Piplup screamed as he fell from the sky, landing on the rooftop of one of the Delfino buildings, being in Delfino Plaza. Pikachu watched Piplup get up, taking a breather from a battle he was having with Bowser, DeDeDe, and Wolf.

"Piplup? You weren't summoned from a Pokeball!" Pikachu exclaimed as he helped Piplup up. "What are you doing here?"

Piplup rubbed the back of his head. "Well, R.O.B. is working on an old popcorn machine, and I'm out on this quest to get all the popcorn kernels to make the popcorn."

Pikachu tilted his head to the right in confusion. "Popcorn kernels? Isn't that a little... odd?" He asked, blinking.

Piplup nodded as he folded his flippers. "Yes, it is odd. But, I'm helping out, because I have been promised some old fashioned popcorn." He rubbed his stomach as he grinned, narrowing his eyes. "And R.O.B. said that old fashioned popcorn tastes better than microwaved popcorn..."

Pikachu was about to comment, but both he and Piplup were blown off the screen by a smart bomb that Bowser tossed, with Piplup being blasted back into the warp pad, disappearing while Pikachu turned into a bright white twinkle in the clear blue sky.