The TARDIS spun out of control as the Doctor, Amy, and Rory left Raxus 5. The Doctor frantically flipped switches and pulled levers, but nothing helped. The TARDIS had a mind of her own sometimes, making the Doctor irritable.

"What's wrong with her?" Amy called out, holding the console for dear life. Rory glanced between her and the Doctor, hoping for an explanation.

"How should I know? She's acting up again!" He shouted, wanting to kick the console.

"Again? You mean this has happened before?!" Rory shouted over the crashes and bangs. The Doctor glared at him for a split second before trying new buttons and handles. Nothing seemed to work.

After a trifling effort, the TARDIS stopped and dimmed. The Doctor made a worried face. This had happened once before, long ago. He dashed to the door and opened it, shocked by what he saw. Amy and Rory followed him to see where they had landed. They were in the middle of a top secret laboratory.


"Sherlock! You're phone is ringing! Again!" John shouted from his room upstairs. Sherlock sat at the kitchen table, examining a piece of tissue under a microscope.

"Let it to to voicemail!" He called back for the third time.

"It's the same number!" John informed, trying to get his friend interested. Sherlock just grunted in return. John charged down the stairs and picked up the phone. "If you won't answer it, then I will."

"Fine," Sherlock mumbled, too involved with the scope. John sighed as he pressed the call button.

"Hello, Sherlock's phone. This is John," he answered, carrying the phone into the living room. Sherlock glanced up a moment before returning to the tissue. Within seconds, John came running back, holding out the phone.

"Who was it?" Sherlock asked, noticing that John had ended the call.

"You're brother. He said that someone has... appeared in a top secret facility. The culprits are held in the bowels of the building," John paraphrased, throwing the phone onto the table.

"What are the facts?" Sherlock implored, needing some information. John paused and bit his lip.

"No sign of a break in, no let them in. They came out of a janitorial closet."

"Tell the to check the security cameras."

"They did. No one or thing came in or out of the closet for weeks. It's never used according to the custodians. Some witnesses have documented hearing a strange whirring noise as they passed," John continued as Sherlock pushed the microscope away. He looked up at John.

"We're leaving, John. Text Mycroft to get the directions," he directed as he went to grab his coat and scarf. John grabbed the phone and turned toward him.

"But Sherlo-"

"Just do it!" John had never been ordered around like that in a couple of weeks. It shocked him a bit, making him wonder what it meant and who was in the cellar of the building.

Sherlock and John met Lestrade at the laboratory with about a half a dozen police cars around. They looked baffled and unsure of what to do. Lestrade caught sight of the duo and walked up to them.

"Thank God you're here. What do you make of it?" The sergeant asked as Sherlock walked passed him.

"I need to speak with the captives. Now, if you don't mind," Sherlock demanded, hardly waiting for a response. Lestrade and John followed him inside and to the elevator, where the sergeant showed them through the tunnels of the building.

Soon they reached a guarded, iron door with four soldiers. Lestrade granted Sherlock and John access to the room without any trouble. Sherlock was the first to enter and found the raggedy man tied to a chair next to a ginger woman and a tall young man. John shut the door behind him and stared at the trio.

"Hello, Doctor," Sherlock greeted, a slight smile peeking through his lips. The Doctor smiled back and tilted his head back slightly.

"Hello, Sherlock."

"Doctor, this is Sherlock? Sherlock Holmes?" Amy insisted, dropping into a whisper. "He doesn't exist."

"Not in your universe, but Sherlock and Watson both exist in this one," he explained, his eyes fixed on Sherlock. John turned his back to the captives and looked at his friend.

"You know this mad man?"

"This mad man is the one that helped me solve my first two cases. Nearly taught me everything about seeing, not looking," Sherlock replied and texted Lestrade for the release of the three. That they were employees that had forgotten their badges. "Doctor, who've regenerated last time I saw you. You had spiky-ish that was all sticky-uppy hair back then."

"Ah, clever Sherlly. For a moment I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me," the Doctor laughed as Sherlock untied his bonds, along with Amy's and Rory's.

"That TARDIS of yours still makes that awful whirring noise," Sherlock answered, patting his hands off.

"Oi! I like that sound," he admitted, rubbing his wrists.

"What brings you here, Doctor. You usually don't drop by to see old friends," Sherlock noted, analyzing the situation.

"I did come here by accident, but not that I'm disappointed. It seems that the TARDIS has a mind of her own sometimes. Solved any new cases?" He asked as Sherlock briefly described all the cases that involved John up to that point. "Brilliant! And you've made a new friend!"

"Dr. John Watson," John greeted, shaking the Doctor's hand. He smiled and laughed.

"A real pleasure, John. I've never met a friend of Sherlock's before!"

"I've never had friends, Doctor. This is a new thing," Sherlock informed as Amy and Rory came up behind the Doctor.

"Oh, this is Amy and Rory Pond. My companions," the Doctor introduced as Amy shook both of the men's hands.

"Nice to meet you," she smiled, slightly worried. Were there other universes that had fictional characters, too? Sherlock nodded toward her, smiling politely. He read the couple, learning from them. They were married, or at least engaged, gauging from the ring on Amy's finger and the fact that they were standing close together. But not incredibly close, indicating that Amy either had second thoughts, or needed space. The fact that she was still traveling with the Doctor with her significant other indicated the first option. John snapped his fingers in front of Sherlock's face, calling his name.

"Sherlock! What are we going to do about them? They can't just waltz out of here. They broke in, whether accidentally or on purpose, to a top secret laboratory that only Mycroft knows about," John reminded as Sherlock smiled, which was a rare occurrence.

"They leave the same way they came, of course. Through time and space," Sherlock answered, turning to the Doctor. John sighed and held the bridge of his nose as the Doctor held up a finger.

"Slight problem. Well, maybe not so slight, but the TARDIS needs to recharge before we can move her," he informed as John covered his face in his hands.

"That is a problem," Sherlock answered, bringing his templed hands to the base of his chin. John glanced between the men and to the couple off to the side. Amy nodded, confirming the Doctor's words. "When will it be up and running again, Doctor?"

"One or two weeks at least," he replied, standing off to the side of the consulting detective. Sherlock nodded and thought, running off to his mind palace. John walked over to Amy and Rory and started to ask them questions about the sanity and origins of the Doctor. Of course, they couldn't give a straight answer, since most humans had no idea that aliens existed, which included John Watson.

"Well, I'll talk to Lestrade and inform him that it was a mistake and that you had forgotten your badges and actually do work here. You do still have your psychic paper, right, Doctor?" Sherlock figured out, looking up at the Doctor. The traveler nodded and pulled it out. "Good. Use that to show them your badges. About the TARDIS..."

"Is there anyway we can move it through an elevator or something?" John offered, looking around at everyone. Thinking it might be worth a try, Sherlock turned toward the Doctor.

"I don't know. Never had to get out and push," he joked, starting to pace. John sighed and sat down on a chair in the middle of the corner.

"Doctor, last time you came here, you landed on a rift, correct?" Sherlock inquired as the Doctor nodded his head, making Sherlock smile. "Did it land on one this time?"

"Yes! It did!" the Doctor exclaimed at the brilliance. "I can't leave in the closet, though."

"You may be able to. The custodial staff hasn't used that closet in years. If you keep it locked with the sonic screwdriver, then you shouldn't have any problems with the staff," Sherlock added as the Doctor smiled.

"And that is why you are the world renowned Sherlock Holmes!" The Doctor laughed and walked up to him. "What next?"

"You are more than welcome to stay at our flat, Doctor," Sherlock offered, removing his hands from his chin to his coat pockets. The Doctor smiled as John stand up.


"John, they have nowhere else to go until the TARDIS is up and running again. He has helped me countless times and I feel that I should repay the favor," Sherlock answered, tilting his head toward his roommate.

"You don't do favors, Sherlock," John reminded in a low tone, making the Doctor curious.

"I do now," Sherlock replied, walking toward the door. "Doctor, Amy, Rory, please follow me. And keep that psychic paper handy. You may need it to leave the room alive. Or in this regeneration at least."