. So dead. Undeniably dead." I say quietly to myself

as I tug at my hair.

"Jinx, calm down." He says, trying to comfort me. He's talking in a whisper, which I guess is appropriate, due to our current situation.

"No Kid Flash! I will not calm down. And do you want to know why? Because this is all your fault!"

"What! How is this my fault?!"

Apparently we both have ignored the fact that a level ninety villainess is hunting for our blood, because we've gone from a series of whispers to full on yelling.

"Oh don't play the dumb card with me! As a matter of fact don't play the smart card, the innocent card, the flirtatious card, or even a wild card! This all started because of you and your stupid game!"

"What are you...Jinx do you think this is a card game?"

Did he not just hear my lecture on cards? Now he's playing the innocent and the dumb card.

Oh he is good.

His mouth starts to open, as if he's going to say something, but instead it closes, so I continue.

"No. I don't know what kind of game this is. I tried to figure it out but it's so... confusing.

And just when I try to make up a game plan Rouge bursts in out of no where...strike that. She bursts in through my wall, and takes over the game!"

I'm acting out of character, but I don't care. I'm used to being in control, and having the upper hand. But now Rouge is in control of this game, and she holds all the cards.

"Jinx, I'm not the one playing the dumb card. I like you. And I mean I really, really like you.

I wouldn't play games with you. Especially not the card games you've been talking about. And really? A wild card? Is this UNO or something?"

I always thought Kid Flash wa nothing but a flirt, here with you one second, and some cute Canadian/French girl the next. But now that I think about it, he is kind of...sort of...in an annoying way...sweet. But really, roses? Cliché, but still romantic.

I open my mouth to speak but the crumbling sound coming from my ceiling stops me. Me and Kid Flash jump out the way a second before Madame Rouge crashes through the ceiling and lands on her feet, right where me and Kid Flash were standing. Between Madame Rouge and Kid Flash I won't have much of a room left.

Before I can even get into fighting position an outstretched arm knocks me into my bookshelf. Although I quickly recover I find myself alone in my destroyed room, with sounds of combat down the hall.

For a second I just stand confused. Did they just exclude me out of the battle? No. He did.

He purposely led Rouge away from me, for my safety.

He has just played the romantic sacrifice card.

As I run towards the battle I try to guess how many cards he has, because he seems to never run out of them.

When I arrive I see that Kid Flash and Madame Rouge are in heated combat, and as soon as I see them they see me.

A blur of red and yellow knocks Rouge through the next two walls and sweeps me off my feet. Literally.

The next second goes by in a blur, and as soon as we stop outside the Hive Five base, I'm kicking a screaming for him to drop me. Which he does.

And as I stagger to my feet Kid Flash starts talking

"What are you doing? Rouge could kill you! Even though she is really, really really old, she's deadly.

Against all odds Kid Flash still holds onto his belief that Madame Rouge is two years older than dirt.

"First of all, you can't exclude me from a battle that destroyed my room! Second, Rouge could kill you and me both easily...wait that didn't come out right."

Before we can continue the argument about whether or not I could join the fight(which I was going to no matter what he said), Kid Flash screams with pain.

I turn around just in time to see his body illuminated with the familiar glow of a level four containment field. I run over to him, but I'm knocked onto the ground by a familiar pair of stretching fists.

I rise to my feet and dodge another blow from Madame Rouge. I shoot a few hexes at her, all of wich she dodge.

As I shoot another hex that didn't even come close to her, Rouge smiles.

"Well, it seems as if you are losing your aim. I knew you were pathe..." before she could even say 'pathetic' the nearest wall crashes down over her.

A normal person wouldn't have survived that, but since this is Madame Rouge I have a good two minutes before she's up and punching again.

Luckily the level four containment field flew out of her hand.

As I run over to get it, as soon as I touch it, Kid Flash gives out a yelp of pain.

I try to make it implode, but my magic and my hexes are useless, and it only seems to make it more painful for him when I try to turn it off or down.

Every thing I do makes the containment field glow brighter.

I didn't even notice that Rouge had long ago, risen from the rubble and watched me with eager eyes.

"Do you like the modifications I had made to the level four containment field? It is voice activated, and made especially for you. The more you try to turn it off, the more it hurts the Kid Flash."

That's when I knew it. Rouge had won the game. She had played dirty, and changed the rules, but she had won.

I get an idea, and I wonder whether or not I'm doing something that can save us both, or whether I have completely lost my mind.

Most likely the second one.

"Come on old lady! Give me all you've got!"

Yep. I have finally lost it.

"If you insist.." Rouge quickly throws multiple fists at me, most I dodge.

One I catch.

I grab onto Kid Flash, and it takes all my might not to scream as the electricity ripples through my body. But Rouge, who's not used to such pain, falls to her knees after only a few seconds.

She is trying to pull away, but I hold on tight to her arm, and Kid Flash. I'm holding on for dear life, his and mine.

After a few attempts, she realizes that pulling away is futile and she screams the word 'off' to the top of her lungs. Almost immediately the containment field turns off.

In a few moments, me and Kid Flash manage to stagger to our feet, while Rouge lays unconscious on the ground.

"Humph," I scoff " She has the nerve to call us pathetic and she can't handle a few thousand volts of electricity." I say, still wincing from the pain.

"Well Jinx, I think we've learned a very important lesson. Do not use level four containment fields on the elderly." He says. He is still breathing heavily having received the worst of the shock.

Madame Rouge gives a slight moan, signifying that she may be waking up.

I open my mouth but Kid Flash interrupts.

"Don't worry, I've got her. Give me a second, or seven and a half seconds to be exact.

In a flash, he's gone. True to his word, seven and a half seconds later he's standing before me and Rouge is gone.

It happens so quick that even he couldn't have seen it coming. As soon as he stops, before I can even stop myself, I reach over and give him a kiss on the cheek. And then another on the lips.



"Jinx, I think that containment field fried your brain."

"No Kid Flash, that was your prize."

"...for winning the card game?"

He had to ruin the moment. I face palm at his remark.

"No. I think you have finally, after many, many, agonizing, days of futile attempts at flirting, won me over."

" So...it has nothing to do with your imaginary card game?"

"For the last time, no. You know how you said that you liked me? Well I think I kinda...sorta..might..." I trail off as I start blushing.

"It's okay Jinx. I understand. I always knew you couldn't resist me."

"What! I.."

I stop as the door to our base opens. I try to tell Kid Flash to go, but I'm to late since he's already gone.

My teammates walk through the double doors holding armfuls of candy. Of course. Only my team would rob a candy store.

"Hey Jinx we just robbed...What happened to our cruddy house?!" says Gizmo as he drops his hoard of the candy and starts waving his arms in the air.

He has a point. The sofa is broken in half. The super computer has a giant hole in the middle of it. All of our rooms are destroyed. Our base is a complete train reck.

"Well?!" Gizmo says. My whole team is looking at me waiting for an answer.

"...I don't know what you're talking about..."

Kid Flash isn't the only one who can play the dumb card.

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