Piplup's Popcorn Panic!

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Hmm... I felt like writing a Smash fanfic. A quirky one, at that. That involves popcorn. Yes.

It was a fine day at the seriously overused Smash Mansion, with all the Smashers having friendly matches against each other. The American, gray colored R.O.B. was in the open grassy meadow just outside of the mansion, trying to get an old fashioned red popcorn machine working as a specific male Piplup, the hero of this strange tale, walked up to it, quite curious.

"Hey Mr. Robotic Operating Buddy, what are you doing?" Piplup asked in a somewhat high pitch voice as he placed his flippers behind his back, blinking.

ROB turned to Piplup, moving his mechanical arms up and down. "Oh, I'm fixing up this old machine so that I'll be able to make old fashioned popcorn," He replied in a robotic voice.

Piplup titled his head to the right as he was curious. "Why would you fix this thing up instead of microwaving it?"

ROB sighed as he shook his heads. "Youngsters. They never understand." He opened his circular robotic eyes as he faced Piplup. "Popcorn made the old fashioned way tends to have a better aftertaste. You see, it's something in the oil that's used in a popcorn machine like this that enhances the popcorn."

Piplup rubbed his stomach with his right flipper as he licked his lips together. "Mmm... popcorn sounds good right about now..." He then shook his head as he moved his flippers about. "But wait a minute! Don't you need popcorn kernels?"

ROB nodded his head in response. "Indeed I do, but I was going to get it after this machine got fixed..."

Piplup waved his right flipper at ROB as he closed his eyes, smiling. "Worry not, Mr. ROB. I'll go and get the popcorn kernels." He then dashed towards a nearby green dash pad, teleporting instantly.

ROB looked at the dash pad for a few seconds, before he went back to work on the old popcorn machine.