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Breakfast the next morning was eventless. BJ kept a close eye on both Hawkeye and Margaret, sitting at separate ends of the table. After what Hawkeye had told him last night, he had expected something to happen, something to change. But they were the same as usual, Hawkeye complaining about the food, and Margaret snapping at him to shut up and eat it already. Nope, everything was normal.

What BJ couldn't see, was the thoughts going through their respective minds. Something he wished he could, because it was killing him, the curiosity.

As he was eating, BJ thought about his two friends. In the OR, they were a pair to be reckoned with, their movements were to in sync, it was almost as if they knew what each other was thinking. Together, they lost less patients than one would think was possible. And it wasn't their individual skills that made them such a good pair, when they were working with other people; it was almost as if they were completely different. They seemed to have more issues, and they lost more patients, with lesser injuries.

Outside of the OR, they were constantly fighting, but the sheer amount had lessened considerably in the last month or two. Earlier in their friendship, Margaret had fought with Hawkeye on the smallest things, and had tried to get him court marshalled more than once, lately, they only fought if it was... more important. They talked a lot more, and Margaret laughed at his jokes, instead of getting mad at him all the time. Hawkeye made less comments including her old nickname 'Hotlips' and seemed to overall respect her, which was saying a lot for him.

Now that he looked back, he could see the change in his friends' relationship. Small things that you wouldn't notice unless you were close to them and were looking for it. The way she leaned slightly toward him when he was talking. How when he was going to the Officers club, he always found an excuse to say hello to Margaret. How Margaret always smiled at his jokes, even if they weren't funny. How they worried about each other getting rest during a long OR session. How when either of them left, the other watched them until they were out of sight. Most recently, how Margaret had stayed with Hawkeye while Jackson was injured. Finally, the way that, ever since their disastrous trip to the 8063rd, he never flirted with other nurses around her, and the sheer volume of his flirting had lessened, as well as she stopped hitting on visiting Generals and Colonels.

The 8063rd. what had happened that night? Hawkeye had avoided telling him the details, but he was sure something had happened between them. They were both different towards each other.


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