Okay, so I had no idea where this story was going, so bear with me guys!

Familiar faces- a M*A*S*H story

The young doctor flopped down onto his cot, martini in hand, black hair falling in his eyes.

"I wish she would leave me alone" he said to the blonde doctor on the next cot. "I mean, I'm just trying to have some fun" he grinned mischievously.

The blonde laughed. "Hawkeye, any chance Margaret Houlihan has to yell at you, she'll take it" BJ looked at his friend "I man at least you haven't done anything today, so I'm sure she wo-"


"Uh oh, what did I do this time?"

BJ could only smile sympathetically and give a small shrug before Major Houlihan burst into the Swamp.

"Pierce, I thought I told you that you could not change the post-op schedule?!"

"But I-"

"Don't you but me buster, this is the last straw, I'm reporting this to Colonel Potter right now"

"But Margaret-"Hawkeye started. He hadn't changed to post-op schedule. He may be a womaniser but he would never mess with the schedule without asking the head nurse first, most of the time...

"Shut up captain!" Margaret snapped.

"Alright..." Hawkeye smiled, he thought he knew who had been the one to change the schedule, but he wasn't about to tell her.

Margaret stormed out of the tent, Hawkeye in tow. She marched the amused captain across the compound, and straight into the Colonels office.

"Major? What on earth…?"

"Colonel, I have had enough of captain pierce's womanizing. Usually I can turn a blind eye towards it but this is going too far!"

"Margaret slow down, what did he-"

"I'll tell you what he did! This conniving, drunken moron changed the post-op schedule!"

"Margaret- "

"I know for a fact that he has been chasing Able for a while now and now, oh ho ho, now she is scheduled to work with him tonight in post-op!"

"Margaret, I-"

"What kind of idiot thinks that they can just waltz in and change the system around here whenever they so please-"

"THIS idiot" the Colonel shouted.

Margaret paled "I mean. Of course it was a… you see I…" she stammered.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye was watching this episode play out with a look of great amusement on his face, knowing full well that it was the colonel who changed the schedule. The nurse on duty was under the weather, so he asked Able to work for her.

"Well major, since you are so concerned about the post-op schedule changing, then I suppose I will give Able the night off as well. And since you are the head nurse, you, major will be working with Doctor Pierce, and since you are so incredibly concerned about your staff, you can both so a double shift!"

If possible, Margaret paled even more. He wouldn't actually make her work a double shift with him. She went out of her way to avoid even being in the same room as him, not since that night in that abandoned hut. A double shift, alone, with Hawkeye?

"But sir-"

"But nothing Major, you and Pierce will be working tonight, and you won't be bored I assure you. We are supposed to be getting wounded soon, so I suggest that you let that death grip you've got on his arm loose so he can regain some circulation before he has to dig into some poor boy's belly."

Margaret was momentarily confused, death grip..? She looked down at her hand, surprised to see that she was still holding onto Hawkeye's arm from when she dragged him out of the Swamp. He hastily let go, seeing red welts on his wrist where her nails had dug into him. "Sorry" she mumbled.

"Now get going."

"Yes sir" he still sounded a bit grumpy, so she didn't argue.

The pair left, Hawkeye absentmindedly rubbing his arm, and wearing an amused grin on his face. It was very entertaining watching Margaret realize that she was wrong. Suddenly she stopped and turned around to face him.

"I… pierce… I'm...I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions."

Hawkeye stared at her, dumbfounded. Major Margaret 'hotlips' Houlihan, apologizing to him? He smiled, Ohhh this was too good an opportunity to pass up. "it's alright Margaret, but just remember, you now owe me, but we can fix that easily, all it takes is a visit to the supply room, or we could just go straight to your tent"

Her face was priceless; it went straight from embarrassed to bright purple in an instant.

"PIERCE! You-"

"Attention all personnel, incoming wounded!"

Hawkeye gave Margaret a mischievous smile "sorry Hotlips, maybe another time, duty calls!"

She was about to say something to him before the choppers arrived, yell at him a bit, but then she noticed the change in his face. The joker's face had all but disappeared, and a new facial expression had arisen. A sombre, pained look, as he braced himself for what he was about to face.


They ran up to the chopper pad. All of the tension from earlier was forgotten as they worked on autopilot. Hawkeye ran up to the first chopper, checking on the first patient.

"Leg wound, a couple of broken ribs, nothing serious, he can wait!"

He ran to the other side of the chopper to see a man covered in blood, Margaret already at his side.

"What do we have?"

"Chest would, pretty bad, and he's in shock"

Alright, I'll take him first"

He shouted some orders, and they headed to the next chopper as the first two were carried to pre-op. after assessing all of the wounded, they scrubbed and made their way to OR.


"Margaret, can you close for me?"

"Yes doctor"

Hawkeye smiled behind his mask. Of course she could close for him, she was so skilled that sometimes he thought of her as another surgeon, not that he would tell her would probably assume it was another pass at her and get mad at him again. It had been a long, 12 hour session, and he was feeling like he needed a drink, or two, or more. But he couldn't. He had post-op with Margaret. Thank god there was no more pati-

"We got more wounded" Klinger said as she burst into the room.

He sighed. Of course.

"How many?" he asked as he was stripping his gloves off.

"Just one I think"

The ambulance driver met him halfway "he's hurt pretty bad, we found him on the side of a minefield about a mile away. Almost looked like he was headed here, kept mumbling something like'I gotta find him, 4077..'"

Oh his way here? They went expecting anyone anytime soon…

The ambulance door swung open and Hawkeye jumped inside. The boy was covered in blood, and Hawkeye was on autopiolet, assessing his wounds. He had a pretty bad chest wound, and another leg wound, and some broken bones. It wasent until he went to check his blood type that he saw the mans was with him at this point, having finished in OR.

Margaret saw Hawkeye suddenly stop what he was doing, his face draining of blood, shock etched on his face.

"Captain?" she asked, "Captain are you alright?"

"Oh god." Was all he said, unmoving.

"Captain? Hawkeye?" at the sound of his nickname, he started out of his trance. She never called him by his nickname.

"I'll take him, get him to OR, now!" he said forcefully. Looking once more at the man covered in blood on the stretcher, and ran to scrub. No one was going to operate on that man. No one but him.

Margaret watched his back as he ran away. What on earth just happened? Even on his worst cases, he never reacted like that, never! She reached down to his dogtags to find his blood type(Hawkeye never did tell her) and she saw what was the cause of the captains distress. The man's name, etched onto the small plank.

Jackson Pierce.