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I was only sixteen when Dad died. Still a boy, who needed his father. Dad was always an uptight man, stuck in his ways. He himself got that from his dad. On that fateful day, Dad had been driving in down town Arlen, when he saw a gang of five men, spray painting on the wall Arlen sucks. He got out, saying a speech about integrity, and how they should respect the great town. They told him to shut the fuck up. He said he was gonna kick their ass. He was about to , when they pulled out their guns, and shot him five times in the head.

Me and Mom grieved. Mom did not know what to do with herself. Without guidance, I started to fail in school. Soon, I dropped out.

A year later, Bill started coming into the picture. Mom was going a little crazy anyway, and could not handle me and my disobedience. Bill was always there for her. Eventually, we moved in with him, forced to sell our house to pay the overdue bills. Mom and Bill ended up getting married. And what happened to me? When I turned seventeen, Bill enrolled me in the military school. Let me just say that did kinda help me get my act together. I stayed there until I was eighteen. Then I left, since it was only Bill making me stay. I returned home to a new surprise. Mom was pregnant. A few months later and my new baby sister Sarah was born. Bill finally got what he always wanted, a wife and a child to call his own.

Two years passed, and I was twenty. During that year, two things happened. First, the Souphanousinphone's moved away. That kinda made me depressed, that the girl I loved as a young boy moved. Connie had really filled out as she got older. Though, we had grown distant over the years. So.. It didn't hit me that hard.

Then, a month later, something we all seen coming happened. Dale found out about John Redcorn. He and Nancy got a divorce. Dale still lived with Nancy, since he was incapable of living on his own. Joseph stopped talking to Nancy soon after. He moved out, heading to Los Angelas with his real dad. I was left all alone.

Mom ignored me, caring more about Sarah. Apparently I reminded her of Dad. Bill.. Even though him sending me to military school helped me, I never forgave him. He tried to be my family, but, my family was broken.

When I was twenty-five, I lived out In Dallas, Texas. I had met a girl, Mindy, and I really liked her. By then, I had slimmed up mostly and developed muscles. Many girls wanted to be with me. Yes, I fooled around a few times, but once I met her I quit. We found out she was pregnant a month after I proposed. I was thrilled to be a father. I did not inherit my Dad's narrow urethra.

Now, off the topic, remember my cousin Luanne? By now, she had four little children. She and Lucky had gone down hill in the past years. Luanne turned out just like her mother, who she said she never become. Lucky had cancer in the lungs from all those cigarettes he had smoked, but he refused to go to the doctor. They couldn't afford their house, so they lived in a small rundown trailer, all the children sharing a room together, except for the new baby. I visit her once in a while, bringing needed stuff for her, Lucky and the children. I ddon't even try to remember their names. Except for Gracie. Out of all of the children, she seems to be the one who is turning out the best. Though the others? Their greedy mean little brats. If Dad was alive he wouldn't have let Luanne go this far. I kinda think Luanne is once again pregnant. I don't know anymore..

At thirty, me and Mindy fought all the time. The baby had been a still born. She blames me for smoking during her pregnancy. I blame her for drinking. Though, in her eyes I do everything wrong. We haven't had sex in a year. We sleep in separate rooms. All we do is scream. I believe she has been stealing money from me to. I work as a corporate in a toy making business. I begged her to get a job but she is far to lazy. She is definitely not the woman I married. We both have changed so much..

Now I am thirty-two. Me and Mindy are getting a divorced. She moved away. Not only that but she is bringing me to court. I slapped her, causing her to fall down and nearly bust her head open. I lost my job for not coming to often. The depression of it all had gotten to me. Now I am broke. I had to sell the house and move back in with Bill.

Mom died in a horrible car accident last year. She wasn't paying attention, to busy talking to Sarah. Sarah survived though. She is in a coma, and they don't know when she will wake up. She is stable though, so it might be soon, it might be in years. Bill is a downer, always talking about the good times. He took it the hardest. Without Hank, guarding the neighborhood is now a drug place, having become so bad. He had always straightened things out when something happened there.

I am writing this not so you can remember me. I just needed to vent. But if you do read this... I am sorry I let everyone down. My life is a complete failure. By the time you find this, I'll be dead. Luanne, I have left the rest of my savings for you and your family. I just hope this will help you get back on track, and enjoy your life... And Bill.. I'm sorry for not trying to bond. I just couldn't get over you replacing my dad. And Sarah. When you wake up.. I did think of you as a real sister, when you and mom rarely came to see me.

Robert Hill