Phones were infernal things, but the blip still caught his attention. Elijah smiled at the beautiful blonde across the booth and glanced down.

The text said, "Kol is dead."

Everyone said they looked alike. It was true: there was a lot of Elijah in his little brother… except for his impetuousness. Kol did whatever entered into his head. Elijah preferred to wait… to plan.

The music stopped, at least in his head. All sound retreated. Emptiness took its place… emptiness and rage.

"Elijah?" the girl asked, noting his expression.

"How?" he typed.

It took just an instant: "Jeremy & Elena Gilbert."

How easy it would have been in that moment to crush the phone and obliterate the message. How easy to kill everyone in the restaurant, every smiling, laughing human, every flirtatious couple, every person at the charitable event. How easy to rage and destroy and burn.

But he didn't.

No, Elijah's was a quiet rage, smoldering in his heart. He never lost control. Everything he did was intentional, well-thought, without emotion.

Elena. He had spared her, and the Salvatore brothers… and this was how she repaid him? It appeared that she had more in common with Katherine than she cared to admit.

Pushing back from the table, ignoring the disappointment of the blonde, Elijah walked out. No one stopped him. Anyone who tried saw the look in his eyes and felt cold. Darkness lurked there, an anger that was as calm and deliberate as it was pervasive.

Sliding into the front seat of the expensive car awaiting him at the curb, he drove… toward Mystic Falls… toward his brother's body…. toward Klaus… toward Elena and Jeremy.

And in this moment, he thought passively, Whose head will I rip off first?