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The Downside of Winter

"Oohh, I'm so scared of you! What are you gonna do, have your little walking eggs attack me?" Jack prompts a fuming Bunnymund. They had gotten into a little playful argument that was starting to get a bit out of control. They were discussing which season kids liked better, Spring or Winter, much like Bunny and North always discussed if Easter or Christmas was better.

"Why you little –" Bunny starts, but Jack continues to give a cocky smile, showing that pretty much anything Bunny said to him was just a meaningless point.

"Aw, forget it and just get lost, would ya Frostbite!?" Jack's smile widens, because he knows that he has won.

"Whatever, Kangaroo," Jack says, flying out of the nearest window and heading away from the North Pole. The Guardians had gathered there for a meeting, but North was delayed and now they were all just hanging around, bored. Since Jack had finished his little mini-argument with Bunny, he wanted to bring some fresh snow to his favorite town (Burgess or course) and visit two of his favorite believers who just happened to live there, Jamie and Sophie Bennett. Jack figured he had some time before North would be ready, so he called over his shoulder as he flew away, "I'll be back in an hour!" and, ignoring Tooth's protests, heads to Burgess.

As soon as he got there, he started working his magic right away; Burgess was in desperate need of some snow, and he had been busy with the Guardians to the point where he had neglected to bring it for a few days. He smiled as big snowflakes began to fall, the wet kind that would stick and be perfect for making snowballs and snowmen. He couldn't wait to see Jamie and Sophie's faces and, in an effort to make them happier, decided to make the snow fall faster, so that there was already at least 3 inches of it on the ground within minutes. Satisfied with himself, Jack started off towards the familiar house of the two young children that he had come to love so much; he abruptly stopped when he heard a loud crack from very close off to his right that resounded throughout the woods. Looking in the direction that the noise had come from, Jack spots a thick tree branch with a crack in it, probably because of the heavy snow that had settled on top of it. Floating over, the Spirit of Winter starts to inspect it, trying to decide if it will be a danger to the children or not.

He is in the process of trying to figure out if he would be able to remove it when, with only so much as a small groan as a warning, the branch falls from the tree, and Jack is right in the path of it. With no time to move out of the way, Jack's last thought is "Oh no" before it slams into him, knocking the wind out of him and sending him to the ground, hard.

Letting out a soft groan, he falls unconscious, the branch halfway on top of him and blood dripping from his head, and the snow that he had been making stopped falling.

"Soph, look, it's snowing! That means Jack's coming!" Jamie had excitedly said to his little sister just moments before. Now both kids were outside in their snow gear, and Jamie was looking at the sky, baffled. The snow had stopped just as quickly as it had started. There was enough to play in, but Jack always gave them more than this. Was there a reason? Jamie shrugged it off and decided to ask his friend when he got there and focus on having some fun for now.

"Jamie!" The Bennett boy turns at the sound of the voice and sees his rag-tag group of friends walking toward his house, looking confused.

"Hi guys!" he says, greeting them.

"Hey! Is Jack here? Why did the snow stop already?" Pippa, the girl who always wore the beanie on her head, asked.

"No, he's not here, and I figured I'd just ask him when he came. Come wait with me! He'll be here soon I bet." Pippa and the other kids nod, joining Jamie in a snowball fight in his front yard while Sophie tried to do what the older kids did. It was hard, though, and she eventually sat on the front steps, exhaustedly watching them. After a few minutes, it was decided that the snowball fight was a tie, and it was then that they realized that they had been playing for at least 20 minutes, and Jack had never shown up.

"Jamie, do you think something's wrong? Did he have to go back to the Guardians? Is he gonna come?" Several questions of the sort are asked of Jamie, since he had a special bond with Jack, being his first believer and all. However, Jamie just grew annoyed, because he didn't have answers to any of them and he was a little worried that Jack had never shown up, and why the snow had stopped so quickly. He didn't have time to ponder it though, as at that moment his mother called him and Sophie in for the night. The young boy sighed; he would have to go looking for his friend tomorrow.

"Okay, done with work! Let's get meeting started!" North booms, walking out of the workshop with a smile on his face.

"Hate ta break it to ya mate, but Jack left bout an hour ago, so ya might have ta wait a little while," Bunny informs the big Russian man.

"What?! Why did he leave? He knows we have meeting to catch up!" North says.

"Well, Bunny told him to get lost," Tooth informs. Sandy nods his head in agreement with Tooth.


"What?! Frostbite was getting on my nerves! Besides, he didn't take it seriously. He had that stupid grin on his face when he left. He probably just went to see Jamie and Sophie and the others, and got caught up; he wont mind if we start without 'im," Bunny says, completely convinced that the troublemaker of a spirit was in Burgess running around with his favorite kids.

North isn't so sure though; he was starting to get a feeling in his belly, as he often did when something wasn't quite right.

Bunny notices the look in North's eyes, and immediately knows that if he doesn't say something soon, he will most likely have to go looking for Jack.

"Ah come on North, I'm sure Snowflake is fine. Just give 'im a few minutes!" Bunny prompts.

"Bunny, I think something is wrong. I feel it in my belly!" North says. Bunny rolls his eyes; great, there was no changing the man's mind now.

"Alright, alright, I'm going!" Bunny says, opening up a hole in the floor that will bring him to Burgess.

"I'm coming too!" Tooth says, a tiny bit of worry etched in her eyes. Bunny nods, and Tooth flits down the hole after Bunny hops in; it closes up behind her, leaving Sandy and North alone to wait for them to come back, hopefully with an unharmed Jack with them.

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